22 Apr 2023

Cyclone Yaku – Peru’s first cyclone in 40 years and El Niño Costero leave 54% of the country under a state of emergency
In early March 2023, Peru was hit by Cyclone Yaku — the country’s first cyclone in 40 years. Its impact coincided with the beginning of the El Niño Costero phenomenon, extending the rainy season and leading to large-scale floods and landslides which forced the Government of Peru to declare a state of emergency in over half of the country. Heavy rains and flooding are expected to continue until June.

Heavy rainfall in Ireland leads to wettest March on record, impacting agriculture
Ireland experienced its wettest March on record last month, with 173.3 mm (6.8 inches) or 169% of the average for the month. The wettest March followed on from what was confirmed provisionally as the fourth driest February on record. Before last month, the previous wettest March was in 2019.

California’s water supply boosted to 100% for the first time since 2006
The Department of Water Resources (DWR) announced the first full water supply allocation since 2006, benefiting 27 million residents across California after a record winter.

Here We Go: First Death Linked to New COVID Subvariant ‘Arcturus’ Confirmed
Experts in infectious diseases and public health officials are on high alert following the announcement of a new COVID-19 variant XBB.1.16, also known as Arcturus, by the World Health Organization (WHO).

US ‘National Divorce’ Appears To Already Be Happening
…“More than 61 percent of the counties that voted for Biden in 2020 lost population, while 65 percent of Trump-supporting counties gained population,” the Issues and Insights analysis said. The data showed that some 2,562,937 people moved from Democrat-leaning counties to Republican-leaning counties since Biden was elected in the divisive November 2020 election.

Trump-Appointed Judge Overturns Berkeley, California’s Natural Gas Ban
A Trump-appointed federal judge has overturned the City of Berkeley, California’s ban on the natural gas that powers ovens, furnaces, and more. The ban was part of a local ordinance that the city, often referred to as the People’s Republic of Berkeley because of its far-left politics, passed with the aim of stamping out gas appliances, a pet issue recently picked up by the left, including the Biden Administration.

It Begins: DOJ Arrests 4 Black Leftists for Spreading Pro-Russia “Propaganda” in Memes, Articles and Speeches
Just weeks after Trump supporter Douglas Mackey was convicted of “election inference” for posting memes on Twitter, the DOJ has now charged four black national leftists for spreading Russian “propaganda” in memes, articles and speeches.

Devious New Form Of Slavery Being Ramped Up To The Highest Levels
Over the past year+ since the unveiling of the ‘clot shot,’ ANP has reported numerous times on the ‘died suddenly‘ phenomenon taking the lives of the young and innocent and previously healthy all across America and our planet Earth that we have proof only began AFTER the ‘murder weapon‘ that joe biden and the globalists insanely call a ‘vaccine‘ had been forced upon the American people, and in an eye-opening comment on Monday by ANP reader ‘PROUD_2B_American‘ on this excellent story by Kathleen Gotto, ‘PROUD‘ brought up exactly what I had been thinking.

Gates Foundation Donates Millions to NGO That Seeks to Normalize Child Prostitution and Sexualization of Children Under 10
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has been giving millions of dollars to a nongovernmental organization that tries to normalize commercial sex work and education on gender identities for children 10 and under.

Incest a ‘fundamental right’, German committee says
Laws banning incest between brothers and sisters in Germany could be scrapped after a government ethics committee said the they were an unacceptable intrusion into the right to sexual self-determination….

Climate Cultists Blame Global Warming on RiceThe climate change cultists are now blaming global warming on rice fields. The far-left green zealots and globalists want the peasants eating bugs and living in a pod.

Former nurse describes COVID-19 protocols as ‘medical murder’ 
Gail Macrae said she wanted to trust organizations like the CDC and the AMA, but she came to believe that the practices and protocols they were mandating equated to “medical murder.”

The Evil That “Leads” America Is Destroying Us As They Work With China To Bring In The “New World Order”
The above image has been used in a number of recent stories about how it appears the death of the New World Order is upon us.  Not so fast there Barbarelli; that paints a nice picture, but is it accurate?  They all claim in one way or another that there has been a paradigm shift away from that tyrannical and truly evil concept;

Taiwan To Buy 400 US Anti-Ship Missiles, Announced As China Conducts “Major” Military Drills
Taiwan is set to purchase up to 400 land-launched Harpoon missiles in order to repel a future Chinese invasion, according to the president of the US-Taiwan Business Council Rupert Hammond-Chambers, speaking to Bloomberg.

More than 100 youngsters descend on Downtown Chicago to torch cars in ‘teen trend’ gathering 
A crowd of more than a hundred rowdy teenagers turned violent in Downtown Chicago on Saturday night as dozens torched and smashed cars while blaring music in a ‘teen trend’ that left two with gunshot wounds.

TikTok To Censor Content That Challenges Global Warming Dogma 
Another manifestation of the censorship-industrial complex is being entrenched as TikTok announced it would begin directly censoring videos that dispute man-made climate change.

Semi-automatic rifle ban passes Washington state Legislature
A ban on dozens of semi-automatic rifles cleared the Washington state Legislature on Wednesday and the governor is expected to sign it into law.

Controversy Erupts After Italian Minister Calls for Boosting Birth Rate to Avoid ‘Ethnic Replacement’ 
Italian Minister of Agriculture, Francesco Lollobrigida, warned that Italy’s low birth rate and an increase in irregular immigration could lead to “ethnic replacement,” sparking anger from the country’s left-wing opposition.

Islamized France: Controversy Erupts as Illegal Mosque Causes Chaos and Violence in Paris Suburb
An illegal makeshift mosque in the suburb of Champigny, Paris, has caused widespread controversy and frustration among local residents. Numerous reports from residents express feeling overwhelmed, inconvenienced, and concerned for their safety due to the increased noise levels and the influx of worshippers from the illegal mosque. The mosque was established during Ramadan as the existing three mosques in Champigny could not accommodate the large number of Muslims.

Senators Introduce Bill to Create Digital Identity for All Americans
U.S. Senators Kyrsten Sinema, an independent of Arizona, and Cynthia Lummis, Republican of Wyoming, have introduced Senate Bill 884, also known as “the Improving Digital Identity Act of 2023.”

Paganism Is On The Rise, The Return Of The Gods Just Might Come Through AI And The Metaverse 
In an op-ed for the Financial Times, AI mega-investor Ian Hogarth recalled a recent anecdote in which a machine learning researcher with whom he was acquainted told him that “from now onwards,” we are on the brink of developing artificial general intelligence (AGI) — an admission that came as something of a shock.

BREAKING – Just 0.3% of Scientists agree Humanity is causing Climate Change; NOT 97% as falsely spread by the UN
You have likely heard that 97% of scientists agree on human-driven climate change. The overwhelming majority of scientists take no view on the question of whether climate change is man-made, for it is beyond our present knowledge to answer.

Climate Change Lockdowns disguised as “15 Minute Cities” are being introduced under the UN Agenda 2030 Directive & WEF Great Reset plan
Your Government is pushing ahead with plans to bring 15-minute cities to a location near you. They are a brainchild of the UNs Agenda 2030, and are in effect Climate Change lockdowns. And once combined with a digital ID, a carbon credit score and a programmable central bank digital currency (CBDC) token, you’ve got the perfect recipe for creating a digital open-air prison.