7 Apr 2023

Colombia: Seismic Activity Of Nevado del Ruiz Volcano Increases
On Thursday, the Colombian Geological Service (SGC) reported that seismic activity in the Nevado del Ruiz volcano on the border of the Tolima and Caldas departments has severely increased in recent hours. “We have registered several thermal anomalies and pulsating and continuous ash emissions related to fluid movement within this volcano’s conduits,” the SGC explained.

Alvin Bragg Is on the Verge of Getting Slapped with a Subpoena Himself
the House Judiciary Committee is “seriously weighing” the possibility of subpoenaing Bragg and two prosecutors formerly connected to his office. This report comes on the heels of Bragg’s office indicting former President Donald Trump on 34 felony charges of falsifying business records in relation to alleged “hush money” payments during the 2016 presidential campaign. The New York prosecutors performed some fascinating legal gymnastics to pretzel the misdemeanor counts into felonies, claiming the falsified records were meant to conceal another crime without stating in the indictment what that crime was.

The Vatican, Aliens, and Government Elites. Is It All a Coincidence?
Is the government lying to us concerning UFOs and extraterrestrials? How is the Vatican in line with worldwide governments, and their involvement to reshape the public’s perspective? And is it a coincidence? <Watch>

Chaos erupts at TN Capitol over vote to expel Democrat lawmakers who disrupted House proceedings
Demonstrators caused chaos at the Tennessee State Capitol again on Thursday in protest of a vote to remove three lawmakers who broke House rules last week when they disrupted proceedings for nearly an hour with anti-gun protesters.

North Korea secures money for nuclear development by hacking DeFi service
The U.S. Treasury Department announced on the 6th (local time) that North Korea is using vulnerabilities in decentralized finance (DeFi) to steal cryptocurrency assets, and is carrying out various cybercrimes, Voice of America reported.

Another expert sounds the alarm over the advancement of artificial intelligence: ‘It will kill us all’
This extreme position corresponds to Eliezer Yudkowski, an expert in artificial intelligence, head of the Machine Intelligence Research Institute. He is also convinced that the signatories of the Future of Life Institute (FLI) they fell short.

U.S. Supreme Court declines to allow West Virginia transgender athlete ban
The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday refused to let West Virginia enforce a state law banning transgender athletes from female sports teams at public schools, one of many Republican-backed measures across the country targeting LGBTQ rights.

Rockets from Lebanon are a green light to encourage escalation on all fronts
The midday rocket attack on northern Israel is believed to be a deliberate move by Palestinian terrorist organizations, encouraged by Iran, to increase tensions in certain areas following the recent unrest near the Temple Mount.

Netanyahu: ‘We will cripple our enemies, they will pay a heavy price’
PM says internal debate in Israel will not prevent us from taking action against who is responsible wherever and whenever necessary, adds that all, without exception, are united on this.

For the second night in a row: Violent clashes erupt at Al-Aqsa Mosque
For the second night in a row, violent clashes broke out on the Temple Mount on Wednesday night, as worshipers barricaded themselves inside Al-Aqsa Mosque and police forces operated to evacuate them.

Are Iran, Hezbollah risking direct confrontation with Israel?
As tensions grow between Israel and Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas, there is an increased chance of escalation on various fronts. A barrage of rockets was fired at communities on Thursday across the Western Galilee near the Lebanese border.

Netanyahu says Iran is responsible for 95% of threats against Israel
“Iran is responsible for 95% of the security threats against us, including those that you deal with both directly and indirectly,” Netanyahu told the Israel Security Agency, known as Shin Bet, and the Israel Defense Forces General Staff Forum. “Tomorrow we will sit around the Seder table and we will read: ‘In every generation, there are those who rise up to destroy us,’”

Over 30 rockets launched at Israel in largest attack from Lebanon since 2006 — major escalation
Air raid sirens sounded across northern Israel late Thursday afternoon ­– the first day of Passover ­– as Israel Defense Forces reported that 34 rockets were fired into Israel from Lebanon, with 25 of them being intercepted by Iron Dome air defense systems. Five rockets allegedly landed in Israeli territory causing damage,

‘At least 40’ undercover informants were doing surveillance on Jan. 6, lawyer says
The government admitted Tuesday that eight FBI confidential human sources were embedded among the Proud Boys on Jan. 6, according to a court filing. Law enforcement agencies had at least 40 undercover informants engaging in surveillance work among defendants on Jan. 6, defendant Dominic Pezzola’s lawyer Roger Roots said Wednesday.

Freezing rain hits Ontario and Quebec, leaving more than 2.5 million people without power, Canada
A sprawling Colorado low brought freezing rain and thunderstorms to Ontario and Quebec on April 5, 2023, causing power outages for more than 1 million customers or about 2.5 million people. Unfortunately, it’s expected that some of the residents will remain without power through the weekend.

Did You Know That U.S. Crops Are Being Absolutely Devastated By Nightmarish Disasters From Coast To Coast?
I honestly did not know that things were this bad.  Severe drought is crippling winter wheat production in the middle of the country, agricultural production in many areas of California is being hit extremely hard by unprecedented flooding, and orange production in Florida is down more than 60 percent from last season due to a combination of factors.

Macron Fails to Charm Xi Jinping, While France Descends Into Chaos – Protesters Storm Streets, Lay Siege to BlackRock Building in Paris!
While nanopresident Emmanuel Macron is in China carefully minding Ukraine’s business, back home in France the social upheaval continues to spiral out of control.

Former D20 student accused of planning attacks on three campuses
A former District 20 student is facing attempted murder charges on allegations of planning attacks on three schools in Colorado Springs, according to the 18th Judicial District Attorney’s Office.

An Investigation Into The Roman Catholic Church In Baltimore Shows Child Sex Abuse And Torture By Priests That Was All Swept Under The Rug
While it is true that you will see this type of depraved activity taking place in some Protestant and Baptist churches, nothing comes close to the level on which it takes place within the cloistered walls of the Roman Catholic Church. Not only that, the Catholic Church at its highest levels, the Vatican, has always known about the child sex abuse going on, and they have all, Pope Francis included, worked to cover it up to some degree. The Catholic Church is filled to overflowing with pedophile priests, and they seem to like it that way because they don’t work to stop it.

Small Businesses File For Bankruptcy At Record Pace, Surpassing COVID Crash
Small businesses across the United States are experiencing a surge in bankruptcies, surpassing levels not seen since 2020. According to a UBS note reviewed by The Epoch Times, conditions could become worse as the knock-on effects from the recent banking crises begin to manifest.

Supreme Court Allows 12-Year-Old Transgender Girl To Run Girls’ Track in West Virginia
The Supreme Court ruled Thursday that a male West Virginia student who identifies as transgender must be permitted to compete on the girls’ school sports teams. The ruling appears to resolve a procedural matter and is not a final ruling on the core matter of contention.

Is Weather Modification Being Used Against Us? 
It all feels so “fake, phony, and farce” as Sean of SGT likes to say. Doesn’t it? The weather is no exception. Even if I didn’t know about HAARP (short for High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program), I’d still suspect a weather modification system was being used against us. Deadly twisters in Mississippi. Snow in Southern California. Two back-to-back hurricanes in Florida. A weatherman has never had it so good; by the way did you know that that they’re now called ‘Climate Change’ Specialists’?

Canada’s leading pro-life group blasts censorship bill as ‘takeover of the internet’ 
‘Freedom of speech and the free exchange of ideas within Canada are under attack like never before… Canadians will soon see only what the government wants them to see online,’ Campaign Life Coalition president Jeff Gunnarson added.

Pfizer Hid Data on Waning Immunity as Millions Lined Up to Get Its COVID Vaccine 
New regulatory filings show Pfizer had evidence, early into the vaccination campaign, that the efficacy of its COVID-19 vaccine waned, but the drug company waited months before alerting the public.

A researcher is planning on creating a version of monkeypox that is 1000 times more lethal and some would like to know ‘why’? 
House Energy and Commerce Committee Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA), Subcommittee on Health Chair Brett Guthrie (R-KY), and Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations Chair Morgan Griffith (R-VA) today sent a letter to Lawrence Tabak, the senior official performing the duties of director at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), regarding details about a supercharged monkeypox experiment planned by an NIH researcher.

Canada: ISIS Terrorist Slashes Victim’s Throat; Leaders Whitewash Islam, Media Pushes ‘Mental Illness’
On Saturday, April 1, 2023, Muslim Abdul Aziz Kawam used a knife to slash the throat of a passenger riding a bus in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. The victim fought back and managed to throw the suspect out of the back doors of the bus. Unfortunately, the victim has been left with life-threatening injuries.

Biden White House holds roundtable to promote child mutilation, ‘affirm’ gender-confused kids
The Biden administration hosted a White House roundtable Friday on “affirming” gender-confused children, amid ongoing controversy about subjecting minors to life-altering chemical and surgical mutilation.

Idaho Governor Signs Bill Banning ‘Abortion Trafficking’ of Minors
Idaho Gov. Brad Little, a Republican, has signed a bill banning the “abortion trafficking” of minors. The new law makes it a crime for an adult to help a minor obtain an abortion or abortion pills out-of-state without parental consent. Under House Bill 242, any adult that transports or otherwise helps a minor obtain an abortion can face up to five years in prison.

IT WAS ALL A LIE: How your Government tricked you into taking part in a Deadly Experiment that killed Millions via Midazolam Poisoning & COVID Vaccination
The world was thrown into chaos when a new virus, Covid-19, was declared a pandemic by the government. Fear propaganda was broadcasted non-stop on television and radio, all paid for by the government and they used the pandemic as an excuse to pass laws that restricted civil liberties and bribed the public with furlough payments to not go to work.