28 Jan 2023

Russia sends drug addicts to war to up mobilization numbers
“The information about the massive mobilization of drug addicts was confirmed by one of the Russian soldiers who surrendered to the Resistance Movement,” the Center reported. “According to him, he was not cured of addiction and continued to use drugs while fighting in Zaporizhzhia. The man took the drugs with him as medicine.”

Russia blocks CIA, FBI websites for ‘spreading false information’ – TASS
Russia’s communications regulator Roskomnadzor said on Friday it had blocked the websites of the CIA and FBI, accusing the two US government agencies of spreading false information, the TASS news agency reported. “Roskomnadzor has restricted access to a number of resources belonging to state structures of hostile countries for disseminating material aimed at destabilizing the social and political situation in Russia,” Roskomnadzor said in a statement carried by Russian news agencies.

Russia is building concentration camps, Polish PM claims
Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki accused Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday, International Holocaust Remembrance Day, of building “camps” for the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Morawiecki posted on Facebook, “On the anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi German death camp Auschwitz-Birkenau, let us remember that to the east Putin is building new camps.”

Pfizer CEO Bourla confronted at WEF conference, refuses to answer questions by Rebel News reporters
The reporters questions included: When did you know that the vaccines didn’t stop transmission? How long did you know that without saying it publicly? Why did you keep it a secret that your vaccine did not stop transmission? You said it was 100% effective then 90% and 80%, then 70%, but now we know that vaccines do not stop transmission. Why did you keep that a secret? Is it time to apologize to the world? Etc., Etc.

BREAKING NEWS: 7 Israelis shot dead in Jerusalem terrorist attack tonight, others seriously wounded
At least seven people were killed in a terror attack in the Neve Yaakov neighborhood in Jerusalem on Friday evening. Neve Yaakov is located is the northern section of Jerusalem. Israeli police killed the terrorist.

.These two Republicans are standing with Omar in push to stay on Foreign Affairs Committee
Republican representatives Nancy Mace (S.C.) and Victoria Spartz (Ind.) say they will buck their party to vote in favor of keeping anti-Israel Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar (Minn.) on the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Mace and Spartz are defending Omar as she faces a vote next week meant to eject her from the powerful Foreign Affairs Committee. Omar’s place on the committee has irked Republican leaders due to her repeated anti-Semitic statements and fierce advocacy against Israel.

Dangerous arctic blast to send coldest air of 2023 across northern US
The FOX Forecast Center said an Alberta Clipper will cause temperatures to plummet to more than 20 degrees below average for the northern Plains and Upper Midwest, and with wind chills well below zero, frostbite can start in minutes.

Severe winter storm causes disruptions and loss of life in Japan
Severe weather continues to impact Japan since Tuesday, January 24, 2023, bringing with it heavy sea-effect snow and temperatures not seen in a decade. The storm broke numerous wind, snow and temperature records across the country.

Regional emergency declared in eight states due to gasoline, diesel and jet fuel shortages 
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has declared a regional emergency in eight states due to a shortage of gasoline, diesel and jet fuel caused by the combination of low production and high demand.

Government report: Unemployment fraud may top $60 billion during pandemic
A U.S. government report released Monday estimates that there could have been more than $60 billion in unemployment insurance fraud during the pandemic.

Scientists pressuring FDA to approve use of bioengineered animal organs in human transplants 
Startups in the field of bioengineering are attempting to get the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to approve trials involving transplanting animal organs into humans.

Netherlands to shut down Europe’s largest gas field even as energy crisis worsens
Europe has not been this short on energy supplies for decades, but thanks to a series of self-inflicted, politically motivated decisions, the continent is now on the brink of total economic collapse for want of more energy.

Germany ‘at war’ with Russia 
Arguing in favor of sending tanks to Kiev, German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock said EU countries were fighting a war against Russia. US and EU officials have previously gone out of their way to claim they were not a party to the conflict in Ukraine.

CHARLIE KIRK: Attention, World Citizens– The Role of God Will Now Be Played by the Men in Davos
…There was only one God, and look at all He was able to accomplish. Imagine the power of a group of self-declared gods in the 21st Century. They have all of man’s accumulated knowledge and cutting-edge technology at their disposal. God’s tools were primitive when compared to theirs.

‘Pure Evil’ — Tony Blair Calls for Digital Vaccine Tracking at Davos
Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair said that global “digital infrastructures” are needed to monitor who is vaccinated as he predicted a “slew” of new vaccines to be introduced to the world in the next few years.

NYT Lauds ‘Benefits’ of China’s Strict Censorship, Mass Surveillance
Raising children in Communist China with strict censorship laws can provide “benefits” such as “kid-friendly internet,” while mass surveillance offers “its own kind of freedom,” according to a recent New York Times piece that boasts of children being “co-parented” by the authoritarian Chinese government.

U.S. raises ‘grave concerns’ over Mexico’s anti-GMO farm policies
…Washington’s concerns center on the Mexican president’s push to ban so-called biotech corn, or varieties developed with genetically modified organisms (GMOs), from entering Mexico if it is destined for human consumption. The United States accounts for most of Mexican corn imports.

ChatGPT can pass the United States Medical Licensing Exam and the Bar Exam
ChatGPT – a recently released AI with the uncanny ability to mimic human writing – has passed some of America’s most challenging professional exams, studies have shown, raising concerns it could soon put many white collar workers out of a job.

U.S. will supply M1 tanks to Ukraine; Germany approves Leopards
The Biden administration announced Wednesday that it will send 31 of its premier battle tanks to Ukraine, following agreement with Germany for the delivery of scores of its Leopard 2 tanks from across Europe. The decisions end months of debate among Western allies and pave the way for a major shift in the balance of power on the Ukrainian battlefield.

Ex-FBI agent arrested over links to Russian oligarch 
A former FBI official has been arrested over his ties to a Russian oligarch charged with violating US sanctions.

NZ’s new Bill is designed to restrict Natural Products & unleash Biotech and Synthetic Foods 
The New Zealand government’s regulation of therapeutic products will not work at all – it is designed to unleash a tsunami of biotechnology and synthetic food.

BREAKING: Secret Australian Government Reports prove COVID Vaccination has caused a shocking 5162% increase in Excess Deaths compared to the year 2020
The year 2021 was one of hope and promise for Australia, as the world began to recover from the devastating effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. And if it were not for a monumental cover-up by the Government of Australia, that hope would have been quickly shattered.

California’s COVID-19 Gag Law Is ‘First Effort to Suppress’ Doctors: Lawyer
California’s controversial COVID-19 misinformation law, which bars doctors from providing “misinformation” or “disinformation” related to COVID-19, is an unprecedented effort by those in power to block doctors from sharing their views on COVID-19 topics, including on vaccines, with their patients, an attorney says. And lawmakers had pivoted the initial bill from its true, intended purpose to be able to pass it.