23 Dec 2022

40 MKs accuse EU of antisemitism/blood libel following revelation of secret document
Forty Knesset members sent an open letter to European Union leaders on Tuesday, protesting the recently exposed E.U. document outlining a strategy to expand the Palestinian presence in Israeli-controlled territory in Judea and Samaria. “[W]e learned of an official policy document of the European Union, a document the gravity of which cannot be overstated, one that leaves no room for doubt as to the one-sidedness and animosity of the E.U. towards the State of Israel and the Jewish people,”

South Dakota health secretary out of job after Noem discovers trans group’s contract
South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem announced the retirement of her state health secretary, Joan Adam, days after the governor discovered that the state Health Department had contracted with a transgender activist group that will host a “gender summit” next month. Noem announced Adam’s retirement Monday morning, four days after the Republican governor condemned the transgender health summit.

Are Universities Doomed?
Elite university degrees certify very little. And the secret is out… ” Zoom courses, a declining pool of students, and soaring costs all prompt the public to question the college experience altogether. Stanford recently enrolled 16,937 undergraduate and graduate students, but lists 15,750 administrative staff—in near one-to-one fashion. In the past, such costly praetorian bloat would have sparked a faculty rebellion. Not now. The new six-figure salaried “diversity, equity, and inclusion” commissars are feared and exempt from criticism.

Flight Cancellations Surpass 2,000 As “Once-In-A-Generation” Winter Storm Batters US
A massive winter storm is disrupting air travel across the country.  Flight tracking website FlightAware reports nearly 2,200 flights were canceled by 4 pm EST on Thursday, and delays of flights within, into, or out of the US were around 6,300.

Mossad chief warns: Iran is expanding supply of advanced weapons to Russia
“We warn against Iran’s future intentions, which they are trying to keep secret, to deepen and expand the supply of advanced weapons to Russia, to expand the uranium enrichment project and to intensify their attacks against friendly Muslim countries in the region,”

Putin congratulates Netanyahu on election win, discusses Ukraine war
Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday congratulated Israeli Prime Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu on his election victory, in their first phone call since the Nov. 1 vote.
Netanyahu stressed his determination to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons or reinforcing its presence in Lebanon and Syria.

Rabbis Bring Jesus Home for Christmas
the out-and-out refusal by Jews to accept Jesus is slowly, but surely, coming to an end, as growing numbers of prestigious Orthodox rabbis welcome Jesus back.

Jordan announces project to expand Jordan River site venerated for Jesus’ baptism
Jordan announced last week that they will invest $100 million to expand the facilities at the “Bethany Beyond the Jordan” site on the eastern shore of the Jordan River located about six miles north of the Dead Sea. The first phase of the project is set to be completed by 2023 and the entire project by 2029, which Christians believe is the 2,000-year anniversary of when Jesus was baptized in the Jordan River.

Knesset Committee discusses whether a new minister will be appointed for the Third Temple
The suggestion caused a bit of consternation as questions were raised if voting in favor of the amendment implied support for the construction of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. Several MKs noted that they favored the law but not the Temple. Others noted that they opposed the law but not the Temple.

Netanyahu announces formation of Israel’s 37th government
Israeli Prime Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu late Wednesday night informed President Isaac Herzog that he has secured the necessary backing to form the country’s next government. Netanyahu tweeted that he had succeeded in forming a right-wing/religious coalition, just minutes before the midnight deadline. The new government will not be sworn in until next week …

Questions arise about how disgraced Biden official received top clearance
Following the firing of Department of Energy (DOE) nuclear official Sam Brinton, critics have begun questioning how someone with a dodgy past and criminal tendencies managed to receive the highest level of security clearance in the federal government. The Daily Caller reports that inconsistencies in Brinton’s origin story have arisen after his firing due to two separate instances of stealing someone else’s luggage while traveling at airports, which has led to felony charges against the “non-binary” and “gender-fluid” man.

FBI paid Twitter millions, had close relationship with execs and staff, emails show
The FBI paid Twitter millions as a reimbursement for the time the company spent processing the FBI’s requests, according to internal documents published by author Michael Shellenberger Monday, in the most recent installment of Twitter CEO Elon Musk’s ongoing “Twitter Files.” In an email with the subject line “Run the business – we made money!” an employee, whose name was redacted, reports to then-Deputy General Counsel Jim Baker that the FBI paid Twitter nearly $3.5 million between October 2019 and February 2021, … the FBI promising “no impediments to information sharing” between the two groups in a Sept. 16, 2020, meeting between social media executives and intelligence community staff … .

This Is Not Normal! The Nation Braces For A ‘Bomb Cylcone’ That Will Bring ‘The Coldest Air In Decades’ 
We are only at the very beginning of winter, and we are already being hit by a storm that will bring “the coldest air in decades” to many parts of the country.  In fact, there will be some areas where wind chill temperatures drop so low that it will literally be “life-threatening” to be outside.

Major and anomalous storm system to produce widespread disruptive and potentially crippling impacts across the central and eastern U.S.
An Arctic front will continue widespread, dangerous cold, with areas of blinding snow squalls and flash freezing over the central and eastern U.S. through the rest of this week. A strong winter storm will form on this front and bring blizzard conditions to the Plains, Upper Midwest, and Great Lakes. The eastern U.S. will see heavy rain, high winds, and coastal flooding ahead of the cold blast.

Tropical Cyclone Warning issued for the coast of Western Australia and Northern Territory 
A new tropical cyclone is brewing over the Timor Sea, near the coast of Australia’s Northern Territory and Western Australia. As a result, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology has issued a Tropical Cyclone Warning for the coast of Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

Arctic blast breaks numerous daily temperature records across Alberta, Canada 
An Arctic air mass brought extremely cold temperatures to Alberta, Canada over the past couple of days, breaking many daily minimum temperature records on December 20 and December 21.

Widespread ‘Winter Kill’ Risks In US Wheat Soar Amid Imminent Cold Blast
Lack of snow cover on fields and a cold blast down through the Great Plains and into Texas and the South could result in damage and even death of winter wheat crops. The coldest air of the season is about to pour down from Canada, bringing dangerously cold temperatures where parts of Kansas could reach as low as -15F. The state is one of the top growers of red winter wheat.

Large and historic winter storm to rapidly intensify over Great Lakes, Canada/U.S.
A major winter storm will form on the Arctic front affecting Canada and United States this week and bring extremely dangerous blizzard conditions to the Plains, Upper Midwest, and Great Lakes, U.S./Canada. Consider altering travel plans through the holiday weekend as road conditions are likely to become dangerous and at times, life-threatening.

After California quake, no water, no power, damaged buildings
Rio Dell Mayor Debra Garnes was jolted awake by the Humboldt County earthquake Tuesday. “It was the most intense earthquake that I’ve felt,” the mayor of the small Northern California city told The Times. “It was a long-duration earthquake, so it was not only significant in size at 6.4, it was also long.”

Former Australian Medical Association President slams regulators for medical censorship and silencing doctors 
Former Australian Medical Association (“AMA”) President and former Member of the Federal Parliament, Dr. Kerryn Phelps, has just defected.  She has broken her silence about a “devastating” Covid vaccine injury, slamming regulators for “censoring” public discussion with “threats” to doctors.

MP is suspended from Parliament a week after “vaccine harms speech” but he has not been silenced 
After his tremendous speech in Parliament last Tuesday, Member of Parliament Andrew Bridgen was asked to provide a list of references that he relied on to write his “vaccine harms debate speech.” He has uploaded a resource list on his website HERE.  “This is the same list that was sent to journalists and so-called ‘fact checking’ websites,” Mr. Bridgen said.

Todd Callender warns: Experimental mRNA may now be in flu shots 
…He issued this warning during a recent appearance on “The Dr. Jane Ruby Show,” telling program host Dr. Jane Ruby that the military is at risk. While the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine mandates in the military were already scrapped, the seasonal flu shot remains compulsory for military members.

JOURNO-TERRORISM: Bloomberg calls for climate terrorism across America, says “property destruction” is the only way to achieve climate justice
…Citing Lund University professor and eco-terrorism proponent Andreas Malm, the article attempts to make the case that destroying public and private property is a powerful way to save the planet from global warming.

BARR: Banks Might Start Closing Accounts Of Customers Who Buy Too Many Guns Or Too Much Ammo
For more than half-a-century, Uncle Sam has been giving banks the legal tools to snoop into the otherwise-private affairs of their customers. Now, they are monitoring the exercise of their Second Amendment rights.

Epoch Cinema releases “The Final War: Post-Pandemic Crises” exposing CCP plot to impose global authoritarian regime
The world has been so destabilized by covid, financial distress, and other factors that the time is ripe for a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) takeover. This is the premise behind a new documentary film from Epoch Cinema called “The Final War: Post-Pandemic Crises,” which takes a closer look at current events through the lens of China and its authoritarian goals.

It’s only money: Congress set to pass ANOTHER massive $1.7T spending bill, thousands of pages long, without reading it 
In the waning days that they remain in control of Congress, Democrats are set to ram through a one-year spending bill worth $1.7 trillion that runs 4,155 pages — without members having a chance to read it, which has become par for the course with our dysfunctional Legislative Branch.

The Disgusting Fawning Over Zelensky At The White House While America’s Own Border Lies In Ruins Is Emblematic Of Our Decline As A Nation
What does a nation in decline look like? Well, it looks a lot like America on Day 1,011 of 15 Days To Flatten The Curve, actually. In America, our borders are wide open with over one million illegals streaming through every year. What’s being done about it? Nothing. America has a rapidly-escalating homeless problem with tent cities and street camps in every major city we have.