18 Jan 2023

Models Adjusting to New Weather Pattern; Suggest Nor’Easter Snow Event Next Week
While extended guidance has suggested all along that a pattern change would result in very different weather in the eastern U.S. come February, computer forecast models like the American GFS and European ECMWF suggest a change may arrive as soon as on/around January 23 resulting in snow to the East.

Earthquakes Increase from 60/Week to 600/Week on Hawaii Island
According to scientists with USGS’s Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (HVO), earthquake activity has increased from about 60 earthquakes per week to now 600 over the last five years near the town of Pahala. Tucked between Mauna Loa and Kilauea volcanoes, Pahala is a small community with roots as a former sugar plantation. With a population of only about 1,400, residents often feel the earthquakes beneath their feet -often several times per day.

Man Walking Through The Mall of America Wearing A ‘Jesus Is The Only Way’ Shirt Was Stopped By Security Guard And Ordered To Remove It
A man inside the Mall of America last week was ordered by security guards to remove his T-shirt that read ‘Jesus is the only way’ in a viral confrontation that has sparked online outrage.
“Jesus is associated with religion and it’s offending people,” one of the guards tells the man in the video from the Jan. 7 incident.

Swiss MP At Davos: Change Living Environments To Force The Public To Follow Climate Goals
Swiss MP Bastien Girod painted a vision of the near future in which governments change the nature of how population is organized. The grand idea? To focus people into tightly controlled cities designed around carbon controls and where cars are illegal for individuals to own. And, to establish penalties for businesses that do not conform to bureaucratic climate change policies.

Jes Staley ‘Personally Observed’ Sexual Abuse By Epstein, Victim Claims
A woman suing JPMorgan for facilitating Jeffery Epstein’s abuse says that former Barclays CEO Jes Staley “personally observed” the abuse while he was serving as JPM’s head of private wealth.

New Record-Breaking Gigantic Rogue Wave Was Just Confirmed
The wave rolled through the coast of British Columbia back in 2020. However, an in-depth comparative analysis of all rogue waves ever recorded was just recently published. The research paper confirms that the 57-foot wave is the largest one in history. The wave was reported more than 4 miles offshore.

National Hurricane Center issues rare January tropical weather outlook
It’s rare for an Atlantic storm to develop in January. Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1 to Nov. 30. The most recent January hurricane was Alex in 2016, which reached Category 1 strength. Alex made landfall as a tropical storm in Portugal’s Azores islands.

Russia to Boost Troops in West, Expanding Army to 1.5 Million People
Russia will create new commands near Europe as it expands its military to 1.5 million people amid deepening tensions with the US and its allies over the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Democrats Display Just How Far Their Underlying Beliefs Are From Biblical Morality & Basic Decency
Last week, House Republicans used their new majority to pass the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, legislation that would require health care practitioners to provide the same life-saving medical care to babies born alive after surviving an abortion as they would any other baby born at the same gestational age. This represents the first time the House has voted in favor of providing protections for unborn children since 2018.

Judge Rules In Favor Of Christian Colleges In Lawsuit Aimed At Defunding Schools That Hold To Biblical Morality
Christian colleges and universities may continue receiving federal student grants and loans, following a federal judge’s order Jan. 12 in a lawsuit aimed at defunding colleges that follow Biblical teaching about gender and sexuality.

Dozens of FBI whistleblowers warn about politicized agency, Rep. Jordan says
Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), the new chair of the House Judiciary Committee, said dozens of whistleblowers from the FBI have come forward to the committee to reveal how the bureau has become politicized. “This is crazy stuff. We had now dozens of whistleblowers from the FBI come to us, FBI agents, come to us and tell us just how political things are at that particular agency,” Jordan said in an interview with Fox Business on Wednesday.

US military records 247 UFO since March 2021; reported encounters increasing
In a year and a half, the U.S. military recorded more than 247 sightings of what they call unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) and what many more call unidentified flying objects or UFOs. The 247 sightings in that span of time indicate that reported UFO encounters are increasing.

Prostitutes gather at World Economic Forum for global elites
Sex workers are standing ready to receive hundreds of top world leaders gathering in the Swiss Alps for the annual World Economic Forum meeting this week. Various reports in recent days have shed light on how the world’s oldest profession is serving global elites at the meeting in the resort town of Davos, Switzerland, where prostitution is legal. The WEF meets every year in Davos to consider new policies to manage the global economy.

Microsoft to lay off 11,000 employees
Microsoft is preparing to axe thousands of jobs in the latest move by one of the world’s biggest technology companies to reduce its workforce in the face of a slowing global economy, Sky News reported on Tuesday. The US software giant could announce plans to cull a significant number of posts around the world within a matter of days, the report said.

A ‘sea of blood’: Iran reveals its new military doctrine
In a recent lengthy interview, the deputy commander of the Iranian Army for Training Affairs Brigadier General Alireza Sheikh discussed how Iran’s regime views its military doctrine. This is important because Iran is constantly focusing on training and conducting drills. In the last two weeks, for instance, Iran has conducted two types of drills, one focusing on the IRGC navy, and another larger army exercise.

Davos 2023: What you need to know about the WEF on Tuesday
The first day of official programming at the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) annual meeting kicked off on Tuesday with bold declarations by Europe and China in attempts to bolster their positions in the world. The European Union will counter the U.S.’s game-changing Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), described in Davos as the most significant climate legislation since the 2015 Paris Agreement, with its own green deal.

Peace: A Dictatorial and Deceptive Word
On the one hand, peace can mean “mutual harmony” between parties. On the other, it can mean “the absence of violence maintained by deterrence.” Vastly different sets of conditions make for the feasibility of these different kinds of peace. For over a decade, I have warned repeatedly that, by its innate reticence to engage in a decisive large-scale offensive against its despotic adversaries, Israel is continually backing away from conflicts that it can win, while risking backing itself into a conflict that it cannot win or can win only at ruinous cost.

Foxes on Mount Zion bring biblical book of Lamentations to life
A rare sighting of a fox running across Mount Zion conjured up images described in the Book of Lamentations Tuesday morning. Jewish tradition teaches that the appearance of foxes on the Temple Mount is proof that the Third Temple shall be built.

Rare January disturbance/subtropical storm forms in the NW Atlantic Ocean
A rare January disturbance/subtropical storm formed in the NW Atlantic Ocean on January 16, 2023. The system was designated by the NHC as Invest 90L.

Significant flooding risks in Queensland’s Central Coast, Australia
Heavy rainfall and flooding continue to impact Queensland’s Central Coast. A Severe Weather Warning is current for heavy to locally intense rainfall between Ayr and St Lawrence, and adjacent inland areas, including Mackay, Proserpine and Bowen. Many catchments in northern and central Queensland are experiencing minor to major flooding, and dangerous flash flooding remains possible.

Massive flooding continues in the Philippines — 29 people dead and 1.4 million affected 
Heavy rains continue to cause massive flooding in various parts of the Philippines, leaving 29 people dead and affecting around 1.4 million people in 1 956 villages across 48 provinces.

Iowa hit by first January tornadoes in 56 years, U.S. 
On January 16, 2023, Iowa experienced a rare meteorological event as two tornadoes touched down in the eastern part of the state, marking the first January tornadoes in Iowa in 56 years. According to the National Weather Service (NWS), the last time Iowa saw January tornadoes was in 1967 — with a total of 13 tornadoes during the month. While tornadoes are a relatively common occurrence in Iowa, with peak season typically taking place in May, January tornadoes are a rare phenomenon.

Man Walking Through The Mall of America Wearing A ‘Jesus Is The Only Way’ Shirt Was Stopped By Security Guard And Ordered To Remove It 
For the past 32 years, I have worn my various ‘witness wear’ Jesus shirts just about everywhere I have gone, and let me assure you, theses shirts have made and do make some bold statements. But never one time, not in NJ, NY, CO, or Florida have any of these shirts ever caused a fight or a negative incident of any kind. Oftentimes they’ve led to some pretty good witnessing conversations with the people I passed. This was not the case at the so-called Mall of America the other day where street preachers are not welcome.

‘It’s a Fact’ – Ukrainian Govt Declares Country Is ‘De Facto’ NATO Member
Ukraine’s defence minister has told Western media is a “de facto” NATO member and expects substantial Western weapons shipments shortly.

The Quantum Apocalypse is ‘just YEARS away’, experts say
A ‘Quantum Apocalypse’ could tear open everything from internet banking to government secrets — and experts warn it’s just years away.

USDA Reveals US Corn-Harvested Acres At 2008 Levels Amid Megadrought 
Last year was a bad year for corn — the latest US Department of Agriculture (USDA) report shows drought conditions and extreme weather wreaked havoc on croplands. USDA unexpectedly slashed its outlook for domestic corn production amid a severe drought across the western farm belt. Farmers in Nebraska, Kansas, and Texas were forced to abandon drought-plagued fields.

WOKE FAIL: Mars unveils “all-female” M&Ms to celebrate the two flavors of women they prioritize: lesbian and fat
For a limited time, junk food connoisseurs can purchase “all-female” M&Ms in three colors: green and brown, which represent lesbians and LGBT, and purple, which represents obesity.

The Mainstream Media Admits That We Are Facing “The Worst Food Crisis In Modern History”
People on the other side of the planet are dropping dead from starvation right now, but most people don’t even realize that this is happening.  Unfortunately, most people just assume that everything is fine and dandy.  If you are one of those people that believe that everything is just wonderful, I would encourage you to pay close attention to the details that I am about to share with you.  Global hunger is rapidly spreading, and that is because global food supplies have been getting tighter and tighter.  If current trends continue, we could potentially be facing a nightmare scenario before this calendar year is over.

World War Three already started
Much talked about as a possibility, World War Three has already started, said Gerald Celente. The flash points, provoked by the West, will keep escalating until nuclear weapons are used. The United States President Joe Biden is building it up until eventually global thermal nuclear war erupts. And the Western media is salivating for the awaiting moment as publications such as the Business Insider acclimate the public into war, noting:

WEF’s last ‘Climate Crisisabandon drought-plagued fields’ caused its new ‘Cost-of-Living Crisis’ 
Not that the unaccountable Davos elitists would ever cop to it, but their putting pressure to rely on ESG (environmental, social governance) standards for investment is directly responsible for what they claim to be the newest crisis for 2023 – the cost-of-living.

BREAKING: NHS Director confirms Hospitals lied about Cause of Death to create illusion of Covid Pandemic
Before covid, four types of pneumonia added together were the highest cause of death in the UK.  In a newly implemented Medical Examiner System to certify deaths, the Medical Examiner was certifying all types of pneumonia deaths as covid-19 deaths, a former Director of End-of-Life Care has said.

Fauci Lied; Children Died: Secret CDC Report confirms nearly 120k Youngsters ‘Died Suddenly’ in the USA by Oct. 2022 following roll-out of COVID Vaccines
…little did the public know, the truth about the Covid vaccine’s safety had been buried deep within Fauci’s own lies and deceit and confidential U.S. Government and Pfizer documents. Fauci used propaganda, lies and manipulation to coerce parents into getting their children vaccinated.