24 Mar 2023

Biden’s Collapsing Sgt. Schultz Defense: New Evidence Shows The President Played Direct Role In Addressing Hunter’s Business Deals
Despite mounting evidence to the contrary, Biden maintains that he “knows nothing, nothing” about Hunter Biden’s business deals. He recently doubled down on this defense by even denying that family members received money from foreign sources. He repeated his denial even after the release of financial transfer reports from his own administration showing millions transferred from China. Now, emails have emerged that show that Biden personally helped draft responses to the controversial deals in 2015 when he was Vice President. It also appears that Biden officials like former Biden Communications Director Kate Bedingfield knew of his role as the President continued to deny any involvement.

Hunter Biden’s FBI mole named “One-Eye”
The New York Post is reporting on the arrest in Cyprus of Dr. Gal Luft, a former Israeli Defense Forces officer. He is accused of gunrunning but claims that he was being set up by the White House to keep him from spilling the beans on the Biden family. Luft reportedly has extensive ties in the intelligence community and in Asia and he has quite the story to tell. He claims that Hunter Biden’s “business associates” in China were tipped off about investigations into their activities by an FBI mole …

Federal judge rejects feds’ attempt to get out of censorship fight
Evidence already has confirmed 11 agencies told social media what was allowed. A federal judge has rejected the federal government’s attempt to get rid of a censorship lawsuit that Joe Biden faces. It already “has exposed an elaborate, multi-agency federal government censorship regime,”

Uganda Says NO to LGBTQ with ‘Anti-Homosexuality Bill’
In our country, we will have our morals. We will protect our children. We are making this law for ourselves. We are making this law for our children. We are making this law for the children of our children.” -Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni.

Perseverance rover snaps gorgeous shots of drifting predawn clouds on Mars
The new cloud images, released by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory today (March 23), were taken with one of the rover’s navigation cameras just before Martian sunrise on March 18. That was the 738th Martian day, or sol, of Perseverance’s mission; a sol is just a little longer (24 hours, 37 minutes) than a day on Earth.

5 planets will align on March 27 and you won’t want to miss it. Here’s where to look.
On March 27, a planetary parade made up of Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Mars and Uranus will march across the sky. At this particular time of the year, amateur astronomers are participating in the Messier Marathon. Originally conceived by the late comet hunter, Don Machholz, it takes place around the time of the new moon, and within a week or so of the Vernal Equinox.

Brazil Exhibits Demons During Festival & Storm Hits The Next Day: Is Brazil Facing Judgment?
During Brazil’s Carnival Festival 2023, they exhibited demons in the parade. Then the next day, a great storm devastated the nation. And many people are asking, “is Brazil facing the judgment or wrath of God?” In one video clip, the devil dragged and persecuted the man who played Jesus in the parade.

Exclusive: JPMorgan, Citi, BofA tell staff not to poach clients from stressed banks -memo, sources
As a series of U.S. lenders were besieged by customers yanking out their money this month, banking behemoths JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM.N), Citigroup Inc (C.N) and Bank of America Corp. (BAC.N), warned employees: Do not make it worse. JPMorgan, the nation’s largest bank, told all employees they “should never give the appearance of exploiting a situation of stress or uncertainty,” in a March 13 memo, extracts of which were seen by Reuters. “We do not make disparaging comments regarding competitors.”

If you don’t know who you fancy then you’re queer, schools tell children
Scottish children as young as 11 are being taught in school that they are “queer” if they do not yet know their sexual orientation, it has emerged.

The judicial coup isn’t coming from where you think it does
Despite the fact we’re conditioned to believe that the right is adamant about canceling democracy, the actual coup is coming from the left, desperately holding on to whatever power it is granted by the judiciary, fully aware that it would lose elections

Archaeologists Discover Oldest Pearl City in the Gulf in the UAE
While earlier pearl towns have been mentioned in historical texts, this is the first time archaeologists claim to have physically found one dating to this early period in the entire Persian Gulf region.

Netanyahu: Until today my hands were tied on judicial reform dispute
What is real and what endangers democracy is an all-powerful court. On the other hand, the opponents of the reform think that what will endanger democracy is a Knesset and a government that will act without restraints and without brakes, that will endanger the rights of the individual,” he said.

OP senators urge EU to designate IRGC as terror group
Twelve Republican senators called on the European Union to designate the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist entity on Wednesday, warning in a letter to EU foreign affairs chief Josep Borrell of the Revolutionary Guard Corps’ continued support for “Russian war crimes in Ukraine” and the Iranian government’s “goal of sowing terror in the West.”

‘Tens of thousands’ will stop showing up for duty, IDF special forces reservist warns
Tens of thousands of IDF reservists have signed the Brothers in Arms public letter to the government that they will suspend presenting themselves for duty if the government goes through with its judicial overhaul, said Sayeret Matkal reservist Eyal Nave on Thursday.

Soldier sentenced to 27 months in jail for leaking secrets, IDF intel
An IDF intelligence soldier was sentenced on Thursday to 27 months in jail as part of a plea bargain by an IDF military court for revealing classified information which could endanger the state. The intelligence soldier was also convicted of conduct unbecoming.

Netanyahu heads to London on Iran, as domestic turmoil heightens
Netanyahu and his British counterpart Rishi Sunak are expected to discuss strengthening the strategic ties between Israel and the United Kingdom and increasing security and intelligence cooperation.

Special forces eliminate terrorist commander in Samaria
Israeli security forces eliminated early Thursday morning a terrorist known in the Palestinian Authority as the “Commander of the Tulkarem Brigade” after he opened fire on them. Amir Abu Khadijah, 25, had established the local terror cell after leaving the Jenin Brigade at the end of last year.

Biden approval dips near lowest point
Just 38% of Americans approve of Joe Biden’s job performance as inflation rates remain high and economic stability in question following bank failures.

Fatal Rebellion
Amidst all the turbulence, confusion and chaos we are witnessing across the world, rebellion is surely the word to sum it up. According to St Paul in his second letter to the Thessalonians, such a scenario is an alarming precursor to the rise of the Antichrist in the run-up to the return of the real Christ, Messiah Yeshua.

Occult roots of the World Economic Forum? Professor exposes the New World Religion
What if I told you that you could trace the same sort of satanic, occultic religion that really vivified the Nazis to today’s World Economic Forum?

Israel threatens military strike if Iran enriches uranium above 60 percent
Jerusalem has warned the United States and several European countries that Iranian enrichment of uranium beyond 60 percent could trigger an Israeli military strike, Axios reported on Wednesday.

EF-1 tornado hits Montebello, California — the strongest tornado to impact Los Angeles Metro area since March 1983 
An EF-1 tornado hit the city of Montebello near Los Angeles, southern California on Wednesday, March 22, 2023, ripping roofs off buildings, throwing cars around, and injuring 1 person. This is the strongest tornado to impact the Los Angeles Metro area since March 1983, the National Weather Service (NWS) said. It is also the second tornado to hit California within 24 hours.

Most extensive sandstorm of the year hits Beijing and surrounding provinces, China 
Beijing and several other provinces in China were hit by the most extensive sandstorm of the year so far on Wednesday, March 22, 2023, causing thick clouds of sand to significantly reduce visibility and increase air pollution to hazardous levels.

Unseasonal rain and hailstorm cause significant crop loss in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh 
Prayagraj District, the most populous district in the Uttar Pradesh state of India, has been hit by heavy unseasonal rain and hailstorm that devastated the farming community on March 19 and again on March 21, 2023. The natural calamity has caused extensive damage to crops of over 10 030 farmers in the region.

Many Companies Are Already On Their Second Round Of Mass Layoffs
We haven’t seen a tsunami of layoffs like this since the Great Recession.  According to Challenger, Gray & Christmas, the number of job cuts announced in January and February was 427 percent higher than during the same period in 2022.

Physician Assistant Fired After Reporting Adverse Reactions to the COVID-19 Vaccine to VAERS
Deborah Conrad, a physician assistant in New York, was fired from her job after reporting COVID-19 vaccine adverse reactions to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS).

Poland Preparing For WW3 As Ambassador Announces Country Will Go To War With Russia If Ukraine Loses 
Jan Emeryk Rościszewski, Poland’s Ambassador to France, made the startling declaration that Poland would declare war on Russia should Ukraine lose the war. “If Ukraine fails to defend its independence,” the ambassador told French television, “we will have no choice, we will be forced to enter the conflict.”

Get ready for governments to push digital currencies after widespread banking collapse 
The motto of the tyrannical left is “never let a good crisis go to waste,” and the globalists who want to remake the world in their authoritarian image have just been handed a golden opportunity as banks continue to fail in the U.S. and around the world.

Redfield: Gain-of-Function Research Will Cause Next Pandemic, Which Will Be ‘Much’ Worse than COVID
On Monday’s broadcast of Hill.TV’s “Rising,” former CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield said he believes that the next pandemic will come not from animal spillover, but “from gain-of-function research or intentional bioterrorism.” And that the next pandemic “will be much more brutal to the world than COVID was.”

Paris Erupts As Hundreds Of Thousands Of French Citizens Riot In The Streets Protesting The Latest Move Of Antichrist-In-Training Emmanuel Macron
What has Emmanuel Macron done to rile up the anger of the French people to such a degree? Oh, not much, just attempting to ram through highly unpopular legislation in his own government without allow the duly-elected representatives of the French people to cast their votes. You might say to me that these latest riots disprove our assertion that Macron could be the biblical man of sin who becomes the Son of Perdition, Antichrist, after the Rapture of the Church. But we would disagree, and here’s why.

NY Governor Demands Court Authorization to Detain Citizens in ‘Quarantine Camps’
New York’s Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul is demanding that the courts grant her authorization to detain citizens in “quarantine camps” against their will. Hochul has gone back to court seeking permission to detain New Yorkers in quarantine camps.

UPDATE: Eyedrops Sold In Drug Stores Nationwide Are Contaminated With Deadly Bacterial ‘Superbug’: MANUFACTURED IN INDIA – 3 People Die After Using Artificial Tears Products, 8 Lose Vision, 4 Have Eyeballs Surgically Removed
Public health authorities are investigating an outbreak of bacterial infections across the United States caused by over-the-counter eyedrops contaminated with a rare “extensively drug-resistant” bacterial superbug.

DEA Warns ‘Zombie Drug’ Hitting US Streets, Set To Worsen Overdose Crisis
President Biden’s efforts to end a nationwide drug crisis, which he promised to end during the 2020 election campaign, may face further challenges as the Drug Enforcement Administration issued an alert on Monday regarding a new concoction of fentanyl and a veterinary tranquilizer hitting American cities and towns.

WHO and Media Fuel Another Disease Panic, This Time a Deadly Yeast Fungus Brought on by ‘Global Warming’
After Covid-19 and monkeypox, citizens will hardly fall for such propaganda horror reports… Are we now all going to die from a killer fungus due to climate change? Alarm, alarm: Candida auris infection is “worrying ” and “fatal,” says the mainstream media in its headlines. ‘Climate change’ is said to be to blame for its “alarmingly rapid spread.” The WHO calls for the fungus to be given top priority.

Vaccine Being Prepared For A Bird Flu Jump To Humans
A bird flu shot for humans is being prepared “just in case” it mutates. But if it hasn’t mutated to infect humans yet, how do the “scientists” have access to the sequencing to create an effective vaccine anyway?

Moderna Is “Standing Ready” For The Human Bird Flu Pandemic
Big Pharma companies are already prepared to rake in the cash after a human bird flu pandemic begins. If the H5N1 avian flu mutated to infect humans, vaccines are already being created that you’ll probably be coerced into getting…once again.

Space Force chief says China is developing anti-satellite missiles, electronic jammers and lasers
…Gen. Chance Saltzman told senators that Beijing was the ‘most immediate threat’ to U.S. operations as it develops lasers to disrupt satellite sensors, electronic warfare jammers and even builds craft that could grab and move rival orbiting platforms out of position.

Ford expected to announce HUGE losses in EV sales … other automakers are bound to follow suit
The main reason why Elon Musk’s Tesla doesn’t take massive losses on its electric vehicles is because a) that’s the only kind of vehicles the company makes; and b) Musk long ago scaled production of Tesla EVs to demand.

Study Shows 81 Percent of Transgender Individuals Suffer From Major Personality Disorders
A medical study conducted by researchers with the Iran University of Medical Sciences shows that 81 percent of transgender individuals are suffering from major personality disorders.

24 hours of HELL in top NYC hospital: Patients left lying in hallways and urine soaked floors
Twenty-four hours of hell in one of New York’s top hospitals have been laid bare with pictures showing patients lying in hallways, urine soaking the floor and staff incapable of providing answers.

Secret Government Documents confirm COVID-19 Vaccine roll-out caused Excess Deaths in Australia to increase by 5,162%
Secretive data, strangely given to the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) by the Australian Government confirms the first 38 weeks of the year 2021 saw a shocking 1,452% increase in excess deaths following the rollout of the Covid-19 injections compared to the same period in 2020. Unfortunately, as the months passed, the situation only worsened.