20 Mar 2023

The Iran-Led ‘Axis of Resistance’ is Gearing Up for a Ramadan Terror Offensive
Israeli security officials believe that in the runup to Ramadan there will be an unprecedented conflict with the Palestinian terrorist factions on several fronts, that may deteriorate into a military conflict more acute than the conflict in the Gaza Strip in May 2021. Visible signs also testify to this: The Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad organizations have increased the incitement against Israel in recent weeks, and launched a campaign of psychological warfare to weaken Israel morale.

Smotrich says government should ‘do more’ against terror
“Look at the festivities that followed the attack in the Palestinian villages… Maybe I didn’t choose the right words to express my thoughts, but the State of Israel must fight more determinedly against terrorism.” “Our enemies, the terrorists, do not distinguish between right and left, secular and religious, settlers and Tel Avivians. They want to kill us because the Jews came back to the Land of Israel.

How hi-tech Israeli elite protestors moved funds out of Israel – to SVB
Among the organizers of the ongoing street protests in Israel against the recently elected right-wing government, thinly veiled as protests aganst judicial reform, were two individuals who stoked up the theme encouraging high-tech investors to remove their money from Israel. Organized under the banner of a Marxist-sounding title, the ‘High Tech Workers Resistance’ have been lobbying to move hi-tech initiators and their money out of Israel in the cause of fighting for Israeli democracy.

More than 40 Chinese vessels reported around Philippine-claimed island
The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) on Saturday spotted more than 40 Chinese vessels near Pag-asa, one of the islands occupied by Manila in the South China Sea. Coast Guard personnel stationed on the island – also known as Thitu – reported a People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy vessel, a China Coast Guard (CCG) vessel, and 42 suspected maritime militia vessels, anchored within 4.5 to 8 nautical miles of the shore.

Putin’s surprise visit to Ukraine
Putin flew to Mariupol by helicopter, it noted, adding that he later drive a car in the city accompanied by Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin, who reported “on the progress of construction and restoration work in the city and its surroundings.” “In particular, they discussed the construction of new residential microdistricts, social and educational facilities, housing and communal services infrastructure, and medical institutions,” the statement said.

The War On Morality, Normality And Rationality
In the past, our education system prioritised learning. Now, it prioritises diversity, equity and inclusion, without any thought for the fact that those kids who refuse to affirm those principles are now excluded from the social fabric of our school communities just because they share an opposing view.

Can Donald Trump be elected president if he is indicted? Here is the answer
There are no restrictions in the US Constitution that prevent anyone who has been indicted or convicted of a crime, or is even serving time, from running for, or winning the presidency.

Ben-Gvir calls for death penalty for Huwara terrorist after Supreme Court bars him from issuing police orders during protests
“I call on my friends to quickly pass the law giving terrorists the death penalty and to say clearly that any murderer who leaves their home to harm Jews is sentenced to death!” Ben-Gvir said.

Israel eliminates Islamic Jihad commander in Syria, terror group claims
A commander in the Palestinian Arab terrorist group Islamic Jihad was killed in Syria on Sunday in what the organization described as an assassination by Israeli agents.

Palestinians Support Anti-Jewish Terror, Dissolution of Palestinian Authority
Seventy-one percent of Palestinians support the terrorist murder of two Israeli Jews in Huwara, Samaria, on Feb. 26, according to a public opinion poll conducted earlier this month. Only 21% of those surveyed were against the attack and similar armed attacks.

Blame Biden for Iran’s Diplomatic Triumph
the development was nothing to laugh about. And far from being something for which Netanyahu could be assigned even partial blame or reflecting poorly on his priorities, this had little to do with Israel or even with any of the issues that have long held up Saudi Arabia’s joining the accords. The real culprit is the Biden administration.

Where did evil prophet Balaam’s donkey come from? New study offers answers
A new scientific study has shed light on the origin of the donkey, an animal prominently featured in the Bible, including in one of the most enigmatic episodes of the Pentateuch, the journey of the evil prophet Balaam described in the book of Numbers. … contrary to what was previously believed, donkeys were domesticated not in multiple locations but only once,

Two Knesset members propose legislation to outlaw sharing the Gospel in Israel and send violators to prison – could it become law?
Is it possible that the Israeli government this year could pass legislation making it illegal for people to share the Gospel message in the very land where Jesus was born, raised, preached, died, buried and rose from the dead? Unfortunately, yes.

New poll shows GOP voters increasingly support position held by DeSantis, Trump to get out of Ukraine
A new poll released Thursday verifies a significant trend among Republican voters against deeper involvement in the Ukraine war, a position that has been further confirmed and encouraged with a recent policy affirmation by anticipated presidential candidate Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Tucker predicts a hot war with Russia (and maybe China) leading to wartime crushing of political dissent
On March 15, he began his top-rated hour-long program with the following startling statement: “You’re going to get a hot war with Russia — and China — whether you want one or not.” [T]he second we actually go to war with Russia, they will use that as a pretext to crush all dissent. Dissent is not allowed in wartime. And that’s what this is really about

In swipe at Biden, Netanyahu pledges to ‘build in Jerusalem’ despite ‘pressure’
“We emphatically reject the pressures not to build in Jerusalem. Unfortunately, these pressures have been increasing of late. I say even to our best friends: Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Just as every people builds its capital and in its capital, so too do we reserve the right to build Jerusalem and in Jerusalem. This is what we have done and what we will continue to do,” he said, according to a statement from his office.

Netanyahu to UN: Construction of Third Temple Will not be an Obstacle to Peace with Palestinians
“The fact is,” the Israeli PM told world leaders at the United Nations, “a Jewish Temple used to stand right where the Al Aqsa mosque plaza now sits. Even Muslim archaeologists have reported its existence.” The temple he was talking about was Second Temple, built by King Herod, which stood for almost 600 years.

Cut off by cyclone, Malawian villagers face hunger, perilous journeys
Malawian villages near the Mozambican border were badly affected by Cyclone Freddy, which has killed at least 438 people.

“Fit and Healthy People are Dropping Down with Heart Issues” – Fed-Up Aussie Journalist Says He’s ‘Done with COVID Vaccines’ on Live TV
Popular Australian television presenter and journalist for the Nine Network, Karl Stefanovic, has shocked his viewers after he publicly criticized the latest recommendations for a fifth booster shot of the Covid vaccine on live TV.

TRAGIC: 37-Year-Old Italian Swimmer Reportedly Took His Own Life After a Long Period of Suffering Due to COVID Vaccine Reaction
Claudio Rais, a personal trainer, swimming champion, and a man full of dreams, died at the age of 37. Mr. Rais reportedly took his own life by jumping off the Rosello Bridge, the highest and most important bridge in the city of Sassari in Italy, according to Swim for Life Magazine.

CBP officers seize $1.5 million of cocaine hidden in watermelon shipment
Customs and Border Protection officers in California intercepted a large amount of cocaine hidden inside a shipment of watermelons earlier this week.

Turley: Soros-Backed Manhattan DA’s Made-For-TV Trump Prosecution Is “Legally Pathetic”
“…is really painfully obvious as a political prosecution in my view. It is a very weak case legally…”

California Teen Sues Doctors Over Double Mastectomy at Age 13-“Mutilating Children for Profit”
A California teenager, referred to in court documents as 18-year-old Layla Jane, is suing doctors who performed a double mastectomy on her when only 13 years old as part of a gender reassignment process.

Deranged Drag Queens in “Demonic” Outfits Crash Arkansas Children’s Book Reading Event Hosted By Kirk Cameron
Fayetteville, Arkansas- Drag queens dressed in bizarre black and white outfits disrupted actor-writer Kirk Cameron’s story time event for families and children at the Fayetteville Public Library on Friday.

Analysis: Anchor Baby Population Far Exceeds One Year of U.S. Births
The total population of United States citizen children born to illegal aliens now far exceeds one year of American births, a March analysis shows.

San Francisco announces ban on gas-powered furnaces, water heaters
Bay Area officials have announced a ban on the use of natural gas-powered furnaces and water heaters in order to lessen the impact on the city’s air quality and resident’s health, “particularly in communities of color.”

Church Tower Reemerges From Parched Reservoir in Drought-Hit Spain 
Spain is in the grip of a long-term drought after 36 months of below-average rainfall, with some parts so parched that officials have asked people to cut water use and meteorologists warn of worse to come.

Traditional family values enjoy support in Africa
Traditional family values are still being supported in Africa despite the LGBTQ agenda’s attempt at using propaganda to change the ideals of the people there.

UK’s booster campaign is engaging in expensive state-sponsored self-harm on a national level, says MP
On Friday at 2:35 pm, Member of Parliament Andrew Bridgen began his a speech in parliament about the (un)safety and (in)efficacy of the covid gene-based injections. As he did on 13 December when he raised the issue of “vaccine” harms, Bridgen has made another outstanding speech.  It was so outstanding that barely five hours after Mr. Bridgen had finished his speech, YouTube censored Mr. Bridgen’s speech by removing the video from his YouTube channel.

Study published in Dec. 2020 proved COVID Vaccines could cause Strokes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, and Autoimmune Disorder – Is there any wonder why the Five Eyes & Europe have suffered 2 Million Excess Deaths in the past 2 years?
Medicine Regulators have already admitted that COVID vaccination can cause damage to the heart muscle and lead to cardiovascular complications such as heart failure, myocarditis, or pericarditis. But what they failed to tell the public in December 2020, is that scientists proved the spike protein, of which the Covid-19 vaccines instructs your cells to manufacture millions of, crosses the blood-brain barrier with potentially devastating consequences such as the potential to cause strokes, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and a range of autoimmune disorders.

Musk Blasts Biden After Prez Lies Twice About ‘3% Billionaire Tax’
“I paid 53% taxes on my Tesla stock options (40% Federal & 13% state), so I must be lifting the average!”