1 Mar 2023

2,500-year-old inscription bearing name of biblical King Ahasuerus’ father found in Israel
A unique potsherd bearing the name of Persian King Darius the Great – the father of Ahasuerus, who features prominently in the biblical book of Esther – was found in an archaeological park in central Israel, the Israel Antiquities Authority announced on Wednesday.

North Korea threatens declaration of war with US if military drills continue
The North Korean government warned on Friday that joint U.S. and South Korean military drills in and around the Korean Peninsula may be considered a “declaration of war” if they continue. Kwon Jong-gun, North Korea’s designated envoy for U.S.-related affairs, said the U.S. deployment of strategic military assets on the Korean Peninsula, and joint military drills with South Korea are considered “hostile actions.”

Military fires 6 nuclear leaders at ND base with 150 nukes
The U.S. Air Force relieved six leaders, including two commanders, from their positions at a nuclear base in North Dakota “due to a loss of confidence.” Maj. Gen. Andrew J. Gebara relieved the commanders of the 5th Mission Support Group and 5th Logistics Readiness Squadron at Minot Air Force Base on Monday, according to an Air Force press release. Commanders relieved four other subordinate leaders. The six were relieved of leadership positions due to a loss of confidence in their ability to complete assigned duties, the press release stated.

Elon Musk Allegedly Forming New AI Venture To Take On ‘Woke’ ChatGPT
The first indication Twitter and Tesla CEO Elon Musk might be taking on a new project to develop a ‘non-woke’ alternative to OpenAI’s ChatGPT artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot was his recent reply to the chatbot’s founder Sam Altman. The danger of training AI to be woke – in other words, lie – is deadly — Elon Musk (@elonmusk

The US Marshals Service suffered a data breach and ransomware attack
The US Marshals Service has fallen victim to a ransomware attack, according to reports from NBC News, The New York Times, and Reuters. On February 17th, hackers gained access to and stole sensitive information related to the agency’s employees and the subjects that it’s investigating. Drew Wade, the Marshals Service public affairs chief, called the ransomware attack a “major incident,”

Mass Drone Attack Unleashes Chaos, Air Raid Sirens Inside Russia
Russia has come under attack by multiple drones on Tuesday, with one of those drones reportedly causing a fire at an oil depot in the southern part of the country, and another hitting outside Moscow. Tuapse is about 500 kilometers from the nearest Ukrainian-held territory, which exhibits significant reach assuming the UAV was launched by the Ukrainians.

Corgi-sized meteor as heavy as 4 baby elephants hit Texas – NASA
The meteor impact, reported by local Dallas-area Fox affiliate KDFW, took place at around 6 p.m. last Wednesday local time, with some eyewitnesses spotting a possible meteor impact in the sky at the time. This was later confirmed by the National Weather Service, which said a Geostationary Lightning Mapper spotted the flash of a meteor just half an hour earlier

Iran can make fissile material for a bomb ‘in about 12 days’
Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Colin Kahl made the comment to a House of Representatives hearing when pressed by a Republican lawmaker why the Biden administration had sought to revive the deal, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

Virginia official calls US victory in WWII ‘evil’
Virginia Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears called out Muslim Fairfax County Board member Abrar Omeish, who said that the Battle of Iwo Jima, a major US victory over Japan during World War II, was “evil” and should not have happened. Omeish also misrepresented the Holocaust, Sears said.

Americans Warned to Avoid Judea and Samaria
US Embassy issues alert regarding possible Palestinian violence, even as Washington seems to lay all the blame on Jews. American citizens living in Israel received on Monday night an urgent email alert from the embassy in Jerusalem to avoid travel to Judea and Samaria,

To combat terrorism, Israel needs to apply sovereignty in Judea and Samaria
The operation in Hawara and the other marauders’ towns must be carried out by the government and its various branches, rather than leaving the task to the Jewish residents who are subjected daily to the terror of stones, gunfire and fire bombs. The government must also lead settlement activity with strength, resolve and steadfast national pride.

Russia recruiting Palestinians in Lebanon to fight against Ukraine
Palestinian refugees from Lebanon are being paid by Russia to enlist in their army, according to a report released on Tuesday by The Media Line. A Lebanese government official said the recruitment efforts are reportedly being conducted by affiliates of the Palestinian Embassy in Lebanon. Hezbollah, the Lebanon-based Iranian proxy terrorist group, may reportedly be involved in the recruitment efforts as well,

Will future computers run on human brain cells?
A “biocomputer” powered by human brain cells could be developed within our lifetime, according to Johns Hopkins University researchers who expect such technology to exponentially expand the capabilities of modern computing and create novel fields of study. The team outlines their plan for “organoid intelligence” today in the journal Frontiers in Science. “Computing and artificial intelligence have been driving the technology revolution but they are reaching a ceiling,

Transgender hormones linked to ‘substantially’ higher risk of heart attack, stroke: study
A study released this month shows that the use of cross-sex hormones among gender-confused individuals leads to “substantially increased risk” of serious cardiac issues, including heart attacks and strokes. The research, presented at a conference of the American College of Cardiology, found that “people with gender dysphoria taking hormone replacements as part of gender affirmation therapy [sic] face a substantially increased risk of serious cardiac events, including stroke, heart attack and pulmonary embolism.”

Epstein-linked Clinton aide’s suspicious death ruled suicide despite being tied to tree, shot in chest
No gun was found at the scene of the former Clinton aide’s death. But his death now has been determined to be a suicide, according to a report assembled by the Daily Mail.

VILE: Paris Hilton says she has frozen 20 boys via IVF as she waits for a girl
The process begat at least 20 human lives – all of them male according to Hilton – one of whom was born via surrogate last month. Despite having gone through the process seven times and having many unborn children in a frozen state, Hilton said she just went through the process again … .

GOP reps press Biden DHS on plan to contain northern border crisis
More than a dozen Republican lawmakers pressed Department of Homeland (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas Tuesday, urging him to act on the crisis at the northern border, according to a letter exclusively obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation. The U.S.-Canadian border’s Swanton sector, which covers parts of New York and Vermont, has recently seen a nearly 900% increase in migrant encounters.

Another powerful western system will bring heavy snow to low elevations across the West, with blizzard conditions in the Sierra Nevada mountains, U.S. 
Heavy snow predicted for low elevations and blizzard conditions in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The Upper Midwest is also set to see heavy snowfall from a clipper system, while the Northeast is expected to experience heavy snow from a system moving through the area. Southern and interior Alaska will also face heavy snow and blizzard conditions from two powerful systems.

Severe Tropical Cyclone “Judy” – Red Alert in effect for Penama, Malampa, Shefa, and Tafea provinces, Vanuatu
Category 3 – Severe Tropical Cyclone “Judy” is expected to bring destructive winds and heavy rainfalls to Vanuatu’s central and southern islands.

Future Americans Will Be “Prisoners Of The State” Living In “Open Air Jails”}
…Ostensibly the reason that the WEF has been pushing the 15 minute city idea is to bring us back to those smaller self sufficient groupings of families, or the so-called “it takes a village” concept.  On the simplest surface level that might seem to be a good option; go back to what works best.  But things are not what they seem.

‘I Couldn’t Be A Christian And A Teacher‘: School Teacher Fired For Resisting Trans Agenda 
A California high school gym teacher has been fired from the Jurupa Unified School district because of her religious beliefs on gender identity.

The Absence Of The Rapture—And Related Topics—From Our Churches Today, Is A Great Tragedy!
I recently read a passionate article by Jonathan Brentner on the divorce of Rapture theology from the gospel and from pulpits. I so resonated with the main points he made. The absence of this topic—and related topics—from our churches today, is a great tragedy!

The ‘Jesus Revolution’ Movie And All The Other Current Media Promotions Of This ‘Another Jesus’ Are Paving The Way For Acceptance Of LGBTQIA In Churches}
If you’ve been paying attention to all the various moving parts of the current ‘Jesus Revolution’ movie craze, you will find 2 themes that pop up constantly into all the various elements like the Asbury Revival, the ‘He Gets Us’ commercials, and all the rest. The first thing you’ll notice is that it preaches a gospel based on experience and emotions instead of the sound preaching of Paul’s gospel. The second thing you find is that the whole movement is working itself toward the acceptance and inclusion of LGBTQIA+ people in the Church. That’s the goal, that’s the end game, and if you are not on board, you’re the enemy.

Ransomware Attack On Food Giant Dole Temporarily Shuttered US Production
Dole Food is one of the world’s largest producers and distributors of fresh fruits and vegetables. An alarming report reveals the company temporarily shuttered all operations across North America after a cyberattack earlier this month.

Climate “scientists” push for society-wide food rationing to fix global warming 
New research from the University of Leeds proposes “World War II-style rationing” as a solution to the made-up “problem” of “carbon emissions.”

Toxic wastewater from East Palestine dumped in Texas; locals furious
Millions of gallons of toxic wastewater from the firefighting efforts in East Palestine, Ohio, are on their way to Texas for burial in wells owned by Texas Molecular.

‘We’re dying slowly’ – East Palestine residents complain of worsening health problems despite being given the ‘all clear’ by Biden regime
The residents of the small town of East Palestine, Ohio, which is unquestionably Trump Country, are increasingly complaining of worsening health issues following a massive chemical spill and burn-off after a train derailed there on Feb. 3.

Some US states want to bring back child labor instead of giving adult workers better pay
…some states are finding ways to undercut the working class. One method, as Business Insider reports, is for the US to start allowing children aged 14-17 into the workforce. The federal government has said this practice is already increasing in an illicit fashion, too.

As Public Trust Wanes, FDA Pledges to ‘Save Lives’ by Policing Online Content
Since U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Dr. Robert Califf began his second tenure as the agency’s head in February 2022, he has made combating “misinformation” one of his top priorities, arguing it is “a leading cause of preventable death in America now” — though “this cannot be proved,” he said.

Terra Forming Terra: Birth Rates Plunge in Heavily Vaccinated Countries
I have been looking for real data regarding birth rates, and at this point, they are been deliberately been withheld.  so far we have a quarter drop in birth rates with no effort to determine yet what is going on.

Some US Troops Will Still Have to Get COVID-19 Vaccine, Pentagon Says After Mandate Ends
Certain U.S. troops will still be mandated to receive COVID-19 vaccines, the Department of Defense (DoD) said in a recent memorandum. Troops who are deployed to countries that require COVID-19 vaccination must satisfy the requirements, Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks said in the Feb. 24 document.

Energy Suppliers Must Uninstall Wrongly Forced Prepayment “Smart” Meters, Pay Compensation Now to Victims
…The watchdog is examining the prepayment meter market after it emerged that suppliers were routinely fitting thousands of meters to recover debts by using court warrants to gain entry into people’s homes, including those of vulnerable people.

The WHO pandemic treaty is a constitutional nightmare that risks America’s sovereignty
The nefarious treaty — negotiated by Biden through ‘executive agreement’ — would forfeit the sovereignty of both the federal government and the states in violation of the Constitution.

Arizona police, DEA seize huge quantity of opioid, other drugs in bust targeting powerful Sinaloa cartel
A joint investigation between Tempe, Arizona, police and the Drug Enforcement Administration targeting the Mexican Sinaloa drug cartel has culminated in 150 individuals charged and the seizure of millions of deadly fentanyl pills.

Vermont Girls Basketball Team Forfeits State Tournament Game Due To Trans Player On Opposing Team 
A Christian girl’s basketball team in Vermont recently withdrew from Vermont’s division IV basketball tournament due to a transgender (biological male) being on the opposing team.