9 Jan 2023

Germany: Iranian arrested over plot to commit Islamist-motivated attack
German police have taken into custody a 32-year-old Iranian citizen suspected of having procured deadly poisons cyanide and ricin to commit an “Islamist-motivated” attack, authorities in western Germany said on Sunday, Germany has been hit by several terrorist attacks in recent years.

Finance Minister Smotrich announces reappropriation of PA funding
Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich announced the offset of funding transferred to the Palestinian Authority and its reappropriation to families of terror victims. “We promised to amend, and today we are amending. There is no bigger justice than offsetting. This is not condolence, but this is justice,” stated Smotrich.

Unholy Discrimination on the Temple Mount
This week, much of the world got uptight over the visit of a Jewish man to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Jordanian, Palestinian, and other Arab leaders and entities referred to it as the “storming of Al-Aksa” and “violating its sanctity.”

How Does Israel Interpret the Russian-Iranian Alliance?
Netanyahu’s return signals a realignment with the regime of Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom he described in his recently published book My Story as “smart, sophisticated and focused on one goal—returning Russia to its historical greatness.” All of these options are more or less plausible. in Israeli eyes, Tehran is allied with Moscow because both are in conflict with the U.S. for different reasons, and that fact is far more important than any ideological overlaps between them.

What Killed the Two-State Solution? Cheers and Cash for Terrorists
They still cling to the illusion that the phrase “two-state solution” is a magic formula that must be propped up despite the evidence of the last three decades that the Palestinians have no real interest in it.

People in biblical Levant paid in silver 3,600 years ago, study shows
The use of silver as a means of payment in the Levant began about 500 years earlier than previously thought, … a new joint study by the University of Haifa and the Hebrew University concluded that the use of silver as currency began in the region as much as 3,700 years ago in the Middle Bronze Age.

US returns looted artifact to the PA. Some experts question the decision
A looted Assyrian ivory cosmetic spoon dating back to some 2,700 years ago was handed over to the Palestinian Authority by the Manhattan District Attorney on Thursday. Some experts however expressed perplexity about the decision, calling it “political” rather than based on scientific reasons.

Poison candy’: Child exposures to edibles on the rise
Child ingestion of edible cannabis — and related poisonings — has risen sharply in recent years, in tandem with the increased legality of adult use. A study released Tuesday by the American Academy of Pediatrics examined 7,043 exposures among youth under age 6 from 2017-2021, with 207 cases reported in 2017. In 2021, there were 3,054 cases, a dramatic 1,375% increase. During that period, 13 more states legalized recreational use of marijuana, bringing the total to 21.

Media Blackout Over Terror Incident At Vegas Power Plant 
The US power grid is under attack as extremists shoot, sabotage, and vandalize electrical equipment at power stations.

11 Signs That The Economic “Tipping Point” That Everyone Has Been Waiting For Has Now Arrived
How bad do things have to get before people start realizing that we are in the midst of a full-blown economic crisis?  The “experts” on television are endlessly debating about whether or not we are going to have a “recession” this year, and meanwhile economic activity is imploding all around us.

10 Major Layoff Announcements That Have Already Happened So Far In 2023
This is my rebuttal to those in the federal government and elsewhere that are attempting to claim that the job market is in good shape.  No matter how many workers get laid off, the Bureau of Labor Statistics always seems to find a way to post a positive jobs number each month.

Parade of intense storms continues to batter California — rapid river rises, mudslides, and burn scar flash floods expected 
The continuous rounds of heavy rain on already saturated soils across California will likely lead to significant flooding, rapid river rises, mudslides, and flash floods or debris flows in burn scar areas. In addition, gusty winds may cause trees and power lines to fall. Travel in the mountains may also be hazardous due to heavy snowfall.

Four Corners becomes new lightning capital of the United States 
Four Corners, Florida has been crowned the new lightning capital of the United States, with a record-breaking 474 lightning events per square kilometer. The title was previously held by Flatonia, Texas, situated halfway between Houston and San Antonio.

Very strong and shallow M7.0 earthquake hits Vanuatu 
A very strong earthquake registered by the USGS as M7.0 hit Vanuatu at 12:32 UTC on January 8, 2023. The agency is reporting a depth of 27.7 km (17.2 miles). EMSC reports M7.0 at a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles).

Shortages In 2023 Will Be Worse Than Originally Reported!
Different readers have emailed within the last week-and-a-half informing us via commentary and images of the egg shortages we and others have been warning were coming, while citizens in New York City are facing unprecedented high grocery prices, as we see reports and video proof that guinea pigs are being sold in grocery stores and being roasted on the streets to be sold.

The America We Grew Up Is Already Gone – What Remains Is Some Sick, Perverted Leftist Version Of The Twilight Zone
I am showing my age here but seeing things happening today that the media and one political party insists is “normal,” when in the past the same things would be investigated by law enforcement, and/or parents would show up and beat the snot out of the offenders, makes one realize that so-called “diversity” being pushed in all aspects of life, is just another way to destroy this once-great nation.

NEW: Vandals Deface Church Hosting Sean Feucht ‘Let Us Worship’ New Year’s Eve Event
“Last night, bigots spread hate and violence at a church where we are holding a New Year’s Eve event in San Diego,” Feucht wrote in his Saturday post. “The police are investigating it as a hate crime. The enemy making the age old (sic) mistake. Persecuting the Church won’t stop the gospel, it’ll spark a wildfire.”

Putin Sends Warship Armed With Hypersonic Missiles To Atlantic & Indian Oceans
Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday ordered a warship armed with new hypersonic Zircon cruise missiles to be deployed on a mission to the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, in what could be a message and warning aimed at the West against escalating in Ukraine.

Oregon hospital proudly announces expansion of sex change department 
The Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) has proudly announced the expansion of their “gender-affirming services,” castration for the purpose of vaginoplasty, as well as creating non-functional “neo-penises” from the skin and flesh of forearms.

Remember the Twitter “ER doctors” who claimed hordes of patients were dying daily of COVID? They were fake…
The “doctors” posed as ER physicians and were part of the LGBTQ community in some way. They created this hellish/apocalyptic scenario that made it sound as if bodies were piling up in the streets. Well, this probably won’t come as a huge surprise to you, but those popular “ER doctors” were fake.

Crocs shoe brand to sponsor children’s fashion show at RuPaul drag convention
A popular shoe brand is sponsoring a children’s fashion show that will take place in London this weekend as part of RuPaul’s annual “DragCon.”

US Department of Defence controlled the Covid Vaccine Programme from the start 
New documents reveal the US Department of Defence (“DoD”) controlled the Covid programme from the start, the military’s investigative newspaper Armed Forces Press has said. The US Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) vaccine approval process was theatre. Covid injections are “medical countermeasures” – a grey area of products that are not regulated as vaccines or medicines.

Major University Spends Over $18 Million on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Staff
According to an analysis of public salary records by UM emeritus professor Mark Perry, the University of Michigan spends over $18 million every year to support its diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) staff.

Japan minister calls for new world order to counter rise of authoritarian regimes 
Japan’s trade and industry minister said on Thursday post-Cold War free trade and economic inter-dependence had bolstered authoritarian regimes and the United States and like-minded democracies should counter them with a “new world order.”

Is the Cascadia Subduction Zone about to blow? Swarm of hundreds of small earthquakes rattle Vancouver Island 
…According to many scientists, the next rupture of the Cascadia Subduction Zone will spell the worst natural disaster in the history of North America…

Public School Districts Begin Closing Schools After Losing Nearly 2 Million Students During The Pandemic
Americans are pulling their kids out of public schools. Between 2020 and 2021, almost 2 million students stop attending public schools.

DC Comics Latest: Joker Gives Birth to Baby Boy in Latest Batman Comic Book
The latest DC Comic book took a strange turn. Batman’s nemesis The Joker gives birth to a handsome baby boy in latest DC Comic.