17 Dec 2022

US Sends Infantry Unit To Base Just Miles Away From Russian Border In Estonia
the US Embassy in Lithuania announced the Pentagon plans to step up troop deployments in the Baltic states, taking what was previously categorized as “episodic” troop deployments and turning toward a “persistent rotational presence” across the Baltics, including in Estonia – which shares two small stretches of land-border with Russia.

The Black Old Deal: Global Coal Demand Hits All Time High
the International Energy Agency just reported that global coal demand is set to reach a record high this year.

Trump Files Defamation Suit Against Pulitzer Prize Board For Rewarding ‘Russia Collusion’ Coverage
Former President Donald Trump filed a defamation lawsuit against members of the Pulitzer Prize Board on Dec. 13 after the board declined to rescind the 2018 National Reporting prizes presented to The New York Times and The Washington Post for their reporting on the debunked allegations of collusion between Trump and Russia. Noting that those allegations have long since been exposed as false, the complaint—filed in Okeechobee County, Florida—asserts that a “demonstrably false connection was and remains the stated basis” for the awarded coverage.

Prepare For Another Outbreak As Bill Gates Launches ‘Catastrophic Contagion’ Pandemic Preparedness Exercise, A Sequel To His Now-Infamous ‘Event 201’
Let me take you back to the evening of October 18, 2019, to a gathering entitled ‘Event 201’, something Johns Hopkins calls a ‘global pandemic exercise’. Of course, it was invitation only, and held behind closed doors. The financing for this event came from none other than the Bill Gates Foundation. What was the result of this New World Order, closed-door soirée? Only the global COVID plannedemic and lockdown that shook the foundations of the whole world, that’s all. You better buckle up because Bill Gates and his buddies are doing it again.

No evidence of space aliens so far in the Pentagon’s UFO deep-dive
The Pentagon’s new push to investigate reports of UFOs has so far not yielded any evidence to suggest that aliens have visited Earth or crash-landed here, senior military leaders said on Friday. However, the Pentagon’s effort to investigate anomalous, unidentified objects — whether they are in space, the skies or even underwater — led to hundreds of new reports that are now being investigated, they say.

Worldview With Amir Tsarfati: Praying Against The Schemes Of The Enemy
God is at work around the entire globe. Sometimes, it is difficult to see His hand amidst all the chaos. Sin is rampant and the news is filled with stories of those who have bought into the deceptions of the devil. let these stories remind you of God’s love, wisdom, and power, and let them move you to intercede, lifting up in prayer those who are hurting and praying against the schemes of the enemy.

PA’s Abbas appears to abandon policy of armed resistance
Expert says that Abbas’ change of formal tone carries far less impact than first seems, due to his declining political authority in the PA, which he is struggling to maintain.

Germany earned over $1 billion from Iran trade amid Tehran’s repression
German business deals with the Islamic Republic of Iran are booming amid the Iranian regime’s violent crackdown on protestors who are seeking the end of the theocratic state. According to newly published statistics from the Federal Statistical Office of Germany, Germany exported €1.2 billion worth of goods to Iran from January to the end of October in 2022.

France attempted to assassinate Russian in Africa, Wagner Group head claims
The head of a Russian private militia accused France of attempting to assassinate the head of a Russian representative office in the Central African Republic, who was seriously injured on Friday after opening a mail bomb.

Ahead of elections, Turkish opposition protest as members face prison
Thousands demonstrated in Istanbul at a rally organized by Turkey’s main opposition party, after one of its members was sentenced to nearly five years in prison; another party member is set to go on trial in June. “Even if some of us go to jail, even if some of us lose our rights to serve in politics, it doesn’t change anything. The movement is going to just grow bigger and stronger,”

Ukraine says Russia has enough missiles for several more massive strikes
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Friday said Russia still had enough missiles for several more massive strikes like the one it launched earlier in the day against Ukraine’s electricity generation system.

UN Palestinian Rights Official Under Fire for “Jewish Lobby” Remarks
UN Human Rights Special Rapporteur Francesca Albanese’s past public speeches and social media posts and found that “she has compared Israelis to Nazis, dismissed Israel’s security concerns, sympathized with Palestinian terror groups, and used the false accusation that America and Europe are subject to a ‘Jewish lobby’ –

New report reveals why universities fail to protect Jewish and Zionist
The report claims that harassment policies frequently fail to protect Jewish students. “Jewish students who fall victim to anti-Zionist motivated harassment, the predominant form of antisemitism on campuses today, are often deemed ineligible for coverage under this policy, since many university administrators do not consider support for Israel an expression of a Jewish student’s religious beliefs or ethnicity,”

IDF, Economy & Prophecy: Three Reasons for Optimism
As Israel approaches a turning point in its journey from internal strife to ultimate, divinely-ordained destiny. … according to these three Israeli indicators (IDF, economy and prophecy),
studentsthe prognosis for Israel is actually quite good.

Record-breaking snow and coldest air mass of the season hit Japan 
Heavy sea-effect snow and the coldest air mass of the season are affecting Japan this week, forcing authorities to issue blizzard warnings for parts of the country.

Actuaries raise alarm that Australians are unexpectedly dying at incredibly high rate
The Australian government should be urgently investigating the “incredibly high” 13% excess death rate in 2022, the country’s peak actuarial body says. An extra 15,400 people died in the first eight months of the year, according to a new analysis of Australian Bureau of Statistics (“ABS”) data by the Actuaries Institute, with around one-third of those having no link to Covid.

Thousands of babies survive abortions each year. The abortion industry wants to erase their existence 
We have all seen the murder movies where the intended victim just won’t die. We are seeing it again as the abortion industry tries to deal with its live-birth problem, known to abortionists as “the dreaded complication.”

Biden Suggests Opponents of Child Sex Changes Are Racist, Anti-Semitic And Homophobic: “They’re All Connected”
President Joe Biden suggested Tuesday that anyone who criticizes child sex change surgeries is responsible for “racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia [and] transphobia” — all of which are “connected.”

SICK! Drag Queen Teaches Young Girl to Twerk While Shaking His Nearly Naked Butt in Front of Children at “All-Ages” Drag Show 
At an “all ages” drag show in New York City, white liberal parents proudly took their young children to see a half-naked man sharing his bare butt in their faces. As an overweight man in a thong awkwardly lept around on a small stage, he somehow gathered a massive crowd, many of whom were children.

‘Artificial womb’ facility is a glimpse of pregnancy in the future
This is the world’s first artificial womb facility – and it lets you choose baby’s characteristics from a menu. EctoLife, able to grow 30,000 babies a year, is said to be based on over fifty years of groundbreaking scientific research.

Report: AP Advises Journalists to use Pro-Abortion Language
The Associated Press recently put out an “abortion topical guide” for journalists — guidance which pro-lifers say “demonstrate[s] even further the extent of the media’s bias in favor of abortion.”

Blackouts Loom as Cold Weather Threatens German Energy Savings Plan
The spectre of future energy blackouts is once again looming in Germany, with the country’s plan to cut consumption falling significantly short amid cold winter weather.

Here Comes The Job Shock: Philadelphia Fed Admits US Jobs “Overstated” By At Least 1.1 Million
Regular readers are well aware that back in July, Zero Hedge first (long before it became a running theme among so-called “macro experts”) pointed out that a gaping 1+ million job differential had opened up between the closely-watched and market-impacting, if easily gamed and manipulated, Establishment Survey and the far more accurate if volatile, Household Survey – the two core components of the monthly non-farm payrolls report.

“The Food Shortage is Real!” Woman Shocked as Frozen Rodents Sold in NYC Shop
…While the appearance that rats are being sold at a New York City store and being openly cooked may be quite jarring, the creatures are actually guinea pigs, which when prepared properly are a Peruvian cultural delicacy known as “cuy.”

Colorado approves treating recycled sewage water for potable use 
When Eric Seufert brewed a test batch of beer in 2017 with water from recycled sewage, he wasn’t too concerned about the outcome. The engineering firm that approached him about the test explained the process, and together they sipped samples of recycled water. Seufert quickly understood it wasn’t too different from how water is normally handled.

Leftists Aren’t Capable Of Surviving Economic Collapse – Here’s Why
In 1980 you might have been able to find a large number of mentally tough people that considered themselves Democrats. Today, you will not find anyone…