19 Dec 2022

World order on verge of cliff – first Israeli national intel assessment
The world is at a transition point analogous to being on the verge of a cliff, after which a series of crises striking simultaneously will reorder the planet’s geopolitics, the place of technology, the economic order and a variety of other disciplines from health to energy, according to Israel’s first government national intelligence estimate.

Mysterious genealogy of Russian President Putin
Vladimir Putin looks like Prince Mikhail Tverskoy. They both are not tall, with little hair and similar noses. Is Putin an offspring of the Tver prince? This hypothesis was getting more and more real. The name Putin is not mentioned amid the Russian names. This means that the name is of the artificial origin. … If President Putin is a descendant of the Putyatins clan, this means that Vladimir Putin has a relation to all royal families of Europe.

“I am Assange!” Daniel Ellsberg, Other Allies Ask US to Prosecute Them, Too
Julian Assange is having a Spartacus moment. Veteran Pentagon whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg and government transparency advocate John Young are challenging the U.S. Department of Justice to prosecute them alongside the Wikileaks founder, saying they broke the law just as he did, by publishing or possessing a trove of classified documents. Their calls underline the concerns of First Amendment advocates that prosecuting Assange could open the door to cases against any news organization that publishes government secrets.

China’s Liaoning carrier strike group makes show of force in western Pacific
China’s first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, is leading the navy’s most powerful strike group to the western Pacific Ocean for a major year-end naval drill. Japan’s Maritime Self-Defence Force (MSDF) said on Friday that the Liaoning was escorted by three of the country’s most powerful destroyers and two other vessels. Chinese defence experts said the departure indicated the People’s Liberation Army remained combat ready

White sharks once again migrate into Florida’s waters, probably eating other sharks
White sharks, just like snowbirds, have started heading south for the weather. They’re turning toward Florida’s waters after spending the summer off Cape Cod and Nova Scotia, hunting seals and tuna. Several sharks have begun pinging off South Florida, as part of a tagging study by nonprofit marine research foundation Ocearch. The tags, which last for up to five years, ping when the shark surfaces, sending location data to researchers.

Stick-wielding Chinese, Indian soldiers beat each other in border skirmish
Chinese and Indian soldiers bashed each other with sticks, jostling and hollering, at a disputed mountainous border near Chinese-controlled Tibet, the latest flare of violence between the two Asian giants. A video of the incident that went viral, taken from the Indian side, shows the Indian soldiers on higher ground shouting and wielding long sticks to beat a cluster of Chinese soldiers, some of whom used clubs to swing back. At one point, an Indian soldier picks up a couple bricks and throws them into the melee.

6 people accused of taking orders from Mexican Mafia face kidnapping, gun and drug charges in San Diego
San Diego police Chief David Nisleit said the house on Wunderlin Avenue in the Encanto neighborhood was used to sell drugs, store guns and plan violent crimes, including kidnappings. San Diego County District Attorney Summer Stephan called it a house “full of plans to cause murder” and other crimes.

South Korea Slams “Serious Provocation” After North Launches 2 Missiles Toward Japan
The launches resulted in Japan’s prime minister issuing an emergency alert for the large island-nation, given the the projectiles traveled over 300 miles before splashing down in waters between Korea and Japan. In a recent test a ballistic missile reportedly flew over the island, panicking residents.

Russia Shows Off Nuclear ICBM Mobile Launcher As US Mulls Sending Ukraine Patriots
Days ago Russia’s defense ministry (MoD) publicized a video showing off its ability to quickly deploy a powerful nuclear ICBM anywhere within the country – with a range capable of striking anywhere in Europe or the United States – as it was seen being loaded into a missile silo after being rapidly transported via land.

New instructions to soldiers: ‘Only shoot stone-throwers in the ankles’
f live fire is necessary to prevent loss of life, it shall be “Precise fire at the ankles, if shots are necessary,” and not at the terrorist’s head or center of mass, which lowers the soldier’s ability to hit a moving target,

West Bank’s Maccabee palaces must be Israeli national park, settlers say
The remnants of the palaces, with their ritual baths and the ancient Hashmonaim synagogue, which King Herod converted into his winter palace, are located in Area C of the West Bank, which is under IDF military and civilian control.

France Fumes at Israel for Deporting French Terrorist
A furious France Sunday blasted Israel for deporting Arab terrorist Salah Hamouri, who is also a French national. At the behest of Israel’s Interior Minister, Ayelet Shaked, Hamouri’s residency rights were revoked, and he was put on a plane to Paris earlier in the day.

World-Worrying Israeli Government to be Installed This Week
The international community’s response to Netanyahu’s imminent return to the Prime Minister’s Office at the head of a right-wing coalition is guaranteed to be less than warm.

Western Wall rabbi tells European envoys: Jews don’t need your approval
Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovitch, the rabbi of the Western Wall, chastised United Nations diplomats from four countries who refused to visit the sacred site, in an open letter on Friday. The ambassadors of Italy, Romania, Slovenia and Moldova withdrew from a group visit to the Western Wall a week ago when the European Union ordered member-state representatives not to participate in any Israeli-hosted tour of eastern Jerusalem. While Moldova is not a member of the E.U., it is a candidate for membership.

Israeli archaeologists find earliest evidence of use of cotton in the Middle East
Remains of cotton fibers dating back to some 7,000 years ago were found in the archaeological site of Tel Tsaf, located in the central Jordan Valley, south-east of Beit She’an, . … the cotton probably arrived from the area of the Indus Valley, or modern-day Pakistan, making the finding especially significant. “Tel Tsaf was a large village from the Chalcolithic period, which flourished during the transition between small agricultural communities and large urban cities,

Meteor explodes over Zhejiang – broken windows and street lamps reported, meteorites found, China 
A very bright fireball exploded over China’s Zhejiang Province around 10:00 UTC on December 15, 2022. Parts of the object survived the entry and were later recovered. Locals reported broken windows and street lamps.

Freak wave hits South African beach, killing 3 people and injuring 17
An unusually large wave hit a popular beach in the city of Durban, South Africa at around 17:00 LT on December 17, 2022, killing three people and injuring 17 others.

Famous Church Displays Nativity Scene Promoting Fifth Dose of Covid ‘Vaccine’ 

Globalists in Italy seize on the Christmas holiday to promote their covid “vaccine” agenda. A doctor appears among the statues of the large nativity scene set up by a Catholic NGO, Community of Sant’Egidio, in the basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere, Italy. Among the many scenes of daily life reproduced in the representation of the Nativity, there is also the one that portrays a health worker holding a ‘covid 19 vaccination – 5th dose’ certificate and addressing a group of other waiting characters.

Philadelphia to require masks in schools after winter break
Democrat-run Philadelphia has announced a mask mandate in public schools next month to limit the spread of viruses during festive mixing.

Ex-Twitter worker gets prison time in Saudi ‘spy’ case
US justice officials on Thursday said a former Twitter worker convicted of spying for Saudi officials was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison. Ahmad Abouammo was found guilty in August on criminal counts including money laundering, fraud, and being an illegal agent of a foreign government, according to a copy of the verdict.

Tory MP alleges ‘cover up’ of Covid vaccine inflaming heart arteries in bombshell claim

An MP has used Parliamentary privilege to make a bombshell allegation that a senior member of the British Heart Foundation has covered up a report which shows the mRNA Covid vaccine increases inflammation of the heart arteries.

Russia readies a second monster Yars nuke for combat | Daily Mail Online
Russia has today issued a fresh nuclear threat to the UK after loading a second huge missile into a silo near Moscow.

Authoritarian Lockdowns Caused Biggest Performance Drop in History of U.S. Educational Testing
The 2022 mathematics test scores for United States primary school students decreased by the largest margins in the 53-year history of the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP). “The results show the profound toll on student learning during the pandemic, as the size and scope of the decline are the largest ever in mathematics,” National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) Commissioner Peggy G. Carr said.

Founder Of the ‘God Made Millionaire’ Show TC Bradley Rejects A Gospel That Does Not Produce Large Sums Of Money For Its Followers
His website tells you all about how you can allow God to make you a millionaire, yet ironically we also read this: “For those of you, that feel you are called to be a God Made Millionaire ® and plant a $1,000 seed towards your God given dream, you will be given a private, 30 minute personal call with TC Bradley, so he can align his faith with you and your God-given dream and share his insights on activating your God given dream.” Hmm, is that how he became a millionaire? Now, who on earth would be dumb enough to fall for this? Don’t let it be you.

Texas Gov. Abbott Seeks State Probe Of NGOs Aiding Illegal Immigrants Crossing Border
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is asking the state’s attorney general to open an investigation of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) that are helping illegal immigrants who are crossing the border from Mexico.

German bishop demands Church ‘widen its understanding of the family’ to include homosexual unions 
German bishop said that the Catholic Church should “widen” its understanding of the family to include every form “where people live with children,” including homosexual couples.

COVID Vaccines linked to tragic loss of Half a Million Young American lives, according to secret CDC & Government data
As the COVID-19 vaccine continues to roll out across the United States, a disturbing trend has emerged.

U.S. Department of Defense issued a ‘COVID-19 Research’ contract 3 Months before COVID-19 was known to officially exist 
The contract was part of a larger project for a “Biological threat reduction program in Ukraine,” suggesting that the U.S. Government was at the very least aware of the virus before it spread through Wuhan, China in December 2019, and before it was officially named Covid-19 by the World Health Organization in February 2020.

Consequences of COVID Vaccination from a Pathologist’s perspective – Foot-long blood clots, cancer, infertility… 
Dr. Ryan Cole joined Dr. Drew to discuss the action of spike proteins manufactured in people’s bodies after they have been vaccinated.  He explained how the Covid injections’ toxic lipid nanoparticles and mRNA, which induce the body to make spike proteins, distribute through the body as well as the mechanisms that cause inflammation, micro blood clots and the fibrous blood clots post-vaccination. He also explained the mechanisms through which Covid injections cause cancer and infertility.

We’ve entered into a “new world order” says BlackRock Chairman 
“We’re in a new world order of geopolitical fragmentation,” says Tom Donilon, chairman of Blackrock’s Investment Institute, in BlackRock’s 2023 Global Outlook released two weeks ago.

AstraZeneca Boss kneels before The Great Reset King
Last Wednesday, Pascal Soriot, CEO of AstraZeneca was knighted by World Economic Forum and Great Reset King Charles III at Windsor Castle.

Israeli Ministry of Health claimed in court they were unable to locate a signed agreement with Pfizer
…In 2020, Israel struck a deal with Pfizer, promising to share vast troves of medical data with Pfizer in exchange for the continued flow of its “hard-to-get vaccine.”  The agreement document was made public in January 2021 with large parts of it redacted. The MoH claimed last week that this agreement could not be found.