8 Mar 2023

Israel engaging four Muslim nations to expand Abraham Accords
Israel is working to expand the Abraham Accords with four other nations, Israel Hayom learned this week. Foreign Minister Eli Cohen is working to normalize ties with Mauritania, Somalia, Niger and Indonesia, sources said. During one week he will make a firm covenant with many. For half a week he will put a stop to the sacrifice and the meal offering. At the corner [of the mizbayach] will be an appalling abomination until the decreed destruction will be poured down upon the appalling thing.” Dan 9:27

Bill Gates Arrest Warrant Issued in Philippines For ‘Premeditated Murder’ Linked To Vaccine Roll Out
A Philippines court has issued an international arrest warrant for Bill Gates, as part of an investigation into the Covid-19 vaccination roll-out in the territory. Excess deaths have spiked in the aftermath of the vaccination drive in the Philippines with hundreds of thousands of citizens dying unnecessarily and many more injured and maimed, according to prosecutors.

Pentagon investigating reports of UFOs turning off nuclear warheads, shooting test missiles
Just after one of Salas’s security police guards called him to report the incident, all 10 ICBMs dropped offline, one at a time. They essentially became unlaunchable and had to be repaired and retargeted. Although the military launched an investigation, an explanation for the shutdown of the missiles was never provided. Salas and his colleagues say that agents from the Air Force Office of Special Investigations interviewed them at the time and had them sign nondisclosure agreements.

Clinton Lawyer Killed in Jet After ‘Severe Turbulence’
Dana J. Hyde, a well-known Beltway attorney who previously served on the 9/11 Commission, was named by Connecticut State Troopers, one of the agencies involved in investigating the emergency landing at Bradley International Airport. Hyde, 55, resided in Cabin John, Maryland, and was transported by ambulance to Saint Francis Medical Center in Hartford, where she was later declared deceased. Hyde served both the Obama and Clinton administration.

Polish TV report: John Paul II knew of abuse as archbishop
John Paul II knew about sexual abuse of children by priests under his authority and sought to conceal it when he was an archbishop in his native Poland, a television news report has alleged.

Russian media claims 11,000 Ukrainian troops killed in February
Russian state media organization Interfax reported that 11,000 Ukrainian servicemen have been killed in the month of February alone, allegedly 40% more than in January. The legitimacy of Interfax’s report is highly questionable, as in Russia it is illegal to share anti-war or anti-government opinions.

IDF captures, eliminates Huwara terrorist who murdered 2 brothers
Israel Defense Forces troops killed the terrorist on Tuesday who 10 days ago shot dead at point-blank range brothers Hallel Menachem and Yagel Yaakov Yaniv near the Arab village of Huwara.

All Signs Point to Imminent Israeli Attack on Iran
Is Israel about to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities? It sure looks that way. The Jewish state has been preparing for years for such an eventuality, and now it appears the time has arrived. What’s happening?

Living on the Brink: The Importance of Unity in the Face of Modern Threats
As an Israeli who’s lived through more war and terror than I care to recall, I plead with all of us to stop blaming our own people and stand united. Then we heard news that Russia is offering Iran S-400 missile systems, which would create a virtual wall of defense against any preemptive attack by Israel on their nuclear weapons.

The World Economic Forum is pursuing mind-reading technology in a battle ‘for your brain’
Are you thinking what I’m thinking? With the advent of new mind reading technology, this question may be made redundant. Firstly, because it may soon be possible to recreate imagery directly from your thoughts, and secondly, because tools are being developed to put it there. The Natural Scenes Dataset “is a large-scale fMRI dataset conducted at ultra-high-field (7T) strength at the Center of Magnetic Resonance Research (CMRR) at the University of Minnesota.” Ear buds which read your mind are being developed by a Google spinoff company called NextSense.

Syria’s Aleppo Airport closed after alleged Israeli airstrike
Israeli fighter jets reportedly struck Aleppo International Airport in northern Syria, according to the Syrian state news agency SANA on Tuesday morning. While there were no reports of casualties, SANA claimed the airport was shut down because of material damages inflicted by the airstrike.

Massive storm to deliver heavy snow, strong storms to central US
Over half a foot of snow is expected over a large area from northeastern Wyoming through southern Wisconsin. The highest snowfall totals are likely to occur in South Dakota, where an AccuWeather Local StormMax™ of 24 inches is possible.

Nazis to the left of me; Muslims to the right of me: here I am, stuck in the middle, again
On February 20, 1939, the German American Bund held an “Americanization” rally in New York’s Madison Square Garden, denouncing conspiracies, President Roosevelt, and others. Banners at the rally had messages like “Stop Jewish Domination of Christian Americans” and “Wake Up America. Smash Jewish Communism. During WWII, Muslims in the Middle East called out: “In Heaven, Allah is your ruler. On Earth, it is Adolf Hitler.”

Shallow M6.0 earthquake hits New Ireland region, Papua New Guinea 
A strong and shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.0 hit New Ireland region, Papua New Guinea at 13:51 UTC on March 7, 2023. The agency is reporting a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles). EMSC is reporting M6.0 at a depth of 30 km (18 miles).

M4.4 earthquake beneath Lake Taupo, more than 20 aftershocks, New Zealand 
An earthquake with a magnitude of 4.4 struck beneath Lake Taupō, New Zealand on March 5, 2023, followed by more than 20 aftershocks. The Volcanic Alert Level remains at 1, which denotes minor volcanic unrest, and the Aviation Color Code is Green. Although there is no immediate risk, the potential for eruption hazards cannot be entirely ruled out, and it is essential that visitors and residents follow the recommended safety guidelines.

At least 15 killed, 50 missing after large landslide hits Serasan island, Indonesia
A large landslide hit the Indonesian region of Natuna on Monday, March 6, 2023, leading to the deaths of at least 15 people. 50 others are still missing, as search and rescue teams struggle to reach the affected areas due to poor weather conditions and damaged communication lines.

Strong and shallow M6.0 earthquake hits Mindanao, Philippines 
A strong and shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.0 hit Mindanao, Philippines at 06:02 UTC (14:02 LT) on March 7, 2023. The agency is reporting a depth of 38.6 km (24 miles). PHIVOLCS is reporting M5.9 at a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles); EMSC M6.0 at 10 km (6.2 miles).

Calgary police arrest Christian pastor at his home for protesting at children’s drag queen event 
Christian pastor Derek Reimer was arrested Thursday afternoon by members of the Calgary Police Service (CPS) after being warned the previous day there were two warrants out for his arrest because he protested at a children’s drag queen story time at a public library last weekend.

Human 6G Antennas? ‘One of the Worst Ideas Ever,’ Critic Says
Human beings could be used as part of an electromagnetic radiation (EMR) antenna system by wearing a special copper-coiled bracelet, according to a team of researchers at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands.

U.S. regulators rejected Elon Musk’s bid to test brain chips in humans
In at least four occasions since 2019, Elon Musk has predicted that his medical device company, Neuralink, would soon start human trials of a revolutionary brain implant to treat intractable conditions such as paralysis and blindness.

Imperial Beach residents are breathing Tijuana sewage
Sewage pollution spilling over the border from Tijuana into the San Diego region not only threatens the health of surfers and swimmers but potentially those simply breathing the air.

Thousands Of Angry People Protest On The Streets Of Paris Against Pension Reforms By French President Emmanuel Macron To Raise Retirement Age
Our candidate for the biblical ‘man of sin’ Emmanuel Macron is under siege at the moment, engaged in a massive battle with French protesters on the streets of Paris over his proposed pension reforms. Say what you will about Macron, but tension, strife and anger seems to follow him just about everywhere he goes, he just has that certain, special ‘Je ne sais quoi’ that makes him someone special in these end times we find ourselves in.

The wounds of Christ appearing on a woman’s hands was witnessed on national TV by millions 
An Australian lawyer and filmmaker says Our Lord Jesus Christ, through a Bolivian woman, wants to make known to the world what He suffered in His Passion.

CBS News Gaslights The Nation By Attempting To Suggest That The Rise Of Heart Attacks In Young People Is Because They Wouldn’t Get Vaccinated
Oh, they didn’t come right out and say it, like someone telling you the truth would do, they ‘suggested’ that ‘perhaps’ the sudden rise of heart attacks in young people is because of their refusal to receive the COVID-19 vaccination injection and wear masks. This is a technique known as ‘gaslighting’ where you gradually cause your victim to think they are going insane over a protracted period of time. CBS News, and all their cohorts love to do this to their viewers, as you will see for yourself in the video below.

Federal Agency Advances Gas Stove Proposal From Commissioner Who Floated Ban 
A U.S. agency has advanced a request for information on gas stove hazards after it was filed by a commissioner who has floated banning the stoves.

Antifa Terrorists Firebomb ‘Cop City’ Training Facility in Atlanta
Antifa terrorists have firebombed the police training center being built in a forest outside of Atlanta, Georgia, which they have dubbed “cop city.” Violent Antifa members have been harassing the site for months, and have recruited left-wing militants from all over the country to descend on the area and destroy the facility, which is still under construction, all while attempting to murder police officers and construction workers.

Tucker Carlson Releases Video Tape From January 6 Riots At The Capitol Proving The American People Were Intentionally Deceived By Democrats & Media
Tucker Carlson, the man we call the ‘last truth teller‘ in the American media, was given 40,000 hours of video tape from the events relating to the January 6 riots at the capitol. But 40,000 hours is not necessary to see what actually happened, for that you only need about 2-3 minutes. The American people were intentionally deceived about January 6 by the Democrats in power, and that deception was artfully supported by the legacy media.

Bird flu in 2005 was used to begin the biggest power grab in history – now it’s back
This week, Argentina and Uruguay declared national health emergencies following outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N1. Ten South American countries are seeing an outbreak of the H5N1 “bird flu” virus.

WHO’s plans to become global health dictator move forward while we’re distracted with “lab leaks” and “lockdown files”
As World Health Organisation (“WHO”) dictators gathered to strategise on how to remove nations’ sovereignty by hijacking “public health,” US Senators pushed back with an effort to reinforce congressional power to authorise treaties and a UK Member of Parliament requested an urgent debate on the proposed “treaty.”

As A Cardinal In Poland, Pope John Paul II Covered Up Child Sex Abuse At Hands Of Roman Catholic Priests By Having Them Transferred Far Away
Did you know that Pope John Paul II is now Saint John Paul II, and has a massive idol dedicated to himself at the National Shrine in Washington, DC? Did you further know that then-president Donald Trump and his wife Melania paid a worshipful visit there in 2020 to lay down a wreath and pray, presumably to Saint Johnny, while kneeling at the altar? What’s that you say, ‘make America great again’, you say? You better start tearing down the idols first. Especially if your idol covered up heinous crimes of child sexual abuse by his Roman Catholic priests.