17 Jan 2023

Netanyahu predicts massive increase in Western Aliyah
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told cabinet ministers that Israel will experience a massive increase in Aliyah (immigration) from Western countries, including the U.S. Netanyahu said that Israel’s future entry into the U.S. Visa Waiver Program, combined with Israel’s strengthening economy, will attract more Jewish American immigrants. “Israel’s economy is getting stronger; we will outpace the United States, and we have already outpaced Europe,” Netanyahu said, in comments reported by Israel Hayom.

World Economic Forum Invents New Word To Describe The Extreme Chaos Gripping Our Planet
Protected by thousands of police officers and soldiers, the elite of the world will feast and party throughout the week as they shape the global agenda for the coming year. Needless to say, our input is not desired or welcomed. In order to get into this conference, you have got to be a part of their club, and in order to be a part of their club you must be a very important person. It is being reported that the official list of 2,658 attendees this year includes “heads of state, business royalty, actual royalty, media honchos, and academics”…

Ron Paul: Isn’t It Time For Adam Schiff To Be Expelled From Congress?
With each new release of the “Twitter Files” we learn more and more about the deep corruption in Washington. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), continuously pressuring Twitter to validate his fantasies of “Russian bots” manipulating US politics. Let’s not forget: Rep. Jim Trafficant was expelled from Congress for asking his staffers to wash his boat.

Meet the Green Energy Group Behind the Study That’s Driving Calls To Ban Gas Stoves
Rocky Mountain Institute partnered with China to implement ‘economy-wide transformation’ away from oil and gas Colorado-based nonprofit Rocky Mountain Institute, which published the December study that attributes 13 percent of U.S. childhood asthma cases to gas-stove use, is hardly staffed by an objective group of scientists.

China’s economy set to slow sharply in Q4, policymakers face post-pandemic test
China’s economy is expected to have slowed sharply in the fourth quarter due to stringent COVID curbs, dragging down 2022 growth to one of its worst in nearly half a century and raising pressure on policymakers to unveil more stimulus this year.

Ukraine’s Largest Jewish City Hit by Russian Missile
Russia launched an extensive missile attack on most of Ukraine’s provinces yesterday morning, and in the afternoon launched another barrage, in a move that could be seen as an act to escalate the war. Dnipro is Ukraine’s largest Jewish city, and the Jews who live there have been very badly affected.

Jewish Pennsylvania governor will be sworn in with historic Bible
Pennsylvania’s new governor, Jewish Democrat Josh Shapiro, will be sworn in on Tuesday using a Bible that previously belonged to a Jewish soldier fighting in World War II. The Bible was borrowed from the Weitzman National Museum of American Jewish History. It was owned by a young man named Herman Hershman from Philadelphia, KYW Newsradio reported. The holy book was published by the US Army in 1942 for Jewish soldiers, the museum said.

Russia produces first nuclear warheads for Poseidon super torpedo
Russia has produced the first set of Poseidon nuclear-capable super torpedoes that are being developed for deployment on the Belgorod nuclear submarine, TASS reported on Monday, citing an unidentified defence source. Since a grim New Year’s Eve message describing the West as Russia’s true enemy in the war on Ukraine, President Vladimir Putin has sent several signals that Russia will not back down.

Lasers could be used as lightning rods to protect critical infrastructure
A powerful laser that is pointed toward the sky can redirect lightning bolts away from infrastructure, such as airports and power stations, according to new research.
The laser could provide an alternative to the Franklin rod, a metal pole that intercepts lightning and redirects it toward the ground.

‘If the world abandons Israel, Netanyahu will bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities,’ says National Security Council chief
“We won’t wait until the sword is on our neck,” says Netanyahu, after head of Israel’s National Security Council claims PM is prepared to bomb Iran to prevent Tehran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

The Proof – of the World’s Antisemitism – Is in the Praying
A British politician’s visit to the Temple Mount, hosted by the anti-Israel Islamic Waqf, highlights the hypocrisy of the United Kingdom, the prejudice of the international community.

Israelis remain proud of identity, youth identify more as right-wing
“in all age groups, the percentage of respondents on the right has consistently risen over the years.” The poll noted a “significant overlap” between religious identity and political attitudes. In all religious groups a majority identified as right-wing,

Archaeologists discover 18th dynasty tomb in Egypt 
Egyptian authorities announced on Saturday the discovery of an ancient tomb in Egypt which could date back to 3,500 years ago.  The tomb was found in Luxor, near Egypt’s Valley of the Queens and Valley of the Kings, in a cooperative dig involving Egypt’s Ministry of State for Antiquities and archaeologists from the University of Cambridge.

Iran, West Bank violence and a restructured defense ministry faces new chief of staff
The new chief of staff of the Israel Defense Forces entered the army’s top role today inheriting some tough challenges facing the Jewish state, ranging from a nuclear Iran, rising violence in the West Bank and a newly structured government with an expanded defense ministry.

Deep M6.1 earthquake hits Bonin Islands region, Japan 

A deep earthquake registered by the JMA as M6.1 hit off the west coast of Ogasawara Islands, Japan at 04:49 UTC on January 16, 2023 (13:49 LT). The agency is reporting a depth of 400 km (248 miles). The USGS is reporting M6.3 at a depth of 405 km (252 miles).

Shallow M6.2 earthquake hits northern Sumatra, Indonesia
A strong and shallow earthquake registered by the BMKG and USGS as M6.2 hit northern Sumatra, Indonesia at 22:29 UTC on January 15, 2023 (05:30 LT, January 16). BMKG is reporting a depth of 23 km (14.3 miles) and USGS 37 km (23 miles).

LEO HOHMANN: Biden Signs On to “Declaration of North America” (DNA) with Canada and Mexico – Is the Planned North America Union Making a Comeback?
Joe Biden met last week in Mexico City with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador for the 10th North American Leaders’ Summit.

2-Year-Old Child Dies Suddenly One Day After Receiving Both the COVID Vaccine and Annual Flu Vaccine
A 2-year-old child died suddenly after receiving both the Covid vaccine and the annual flu vaccine, according to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), a national early warning system to detect possible safety problems in US-licensed vaccines, which is co-managed by the CDC and FDA.

Maine Community Votes Out School Board Members for Backing Policy to Hide Kids’ Gender Transitions
Residents of Paris, Maine, recalled two school board members on Tuesday who pushed a gender identity policy that would hide student gender transitions from parents, according to WGME News.

Abortions in Texas plummet nearly 99% months after Dobbs ruling
Abortions in Texas dramatically decreased in the months following the overturning of Roe v. Wade last June, according to recent state data. Only three abortions took place in Texas in August 2022, all of which were “medically necessary,” according to statistics from the Texas Health and Human Services Commission.

Unvaccinated military members still facing repercussions despite rescinded COVID-19 mandate
Despite the Department of Defense rescinding the COVID-19 vaccine mandate, unvaccinated military members are still facing repercussions, including denied benefits, ineligibility for promotion, being non-deployable, and potentially diminished employment prospects for those already discharged.

Morris: NY Gov Hochul Targets Cigarette Smokers for No Apparent Reason
New York Governor Kathy Hochul (D) is ramping up the state’s crusade against cigarette smokers — taking a sin tax position that speaks to the executive’s pattern of haphazard decision-making and penchant for casual tyranny.

Temporary Morgues are Being Built Across UK Due to Unprecedented Increase in Excess Deaths
The unprecedented increase in deaths has prompted the construction of temporary morgues in various locations throughout the UK, including tourist hotspots and airports.

MUST WATCH: New biological male owner of Miss Universe gives bizarre speech about ‘women’s empowerment’
Miss Universe 2023 kicked off in New Orleans, with more than 84 contestsants from around the world gathering to compete for the title. Miss Ukraine came costumed as a “Warrior of Light,” Miss Switzerland dressed up like chocolate, but the real stunner was owner of the Miss Unvierse beauty pageant Anne Jakrajutatip, a trans-identified biological male.

Biden’s ATF Bans MILLIONS OF GUNS With New Rule And Gun Owners Could Face TEN YEARS IN PRISON For Refusing To Comply
The tyrannical Biden Regime remains determined not to let the U.S. Constitution stop its war on law-abiding gun owners. Not satisfied with last year’s gun control victory, thanks to Republican sell-outs, the Regime’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) unveiled a rule which will criminalize millions of law-abiding gun owners.

University that housed Biden center pressed to end FBI China spy probe after big Beijing donations
The University of Pennsylvania, the Ivy League institution which collected tens of millions of dollars from China while paying Joe Biden and hosting his foreign policy think tank, successfully pressured the Biden Justice Department to end an FBI counterespionage program targeting Beijing’s increasing influence within U.S. academia.

Chevron says it discovered ‘significant’ natural gas find off Egypt’s coast
US energy giant Chevron, which operates Israel’s Tamar and Leviathan gas fields off the Mediterranean coast, announced on Sunday that it made a “significant” new gas discovery in an Egyptian offshore field.

Scotland’s plan to implement 20-minute neighbourhoods nationwide
New measures proposed by the Scottish government in a recent document outline a war on carbon and a war on cars.  It includes a plan to implement restrictive 20-minute neighbourhoods so that the Government can deliver on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Biden Admin Calling on Illegals Aliens to Snitch on American Citizens in Exchange for Massive Reward

On Friday, the Department of Homeland Security announced an expedited deportation “relief” process for illegal immigrants who report their employers, according to the Post Millennial. To put it another way, illegal immigrants are to be rewarded for ratting out the American citizens who hire them.

Individual CO2 Limits Needed for Climate Change, Says German Scientist
An individual carbon dioxide limit should be applied to every person in order to establish a “planetary guardrail” in the effort to combat allegedly man-made climate change, a leading German scientist has argued.

Corporates Have Begun ‘Geoengineering’ The Climate, With Basically No One’s Consent.
An American startup firm has admitted to releasing reactive particles into the atmosphere in an attempt to alter the climate. The move has attracted widespread criticism, and marks a potentially dangerous new stage in the intensifying response to Earth’s “climate crisis”.

Saudi cardiologist calls for suspension of mRNA injections because of cardiac harm concerns 
“I think [the mRNA vaccine] should be suspended until it is fully investigated,” Prof. Abdullah A. Alabdulgader said in a video message shared by Dr. Aseem Malhotra yesterday morning.

House creates Special Committee focused on China… 
The U.S. House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly on Tuesday to create a select committee on China, using one of its first votes since Republicans took control to stress members’ desire to counter Beijing’s growing international influence.

FOIA request forces CDC to release covid “vaccine” VAERS data – and it’s not pretty 
There is a reason why the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) desperately tried to hide covid “vaccine” data from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS): because it clearly shows that the injections are deadly and never should have been authorized or approved.

Pharma Insider Reveals Irrefutable Evidence of Conspiracy to Commit Mass Murder by the US DoD, HHS, and Pharma Cartel Via the COVID Injections in New In-Depth Presentation
In a new hour-plus-long presentation pharma industry insider Sasha Latypova lays out irrefutable evidence (with all the “receipts”) showing that the COVID-19 injections have been nothing more than a bioweapon unleashed on humanity. Latypova, who worked with 60 pharma companies from all over the world during her career (including Pfizer), also shows how the COVID injections have been entirely the product of the Department of Defense, and how the entire FDA regulatory process for the experimental substances has been a literal fraud.

Democrat Introduces Legislation to Make White People Criticizing Minorities a Federal Crime
It may be MLK Day, but Democrats aren’t here for all that “content of character” stuff. Rep. Shelia Jackson Lee, long in the running for being the vapidest member of Congress (oops, did I just commit a crime?), has introduced legislation that could make political criticism by white people against minorities a federal crime.

Once The Hotbed Of American Christianity, The YMCA In 2023 Has Become The Protector Of The Transgender And A Destroyer Of Biblical Womanhood
Last year, I read that great biography called ‘Moody’, written by his son William, recounting the incredible ministry of 19th-century American evangelist D.L. Moody. In that book, story after story is recounted describing Moody’s ‘training ground’ to prepare himself for the ministry, a then-new group called the Young Man’s Christian Association. The 19th-century YMCA was a hotbed of evangelical activity and bible studies combined with physical exercise. Don’t you wish the YMCA was still a place like that today? Well, it’s not.

“BBC is the Virus” – At Least 6 BBC Buildings Across UK Covered with Photos of People Who Died from COVID Vaccine 
The people have had enough. At least six BBC buildings across the UK were covered with placards and photos of people who died from the COVID vaccine.

Democrat New Jersey governor says new law will train kids to spot ‘disinformation’
Recent comments by New Jersey Democrat Gov. Phil Murphy set an ominous light on a new law requiring “information literacy” be taught in public schools.

Democrat New Jersey governor says new law will train kids to spot ‘disinformation’
Recent comments by New Jersey Democrat Gov. Phil Murphy set an ominous light on a new law requiring “information literacy” be taught in public schools.

EAT THE BUGS: Beetleburgers to Hit Mass Production to ‘Cut Costs of Traditional Farming’
Convincing the masses to eat bugs is gaining more momentum as the globalists and their media cohorts reach another milestone in replacing meat with insect protein, now it’s beetleburgers.