7 Jan 2023

Biden compares asylum seekers at US border to Jews escaping Nazi Germany
A ruler who listens to lies, All his ministers will be wicked. Proverbs 29:12
“Biden just compared illegal aliens—lawbreakers who have been found to be terrorists, drug dealers, and bad actors—to Jews fleeing Germany during the Holocaust. Not even remotely the same situation. This kind of mindset prevents us from legitimately securing our border,” tweeted Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.)

2 dead as bomb cyclone, ‘Pineapple Express’ blasts California with life-threatening rain, flooding
A powerful double whammy of an atmospheric river and bomb cyclone continues to drench California Thursday, dropping several inches of rain on a region that has struggled to wring out from an onslaught of winter storms and creating a widespread risk of flooding, mudslides and power outages in what some forecasters are suggesting will become one of the most impactful storms to strike the state in years.

Tragedy Strikes: Covid-19 Vaccine linked to 630% increase in Excess Deaths among Children in Europe
Excess deaths among children aged 0 to 14 in Europe surged 755% between January ad September 2022, according to official data, despite efforts by EuroMOMO to downplay the figures.

Masks Never Went Away – Now they’re coming back Big-time
Masks never went away. They should have, of course, because there was never any evidence that they did any good at all though there was plenty of evidence that they caused massive amounts of harm to those wearing them and to babies and small children who, instead of seeing human faces, saw scary eyes and faces covered in masks.

US Military Doctor Testifies She Was Ordered to ‘Cover Up’ Vaccine Injuries 
Dr. Theresa Long (pictured), medical officer with the United States military, has testified in court that she was ordered by a superior to suppress Covid-19 vaccine injuries following the Biden regime’s mandate

Los Angeles Cancels Rent and Will Create Foreclosures. Govt Will Buy Up the Houses.
The Los Angeles Eviction Moratorium has been extended again until January of 2023. A new piece of legislation proposes to extend the eviction moratorium until June of 2023. Rental units will become more scarce. If renters fail to pay landlords, landlords may not be able to cover their mortgages and their homes will go into foreclosure. The video creator said that this model will spread across the country.

After Emmanuel Macron Becomes First Western Leader To Supply Ukraine With Tanks In War With Russia, Germany And United States Quickly Follow His Lead
In case you haven’t figured it out by now, the West is conducting regime change in Russia by engaging in a proxy war through Ukraine and the oh-so-willing Volodymyr Zelensky. Could this have anything to do with the 2014 Ukrainian insurrection funded and conducted by the Obama Biden regime in the United States? Now the erstwhile leader of all Europe, Emmanuel Macron, has become the first furnish tanks to Ukraine, immediately followed by Germany and the US. Amazing how Macron is always first in, isn’t it?

Australian life expectancy slashed by seven months after COVID spike in deaths
Australia’s average life expectancy fell for the first time in a generation in 2021-22 and is expected to fall again this year due to a temporary spike in deaths from COVID-19 and other causes.

US Health Care Workers Still Facing Jab-or-Job Ultimatums
As the critical shortage of nurses in the United States continues to climb, hospitals are still firing Registered Nurses for refusing to get the COVID vaccines even in red states like Florida that passed legislation against jab-or-job ultimatums.

Walgreens and CVS become first major national pharmacies to say it will sell abortion pill
Walgreens’ parent company and CVS are the first major national pharmacy chains to say they will sell the abortion pill under the new rules laid out by the Food and Drug Administration

CDC Urges School Staff to Endorse Transgenderism, LGBT Curriculums
Just days after Christmas, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention republished a “self-assessment tool” urging teachers, administrators, school health staff, and others to become an “awesome ally” by advocating for LGBT causes in school.

China Had Biological Weapons Ambitions Long Before Pandemic: House Intelligence Committee Member
A noted lawmaker said China was clear about its biological weapons ambitions long before the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak that turned into a global pandemic.

NY Times Op-Ed: ‘Mate With Short People To Stop Climate Change’
A New York Times op-ed suggests that everyone should “mate with shorter people” in order to save the planet. Yes, really.

Pizza Joint SHUT DOWN for Serving Vaxxed: Owner Targeted For Not Checking Vaxx Status Of Customers
Trudeau loves killing independent businesses! Jesse Johnson joins to share how his restaurant, “Without Papers Pizza” was shut down for refusing to check customers’ vaccine status! Jesse is fighting the tyrannical legislation in Alberta, Canada that killed his pizza parlor and business, for refusing to discriminate!

Innocent Georgia Man Arrested after Facial Recognition Decides He’s a Criminal
A Georgia man was arrested on a fugitive warrant after facial recognition technology mistakenly linked him to the theft of luxurious purses in a state he’d not been to.

What To Expect From The Government In 2023? More Of The Same
…more of the same in terms of the government’s brand of madness, mayhem, corruption and brutality.