4 Apr 2023

Florida Senate passes bill to ban abortions after a baby’s heartbeat can be detected
The GOP-led Florida Senate on Monday voted to pass a pro-life bill banning most abortions after a baby’s heartbeat can be detected. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has repeatedly committed to signing pro-life laws and has specifically affirmed that he would sign a heartbeat bill if it landed on his desk.

VC Banking Collapse Shows The Worst Isn’t Over For San Francisco
If there’s one thing San Francisco, which is in the midst of complete and total collapse as a functioning U.S. city due to looting, drugs, crime and homelessness (not to mention sky high taxes), didn’t need, it was another problem to deal with. And it looks as though these banking instabilities could be the straw that breaks the city’s back.

Hospitals See Most First Quarter Defaults Since 2011
Bonds of eight hospitals lapsed in “impairment” – meaning they experienced covenant issues amounting to a technical or monetary default – in the first quarter of 2023, the highest number of hospitals disclosing default since 2011,

“Don’t Talk About Nord Stream”: WaPo Report Further Demolishes Official Narrative
a fresh, lengthy investigative Washington Post story published Monday is actually confirming many of Hersh’s conclusions. Indeed the ‘cover story’ is already fast unraveling. What’s more is that the WaPo article bluntly states Western officials are not at all eager to talk about the Nord Stream sabotage, suggesting a continued cover-up in progress, or in effect a limited hangout. Also very telling is that Western accusations directed at Russia have long ago quieted down.

Virginia teacher shot by 6-yr-old student sues school leaders for $40 mln
April 3 (Reuters) – A Virginia teacher shot by a 6-year-old student on Monday sued school administrators for $40 million, alleging they ignored warnings from staff and pupils that the boy had a gun. The Jan. 6 attack on Abigail Zwerner in Newport News was unusual among U.S. school shootings given the young age of the assailant and the fact police said the boy shot his first-grade teacher on purpose.

Israel launches fresh strikes on Damascus area, Syrian state media reports
Israel has launched a fresh round of airstrikes on the Damascus area as loud blasts rattled the Syrian capital, the country’s state media reported overnight Tuesday, in the fourth such attack attributed to Israel in less than a week.

‘Historic Victory’: US Gov’t Rules That University of Vermont Failed to Address Campus Antisemitism
The US Department of Education Office of Civil Rights (OCR) has ruled that the University of Vermont (UVM) failed to respond to numerous complaints of antisemitism and anti-Zionist harassment and discrimination, according to a press release issued on Monday. The announcement marks the first time the Biden administration has resolved a complaint of campus antisemitism and the first time ever that Title VI of the Civil Rights Act has been applied to anti-Zionist discrimination.

US military begins training with their first Long-Range Hypersonic Weapon system
“Our Soldiers processed real missions, with real data, in real time, to produce real effects to learn lessons and generate readiness. We’re training the way we will fight, and our Soldiers are ready to deploy and employ this critical capability forward,” said Brig. Gen. Bernard Harrington, the 1st MDTF commander. “Thunderbolt Strike proved the power of interagency cooperation to build the multi-domain force of the future,” said Harrington.

US planning to present new ‘interim’ deal with Iran
The Biden administration has been working on an interim agreement with Iran that would involve some sanctions relief in exchange for partial freezing of the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program, Axios reported Monday evening.

Jordan’s King Abdullah II says ‘duty of every Muslim to deter Israeli escalations’
“It is the duty of every Muslim to deter Israeli escalations against Islamic and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem,” the Jordanian king said.

Israel shoots down Iranian drone entering Israeli airspace from Syria
The Israel Defense Forces confirmed shooting down an Iranian drone that entered Israeli airspace from neighboring Syria on Sunday. The Israeli military reportedly used advanced electronic capabilities in the operation but refrained from giving specifics. The IDF indicated it was monitoring the hostile aircraft for some time before it was “taken down over an open area.”

This Wisconsin priest is right: It’s a mortal sin to vote for the pro-abortion candidate in Tuesday’s election
Fr. Brian Dulli of St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Cottage Grove issued a March 26 bulletin notice addressing Tuesday’s contest between the George Soros-backed Janet Protasiewicz and Rule of Law candidate Justice Daniel Kelly. The two are squaring off for the presumed swing vote on the state’s Supreme Court between liberals and conservatives. In his bulletin announcement, Fr. Dulli stated, “It’s a mortal sin to render aid to the cause of abortion. That aid includes voting.”

Minnesota’s ban on gun permits for young adults is unconstitutional, judge says
A federal judge ruled Friday that Minnesota’s policy of denying permits to carry to 18 to 20-year-olds is unconstitutional. The case began with a June 2021 lawsuit filed by three gun-rights groups, including the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus, on behalf of three adults under the age of 21.

Strong M6.4 earthquake hits Sumatra, Indonesia 
A strong earthquake registered by the BMKG as M6.4 hit Sumatra, Indonesia at 14:59 UTC on April 3, 2023. The agency is reporting a depth of 102 km (63.4 miles). USGS is reporting M6.1 at a depth of 84.5 km (52.5 miles). EMSC is reporting M6.1 at a depth of 95 km (59 miles).

Unseasonal rains and hailstorms threaten wheat harvest in India 
Unseasonal rains, hailstorms, and strong winds damaged more than 523 000 ha (1 292 332 acres) of wheat crop in three Indian states, causing harvesting challenges and fears of significant yield losses. The untimely rains have also affected mustard, channa, barley, and vegetable crops, among others.

Strong M6.5 earthquake hits Kamchatka, Russia – The Watchers
A strong earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.5 hit Kamchatka, Russia at 03:06 UTC on April 3, 2023. The agency is reporting a depth of 105.6 km (65 miles). EMSC is reporting M6.5 at a depth of 100 km (62 miles).

4 tornadoes occurred in New Jersey: National Weather Service 
At least four tornadoes occurred in New Jersey in relation to the severe thunderstorms that moved through the Philadelphia region Saturday night, the National Weather Service says.

Pennsylvania Schools to Exclude Parents from Child’s ‘Gender Transition Plan’
A Pennsylvania school district will keep parents in the dark when it invites children to declare a “gender” that is different from their sex.

The 2023 Country Music Television Awards Show Featured Drag Queens While Calling For ‘Gun Control’ One Week After A Transgender Shot And Killed 6 Souls 
Wokeness is like a festering and infectious sore that pops up in one place, decimates its host, then moves on to endlessly repeat that process until the whole landscape is dry, barren and devoid of life. But when you add something else to wokeness, like say, transgenders and drag queens, then it becomes something altogether different. It becomes demonic.

Will The Discovery Of The Ark Of The Covenant Soon Be Publicly Revealed To The Entire World?
When the discovery of the Ark of the Covenant is finally announced by the Israeli government, it will be the greatest archaeological bombshell in the history of the world.  Authorities in Israel have known where it is located for a long time, but trying to remove an object of such immense importance from deep under the Temple Mount was always going to be complicated.

Oldest and most complete Hebrew Bible manuscript on display in Israel for 1st time
The Codex Sassoon, the oldest-known and the most complete Hebrew Bible manuscript, will go on display for the first time in Israel on Thursday at Tel Aviv’s Anu Museum, giving the public a rare opportunity to see the book before it is auctioned at Sotheby’s New York for an expected $30-$50 million.

‘Great day of joy’: Infamous Austrian abortion facility closes after killing babies for over 40 years 
‘Let’s thank God and let’s thank all the brave and great people who have been praying there for decades,’ said Alexander Tschugguel.

Philadelphia will PAY pregnant women $1,000 a month to curb falling fertility rates
Pregnant women in Philadelphia will be paid $1,000 a month as part of a trial program hoping to lower infant mortality rates in the city.

CMT Music Awards Go Woke: Kelsea Ballerini Stands in Solidarity with Drag Queens Seeking Child Audiences
Country singer Kelsea Ballerini opened the CMT Music Awards with a tribute to victims of a school shooting while sharing in that community’s grief, then danced alongside drag artists as states across the country consider legally limiting drag show performances.

French Woman Faces $13,000 Fine For Facebook Post Calling President Macron “Filth”
In an unprecedented case, a woman from northern France is set to face trial for allegedly insulting President Emmanuel Macron on social media.

Germany: AfD Party Launches Interactive Map Tracking Migrant Crime Across the Country
The Alternative for Germany (AfD) party has recently launched a new interactive map that tracks crimes committed by migrants across the country. The map aims to provide the public with access to information about the increasing number of crimes committed by migrants, particularly those who have arrived in Germany illegally.

Dutch Party Leader Geert Wilders Slams Law Mandating LGBTQ Propaganda in the Classroom 
“What in Heaven’s name are we doing? This is the woke dictatorship, We can no longer say white or black. We can’t do anything anymore; everything is wrong, but we teach our children about trans women, trans men, gender queens and “two spirits” and pan-sexuals.”

Senate Bill 686 Gives WEF Full Control Over America, Gives Citizens 20 Years in Prison For Dissent
Senate Bill 686 Gives WEF Full Control Over America, Gives Citizens 20 Years in Prison For Dissent

At Least 25 Train Cars Derail in Paradise, Montana – Unknown Substance Leaking in the Clark Fork River
A freight train derailed in Paradise, Montana, on Sunday, with no injuries or evacuations reported, authorities said. At least 25 train cars derailed around 9:20 a.m. near Highway 135, leaking an unknown substance into the Clark Fork River, approximately 200 miles northwest of Bozeman,

Canadian funeral director Laura Jeffery testifies about Covid vaccine & fibrous clots in corpses
Canadian funeral director Laura Jeffery testifies about Covid vaccine & fibrous clots in corpses

County Forced to Pay Pro-Life Advocates Thousands After Arresting Them for Praying at Abortion Clinic 
A county in North Carolina settled with members of a pro-life group earlier this month after they were arrested for praying and counseling outside of an abortion clinic, according to a Thursday press release.

UN and Orthodox prelates condemn Zelensky’s moves to evict monks, seize churches in Ukraine
In a standoff of thousands of Orthodox believers against the regime at the revered Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, Serbian Orthodox Patriarch Porphyry called Zelensky’s crackdown ‘a faithful repetition of the Soviet persecution of the Church.’

Health Secretary Levine blocked release of federal report confirming fluoride in US tap water lowers children’s IQ
To conceal harms of an apparent “well poisoning” effort, US Assistant Secretary of Health Rachel “Dick” Levine tried to prevent Americans from seeing a government report demonstrating brain-damaging, intelligence-lowering effects of fluoride — forced into public water supplies for decades without informed consent — until a court ordered the report’s release.

FLASHBACK: Jane Fonda Called for “Murder” of Christians/Pro-Lifers WEEKS before Nashville Shooting
If the moment Jane Fonda called for the murder of Christian pro-lifers during an appearance on ABC’s “The View” last month wasn’t shocking enough, the real consequences of the left’s violent rhetoric, evident in the recent Nashville shooting, most definitely is.

Scotland’s Incoming Anti-White Terror-Tied Muslim Prime Minister Humza Yousaf is a Major Threat
The New leader of Scotland is of Pakistani origin and a racist known to hunt down whites in Scottish Institutions. Scotland’s governing party elected radical Humza Yousaf as its new leader on Monday, making him the first “person of color and the first Muslim” to lead the country of 5.5 million people, celebrated the left-wing media.

Conquered NYC: Islamic Supremacists Seize Control of Times Square for Ramadan
Is multiculturalism or other religions mentioned by any Islamic leaders, promoted in the Islamic press, or appear in any form in Muslim countries?

The United Nations Violates the Taiwanese People’s Human Rights
The United Nations is celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (“UDHR”) this year. But when it comes to living up to key human rights set forth in the UDHR in its own operations, the UN has fallen far short under pressure from the Chinese Communist regime.