3 Apr 2023

Papua New Guinea East Sepik province hit by 7.1 magnitude earthquake, three dead
At least three people have been killed after a magnitude-7.1 earthquake hit Papua New Guinea’s East Sepik province. The quake hit the remote Chambri Lake, south-west of Wewak, at a depth of 60 kilometres, just after 4am on Monday. A spokesman for Papua New Guinea’s Natural Disaster Centre said one person had died in Wewak, while two people had died in Angoram district.

US training and arming 5,000 Palestinian Authority troops in Jordan
As you did, so shall it be done to you; Your conduct shall be requited. Yea, against all nations The day of Hashem is at hand. The Biden administration is currently training and arming several thousand Palestinian Authority troops, commentator Carolyn Glick has recently denounced.

Third Night Of Israeli Airstrikes On Syria Target Homs
Israeli warplanes launched yet another attack on Syria early on Sunday, striking a number of targets in the central Syrian city of Homs from Lebanese airspace, Syrian state-news outlet SANA reported. The strikes resulted in the wounding of five Syrian Arab Army (SAA) soldiers and the infliction of some material damages.

CDC Research Team Members Fell Ill Studying Toxic Ohio Derailment, Agency Confirms
Nearly half of a government team investigating the potential health effects of a toxic train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, fell ill while conducting their research, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Leaks From Bragg’s Grand Jury Are A Crime
It is likely that a serious felony has been committed right under District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s nose and he is not investigating it. Under New York law, it is a felony to leak confidential grand jury information, such as whether the jurors voted to indict. The protection of secrecy is as applicable to President Trump as it is to anyone else.

US Department of Education Plans To Rescind Protections For Christian Groups
What would happen to a Christian group or ministry that can’t have Christian leaders or employ Christians? Well, it would very quickly cease to be Christian! And that’s what will happen to Christian groups on college campuses if the US Department of Education does indeed do what it’s trying to do—“rescind regulations which protect religious organizations on public college and university campuses.”

The world’s hypocrisy and silence towards Iran: Israel is doing the dirty work for you
There are two takeaways the world should understand from the recent escalation in activity. First, the fact that multiple casualties were Iranian regime “advisors” and IRGC officials, shows that the regime in Iran is more determined than ever to wage war through proxy terror groups.

Russia says US behind Ukraine’s pressure on Moscow-linked Orthodox church
Russia’s Foreign Ministry said late on Sunday that the US was behind the pressure that Ukrainian authorities have been exerting on the Russian-aligned wing of the Orthodox Church in Kyiv. The Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC), which Kyiv says has ties with Russia, defied an eviction order last week from the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra monastery in the capital. On Saturday, a top Ukrainian cleric from the church was sentenced to house arrest.

Netanyahu warns Israel’s enemies amid unrest at home
“We are exacting a high price from the regimes that support terrorism, beyond Israel’s borders. I suggest that our enemies not err. Israel’s internal debate will not detract one iota from our determination, strength and ability to act against our enemies on all fronts, wherever and whenever necessary,” Netanyahu said.

A New Phase in US-Israel Relations
Israel was rocked by the news on Thursday that the US State Department had ordered NASA scientist Dr. Amber Straughn to cancel her participation in the Israel Physical Society’s annual meeting. The news came following Straughn’s posting on Twitter that her “travel authorization was revoked” on Wednesday. The State Department’s move, which gives the appearance of an official boycott, would be stunning under any circumstance.

Jews and Christians come together to reinstate the Biblical commandment of the Red Heifer
“Christians and Jews, we were all working towards the same vision with the same hopes which is remarkable since this event could never have taken place ten years ago. The Lord is pulling us together for a common purpose.” The pastor has always been strangely drawn to learning about the Biblical sacrifices and, in particular, the ritual of the Red Heifer.

The rebellion which was planned in the Likud – and was thwarted
According to a report by Yehuda Schlesinger in the Israel Hayom newspaper, the concern arose even before the dismissal of Gallant from his position as Defense Minister, and the Prime Minister’s Office feared that the MKs had made a deal between them and had joined forces in order to pressure the Prime Minister and even oppose the judicial reform, leading to its failure to pass in the Knesset.

IDF scrambles fighter jets, downs aircraft near Syrian border
IDF helicopters and fighter jets were scrambled Sunday night, after an unidentified aircraft crossed into Israeli airspace from Syria. The aircraft was monitored by the IAF throughout the incident, an IDF spokesperson said.

Very strong M7.0 earthquake hits Papua New Guinea – The Watchers
A very strong earthquake registered by the USGS as M7.0 hit New Guinea, Papua New Guinea at 18:04 UTC on April 2, 2023. The agency is reporting a depth of 62.6 km (38.9 miles). EMSC is reporting M7.1 at a depth of 73 km (45 miles).

Powerful storm system to affect large portion of the Intermountain West and Central U.S.
A major winter storm will produce multiple weather hazards this upcoming week from the Intermountain West to the Central U.S. that include significant snowfall, blizzard conditions, and damaging wind gusts.

Dutch MEP Demands Insects in Food Are Clearly Marked and No Longer Hidden
Robert “Rob” Roos, a Dutch politician and current Member of the European Parliament, is speaking out against the European Union’s policy of introducing insects into food without clear labeling. The EU has allowed four different types of insects as ingredients in food since 2020. Roos argues that consumers need to know precisely what is in their food and that the deceptively labeled Latin names of insects on the packaging are not clear enough but are instead used to disguise the ingredients.

Minneapolis Moves Closer to Becoming First U.S. City to Blast Islamic Call to Prayer Five Times a Day, Starting at Dawn
The Minnesota chapter of Hamas-linked CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) is demanding that mosques in Minneapolis can broadcast the Islamic call to prayer five times a day versus the already allotted three times a day.

Minneapolis Public Schools Will Host ‘Gender Resource Fair’ to Promote Drugging and Mutilating Children 
Minneapolis Public Schools are hosting a “gender resource fair” featuring a drag queen story hour event and a doctor who will speak on the importance of “supporting young transgender children.”

Trans Anti-Christian Video Game Released 2 Months Before School Attack
A video game featuring a transgender hero who shoots down trans critics — including priests — in order to allow players to “unleash [their] pent-up fury upon the gender-critical tyrants with an arsenal of deadly weapons” was published by a trans game developer two months before Monday’s Christian school shooting in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Day the World Became China: Tuesday March 10th 2020 
…The March 10th piece, timed exactly to Trump’s change in attitude, transparently popularises the basic arguments and thin research underpinning the late-February report endorsing Chinese-style lockdowns issued by the WHO-China joint mission. It was with this report that the WHO abandoned all prior pandemic plans and recommended lockdowns to the rest of the world.

Fort Campbell crash leaves 9 service members dead after 2 US Black Hawks helicopters collide in deadly training session
NINE service members have died following an aerial collision involving two US Black Hawk helicopters.

Jane Fonda called for pro-life Christians to be MURDERED right before TRANS terrorist assassinated six Christians in Nashville 
In the days leading up to transgender Audrey Hale’s murderous rampage at The Covenant School in Nashville, washed-up actress and left-wing activist Jane Fonda appeared on The View to express her desire for all pro-life Christians to be murdered.

Opinion: ‘Most U.S. banks are technically near insolvency, and hundreds are already fully insolvent,’ Roubini says 
In January 2022, when yields on U.S. 10-year Treasury bonds TMUBMUSD10Y, 3.516% were still roughly 1% and those on German Bunds were -0.5%, I warned that inflation would be bad for both stocks and bonds.

Warning: RESTRICT Act Is A Huge Orwellian Censorship Grab
The RESTRICT Act, introduced by Sens. Mark Warner (D-VA) and Tom Thune (R-SD), is aimed at blocking or disrupting transactions and financial holdings linked to foreign adversaries that pose a risk to national security, however the language of the bill could be used to give the US government enormous power to punish free speech.

China Declares New World Order — Everything Is About To Change!
The plot to make China the world’s biggest powerhouse has been going on for decades, and now its communist technocracy is solidifying globally while the US Dollar collapses and major countries flee to a new currency system.

BREAKING: FDA confirms Graphene Oxide is in the mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines after being forced to publish Confidential Pfizer Documents by order of the US Federal Court
…recent evidence has emerged that confirms the presence of Graphene Oxide, a highly toxic and conductive substance, in the Pfizer vaccine. And it has come from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) which has been forced to publish the confidential Pfizer documents by order of the Federal Court in the USA.

Threat Alert: Islamic Terror-Tied Nadia Kahf Sworn in as New Jersey Superior Court Judge
Following her Superior Court of New Jersey appointment on March 23, 2023, Islamic supremacist attorney Nadia Kahf became the first hijab-wearing judge in the United States. Kahf, whose family is of Syrian origin and who is an immigration attorney, took the oath of office on Thursday with her hand on a copy of the Quran – a book that teaches supremacy, hatred, and hostility. Furthermore, it dehumanizes and stigmatizes non-believers.

Conquered NYC: Call to Prayer Will Be Blasted From Loudspeakers Five Times a Day, Muslims Spit on 9/11 Victims
An Egyptian-American won a United States city approval for the Islamic call to prayer (Adhan) to be blasted from loudspeakers five times a day at three mosques in her New York neighborhood during Ramadan.