1 Apr 2023

Satan Has Become One Of The Hottest Spiritual Figures In America
Should we be surprised? As our society comes apart at the seams all around us, Satan and Satanism are becoming extremely popular. Videos featuring Satan are getting millions of views on TikTok and YouTube, millions of Americans are watching shows that feature Satan as a main character on Netflix and other streaming services, and the Satanic Temple has become one of the fastest growing religious organizations that the United States has ever seen.

Lavrov: Moscow’s New Foreign Policy Concept Calls Out US as Main Instigator of Anti-Russian Crusade
President Vladimir Putin announced on Friday that he had penned a decree adopting Russia’s new foreign policy concept. “Today, I signed a decree approving the updated concept of the foreign policy of the Russian Federation,” Putin said at a meeting with the permanent members of the Security Council.

AI experts disown Musk-backed campaign citing their research
The letter, dated March 22 and with more than 1,800 signatures by Friday, called for a six-month circuit-breaker in the development of systems “more powerful” than Microsoft-backed (MSFT.O) OpenAI’s new GPT-4, which can hold human-like conversation, compose songs and summarise lengthy documents.

Embattled Macron heads to China, leaving burning Paris behind
Emmanuel Macron will head to China next week for a rare visit to the rising superpower, in an awkward balancing act between his global statesman ambitions and his struggle to contain embarrassing pension protests at home. …the chaotic scenes of burning piles of rubbish in Paris, which were broadcast around the world, have already forced Macron to cancel a state visit by Britain’s King Charles,

Typically Thought a ‘Silent Majority,’ Government Supporters Rally in Tel Aviv
On Thursday evening in Tel Aviv, supporters of judicial reform—about 30,000 by some estimates (one police official put the number as high as 100,000)—rallied in Tel Aviv. “Our justice and truth are stronger than anything,”

Pence calls decision to indict Trump ‘an outrage’
In interview with CNN, Pence reacted to the announcement, calling it ‘political prosecution’
“The unprecedented indictment of a former president on a campaign finance issue is an outrage,” said former U.S. Vice President .

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation televises creepy drag queen indoctrination of kids
Over the last couple of years, I’ve heard many parents wonder aloud: Why drag queens? Why, seemingly overnight, have we seen drag performers show up in schools, at public libraries from the big cities to the small towns, and at family friendly events? The reason, as I noted in a column earlier this month, can be found in a paper titled “Drag Pedagogy: The Playful Practice of Queer Imagination in Early Childhood,” authored by several queer theorists.

Biden attacks states banning transgender mutilation of children after Nashville shooting
Joe Biden attacked states with laws banning the genital mutilation of children in a proclamation declaring Friday “Transgender Visibility Day.”

Massive snowfall results in California’s largest snowpack on record –
17 atmospheric rivers and several non-atmospheric-river storms since December 2022 pushed California’s snowpack to its largest level in recorded history, surpassing the previous record set in 1982-1983. In addition, the state’s drought conditions have improved significantly since the start of the water year, with severe to exceptional drought conditions now covering only 6.99% of the area, down from 93% just one year ago.

Major tornado outbreak — Large and destructive tornadoes hit Little Rock and Wynne, Arkansas
A major tornado outbreak hit a wide area of the U.S. Midwest and South on Friday, March 31, 2023, producing several large and destructive tornadoes. At this time, it appears the worst affected were Little Rock and Wynne in Arkansas.

Cyclone Freddy’s death toll in Malawi likely to exceed 1 200 as hope for survivors fades
Over 1 200 people are feared dead in Malawi as Cyclone Freddy’s catastrophic aftermath leads authorities to declare missing individuals deceased.

Major early spring storm system set to impact millions in the U.S. 
A major early spring storm system is set to impact the central and eastern United States with severe thunderstorms, high winds, and heavy snow from March 31 to April 1, 2023.

Critics Warn of ‘a Dragnet of Surveillance’ as U.S. Pushes Ahead With Plans for More ‘Smart’ Cities
U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg last week announced $94 million in grant awards to fund 59 smart city technology projects across the country.

Market for Fake Food Projected to Hit $3 Trillion 
The food supply is under attack. Whether it be from technocrats waging a war against real food, regulations that threaten food sovereignty or the use of toxic chemicals, humans’ right to access unadulterated, healthy food is slipping away.

Exclusive: FAA Granted Medical Clearance to Pilot With History of ‘Possible’ Vaccine-Induced Myocarditis
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued a first-class medical clearance to a pilot whose medical history includes “possible” vaccine-induced myocarditis, according to a letter leaked anonymously by a pilot.

California reparations amount, if any, left to politicians 
The leader of California’s first-in-the-nation reparations task force on Wednesday said it won’t take astance on how much the state should compensate Black residents whom economists estimate may be owed more than $800 billion for decades of over-policing, disproportionate incarceration and housing discrimination.

Experts Urge Personhood Rights for the “Conscious” AIs of the Future
First corporations, and now artificial intelligence — the push for nonhuman personhood continues apace, though this latest argument is decidedly more complicated than the former.

Analysis: Trans movement being fomented by Russia, China as a ‘guerilla movement’ to disrupt U.S.
Russia and China have teamed up to use U.S. civil liberties such as free speech and expression against Americans to destabilize the country from within, according to a new analysis, and the transgender movement is one aspect of that plan.

Nancy Pelosi Tweets Out That Donald Trump Is Guilty And Must Prove His Innocence In Complete Opposition To The United States Constitution
Nancy Pelosi did something really great today, she gave the entire country a lesson, not in civics, but in how Democrats view the justice system is applied to the people they don’t like. Pelosi tweeted that Donald Trump gets the chance to go to court to ‘prove his innocence’, but that’s not how the American justice system operates. A person, no matter how heinously accused, is presumed to be innocent to start with, and that the burden of proof on on the state. So thank you, Nancy Pelosi, for showing us all how Democrats view justice.

Judge finds Google destroyed evidence and repeatedly gave false info to court
A federal judge yesterday ruled that Google intentionally destroyed evidence and must be sanctioned, rejecting the company’s argument that it didn’t need to automatically preserve internal chats involving employees subject to a legal hold.

BREAKING: Confidential Pfizer Documents confirm Graphene Oxide is in the COVID Vaccines & here is how to remove it from your body
Speculation has been rife for over two years that the Covid-19 injections contain Graphene Oxide. A toxic substance that causes strange blood clots and destroys red blood cells. It has a natural negative charge, whereas red blood cells are naturally positively charged. When the reduced Graphene enters the body and red blood cells, it immediately starts to cause the cells to stack up onto themselves.

Renz Missouri House Testimony – BioTech Admits Gate’s GMO Factory Food IS a Gene Therapy
The biotech lobbyists admitted that GMO food like the type Bill Gates wants to manufacture in factories WILL actually alter your genetic code!!!

ChatGPT banned in Italy
ChatGPT is now banned in Italy. The country’s data protection authorities said AI service would be blocked and investigated over privacy concerns.