2 Feb 2023

Stunner: Bishop calls cops because Christian man holds biblical beliefs!
A bishop in the Church of England has called police and reported a member to police. Because the member holds biblical beliefs! It is Decision Magazine that has documented the situation involving the attack, from the Anglican bishop of Coventry, England, on church member Sam Margrave. His offense that was a triggering event for the bishop was when he, as a lay member of the Church of England’s governing general synod, proposed last year a debate on the issue the LGBT agenda.

Hours after rocket fire: IDF attacks Gaza targets, sirens again sound in the south
Sirens sounded in Sderot, Ibim and Nir Am overnight Wednesday, shortly after 2:30 a.m. The IDF said the details are under investigation. The sirens went off as the IDF was striking targets in the Gaza Strip in retaliation to the rocket fire on southern Israel earlier in the day.

Israel targeting Iranian arms flow to Ukraine, Netanyahu tells CNN
“Israel… acts in ways that I will not itemize here against Iran’s weapons productions, which are used against Ukraine,” Netanyahu said.

Seven killed in airstrike on truck convoy in eastern Syria
Of the 25 trucks in the convoy, six were destroyed, the Saudi outlet reported, citing the U.K.-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR). The drivers were all non-Syrian nationals, according to the report. “The trucks were transporting Iranian weapons,” according to Al-Arabiya, which cited SOHR chief Rami Abdel Rahman.

Chad to open embassy in Israel, Mossad played central role
The central African republic of Chad is set to open an embassy in Israel Thursday, four years after Chad and Israel agreed to restore diplomatic relations.

Machine learning spots 8 potential technosignatures
Scientists … have used a new machine-learning technique to discover eight previously undetected “signals of interest” from around five nearby stars. The team applied an algorithm to previously studied data collected by the Green Bank Telescope in West Virginia … for signs of technologically advanced life.

Israel’s Supreme Court vs Aryeh Deri: The mother of all showdowns
A showdown consists of two opposing sides, both competing for the win. It is defined as a confrontation intended to settle a dispute, and this is exactly what is happening right now in Israel.

FIRST WOMAN PRESIDENT? Eyeing history, Nikki Haley will announce her run for GOP presidential nomination on Feb. 15
But running so low in the polls, is the former governor and UN ambassador actually positioning herself to become VP?

What do Right-Wing US Evangelicals and Right-Wing Israeli Religious Jews have in common?
In recent years, Israel’s greatest support has come from a source that would have previously been considered unlikely; devout Christians. While the alliance might seem incongruous at first glance, right-wing religious Israelis are finding much common political ground with right-wing religious Americans. And at least one Texas Pastor believes this friendship is Biblically based.

China clones 3 “super cows” that can produce 54 tons of milk a year; plans herd of 1,000
China has claimed to have successfully cloned three “super cows” that are larger and produce more milk than common cows. Lead scientist Jin Yaping told Chinese outlet Global Times that the plan now is to concentrate cloned super cows into a herd that can help break China’s reliance on cattle imported from other countries. “We plan to take two to three years to build up a herd comprised of over 1,000 super cows

Putin threatened missile strike on UK before Ukraine war, Boris Johnson says
Vladimir Putin threatened to direct a Russian missile strike at Britain in the leadup to his invasion of Ukraine, Boris Johnson said in a new hair-raising disclosure. In an interview with the BBC, Johnson, who was serving as British prime minister when Russia invaded its neighbor, recalled Putin telling him: “Boris, I don’t want to hurt you, but with a missile it would only take a minute.”

Incoming Republican says vaccine mandates are not ‘like’ slavery; they are slavery
Hudson said both vaccine mandates and slavery are circumstances where one individual claims ownership over the life of another.

Marine recruiters try to get members booted over vax mandate to rejoin
Marine Corps recruiters are sending out texts to former members who left active or reserve duty over the COVID-19 vaccine mandate asking if they would like to rejoin now that the secretary of defense has overturned the mandate, screenshots of the texts obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation show. “No direct authorization was given for these messages,” Jim Edwards, deputy director of communications at Marine Corps Recruiting Command, told the DCNF. “It was individual Marines taking initiative to share information that former Marines may not have been aware of.”

McCarthy finds way to kick Rep. Ilhan Omar off sensitive Foreign Affairs Committee
Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-LA), the top House Republican under McCarthy, told Axios that Republicans have the votes for Omar’s removal. Republicans are planning to vote on the resolution as soon as Thursday,

Concordia station records Antarctica’s lowest January temperature on record 
The temperature at Concordia weather station in Antarctica dropped to -51.2 °C (-60.1 °F) at 18:18 UTC on January 31, 2023, marking the lowest January temperature in Antarctica since meteorological observations there started in 1956.

Large fireball explodes over Krasnoyarsk, Russia 
A large fireball exploded over Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, Russia at 13:03 UTC (20:03 LT) on January 31, 2023.

Europe had 782 tornados in 2022, causing 6 fatalities and 84 injuries 
In 2022, there were 782 tornadoes reported in Europe, causing 6 fatalities and 84 injuries.

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu To Meet With Emmanuel Macron In Paris Thursday To Discuss Ways To Expand And Accelerate The Abraham Accords
Ah yes, hello 2023, let’s get this end times party started, and what better way to do that than to have some prophetically delicious closed-door meetings between our candidate for the biblical Man of Sin, Emmanuel Macron, with the leader of the nation of Israel and the Jewish people, Benjamin Netanyahu. During that meeting, the duo will discuss stopping the threat of Iran and nuclear missiles, and how best to expand and accelerate the Abraham Accords. Bullseye.

Pro-vaccine fanaticism is an infectious disease itself 
A key way the Democrats are installing communism in America is by dividing the country so major swaths of citizens hate each other to the point they want all the others to die.

MARSCHALL: American Cities Continue to Burn as Liberals Continue to Deny Antifa’s Existence
This month’s violence in Atlanta, a reported “night of rage,” is the latest proof that Antifa is real. But don’t tell liberals that. They consider themselves too smart to believe that Antifa exists – almost how atheists think themselves too clever to believe in God.

Climate scientists baffled as to why Antarctica has not warmed in 70 years despite rising CO2 levels 
Despite consistent rises in carbon dioxide output globally the Antarctic region has recorded no average rise in temperatures in the last 70 years and in 2021 saw its coldest 6-month winter since records began in the 1950s.

This Tells You All You Need to Know: Satanic Temple Announces Launch of Clinic to Provide “Religious Abortions” in New Mexico
The Satanic Temple joined Democrats in their battle against the Supreme Court’s 2022 ruling on Roe v. Wade. The Satanic Temple released a statement following the ruling on their plans to fight in court for the right to “religious abortion.”

“It’s The Perfect Storm”: More Americans Can’t Afford Their Car Payments Than During The Peak Of Financial Crisis
For over a year, we have been dutifully tracking several key datasets within the auto sector to find the critical inflection point in this perhaps most leading of economic indicators which will presage not only a crushing auto loan crisis, but also signal the arrival of a full-blown recession, one which even the NBER won’t be able to ignore, as the US consumers are once again tapped out. A month ago we said that in our view “that moment has now arrived”; the latest data from Fitch confirms as much.

Consumer spending PLUMMETS as Americans lose access to cheap credit
The days of abundance are ending in the United States as consumer spending falters due to rising interest rates, persistent supply chain problems, and ongoing inflationary pressures.

Pentagon top brass want to send F-16 FIGHTER JETS to Ukraine in bid to crush Putin 
Pentagon officials want to send F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine to fight Putin, after Volodymyr Zelensky’s army secured tanks from Germany and the US.

Exclusive — Pompeo on War with China: ‘Our Military Should Get Ready’
Mike Pompeo, secretary of state and CIA director during the Trump administration, told Sirius XM’s Breitbart News Saturday in an exclusive interview on Saturday he supported the point a U.S. military general made in a recent memo that the U.S. needs to be prepared for war with China.

Exclusive – Lt. Col. Daniel Davis Warns of Nuclear War: U.S. Has ‘No Plan’ in Ukraine, This Is Not a ‘Video Game’
Providing new tanks to Ukraine won’t change the reality on the ground of the current conflict with Russia, according to retired Army Lt. Col. Daniel L. Davis, who claimed the United States has “no plan” or strategy and warned of the real-world danger of invoking NATO’s “mutual defense” clause, which would trigger a nuclear war.