13 Nov 2022

As Canada expands its euthanasia program, what does biblical tradition say about it?
Whoever sheds the blood of man, By man shall his blood be shed; For in His image Did Hashem make man. Canada is expanding its government-funded euthanasia program to include the mentally ill. At the same time, parliamentarians in Scotland are being petitioned to incorporate a “suicide pod” that would allow people to autonomously end their lives. While governments and medical authorities debate the ethics, rabbis agree that Jewish law states unequivocally that under any condition, ending a life is murder. “No person can be the master over life; not his own and certainly not someone else’s,” Rabbi Moshe Avraham Halperin from the Science and Technology Torah Law Institute said.

Europe Is Already Rationing Gas; More MSM Obfuscation, Freezing Southern African Nights; + “Unusually Cold Outbreak” To Hit New Zealand
Europe Is Already Rationing Gas. Across even the most developed and industrious European nations–across Germany and across France, including even Paris–the lights are going out and citizens are being instructed to take cold showers. You would be forgiven for thinking the end times were approaching, or that WWIII had broken out; but no, this is an entirely self-inflicted blow, one rooted in the establishment’s transparent and absurd ruse to ‘save the planet’.

Century-Old Low Temperature Records Continue To Tumble Across Canada; Snowfall Benchmarks Busted In Nevada (And Elsewhere);
Century-Old Low Temperature Records Continue To Tumble Across Canada Arctic air has settled over much of Canada this week, felling a host of cold records across Alberta, B.C. and Sask.: Alberta Nine record lows were broken in Alberta Thursday morning, adding to the 33 set Wednesday. Serving as two examples, the Edmonton region, the Stony Plain weather station bottomed out at -23.8C, busting the old record of -21C set in 1966 …

Eerie Similarities Between Democratic Party And Chinese Communist Party Lingo
Both the Chinese Communist Party and the U.S. Democratic Party are masters at obfuscating language to achieve their political objectives. There are even some interesting similarities in certain aspects of messaging by both parties. … the CCP included a new slogan that embellishes “whole people’s democracy”: acting for people, relying on people. This is simply more twisted gobbledygook, as the CCP has been “acting for the people” without regard to any democratically-obtained input from the Chinese people since the communist regime took power in 1949. The Democratic Party, too, has an odd definition of democracy. Throughout the 2022 election campaign, one of the key pillars of the Democrats’ election narrative has been the imperative to “save our democracy.” … “saving our democracy” is a thinly veiled slogan whose real meaning is to save the Democrats, not the democratic actions of Americans who are poised to sweep the Democratic Party out of political power,

Russia bans entry to 200 US nationals, including Biden’s relatives, press secretary
The Russian foreign ministry said on Friday it had banned 200 US nationals from entering Russia, including a sister and two brothers of US President Joe Biden, in response to personal sanctions from Washington. It said it had banned entry by Valerie Biden Owens, James Brian Biden and Francis William Biden.

Magnitude 5.3 earthquake strikes Nepal region – EMSC
An earthquake of magnitude 5.4 struck in Nepal on Saturday, shaking houses in the Himalayan country and neighboring India, authorities said, after a powerful earthquake earlier this week killed half a dozen people. Strong tremors were felt in Nepal and in northern India, prompting residents to rush out of their homes, but there were no reports of casualties, they said.

Cryptocurrency company creates a statue of Elon Musk with a goat body riding a rocket
The company describes the statue as a “biblical-sized gift”. The head is six feet tall and the body is 30 feet long and was created by Kevin and Michelle Stone, two Canadian sculptors. The rocket will purportedly spout flames and smoke The statue has toured several states, promoting $EGT, but on November 26th, a procession will set out from Austin, Texas, headed for Musk’s Tesla’s Giga Factory. It is unclear whether Musk is aware of the gift or if he will participate and receive it.

Former Hazelden counselor: Minors housed based on gender identity, not sex
A former counselor at Hazelden Betty Ford’s adolescent treatment center in Plymouth is speaking out about a controversial policy that allows young people to be housed according to their gender identity, not biological sex. He told Alpha News it hasn’t gone well and believes it’s time people know the truth he began to feel uncomfortable with Hazelden’s housing policies and felt like there was no opportunity for discussion. He said clients are always “placed where they want to be, not based on their biology but based on their identification.”“I don’t agree with the policy. I don’t think it’s doing anybody a service, especially young people,” he said. “If I knew my son was in treatment for 90 days and the individual sleeping next to him was a 15-year-old girl, I would not be happy. I would argue that’s not going to help him.”

Biden is complicit in the Chinese cover-up of COVID-19
It is now clear beyond any reasonable doubt that SARS-CoV-2 (SARS-2) originated in a virus lab in Wuhan. Three virologists just released their study “Endonuclease fingerprint indicates a synthetic origin of SARS-CoV-2,” which compared the genome of SARS-2 against known natural or “in the wild” viruses, and known “man-made” synthetic viruses made in the lab. The study was released Oct. 20 by Valentin Bruttel (University Clinics Wurzburg), Alex Washburne (Selva Analytics), and Antonius VanDongen (Duke).

Deep M7.0 earthquake hits Fiji region 
A deep earthquake, registered by the USGS as M7.0, hit Fiji Region at 08:09 UTC on November 12, 2022. The agency is reporting a depth of 587 km (364 miles). EMSC is reporting the same magnitude and depth.

Global warming? Major winter storm buries Mammoth Mountain under 5-feet during one of the biggest November snowstorms on record – 33 low temperature records fall in Alberta alone
A major winter storm is currently barreling its way across the Western Rockies dropping snow from the PNW down to Northern Arizona.

Colorado Votes to Decriminalize Shrooms and Other Psychedelics
Colorado became the second state to legalize magic mushrooms and decriminalize other psychedelics for adults following Tuesday’s midterm elections.

US Military Sued Over ‘Outdated’ Ban on HIV-Positive Recruits
A US military rule banning people with HIV from joining the armed services is being challenged as medically outdated by a gay Georgia police officer who says the decades-old policy dashed his dream of becoming an Army helicopter pilot.

Documentary says use of ‘homosexual’ in the Bible is a mistake 
A new documentary claims that a “mistranslation” of the Bible is to blame for Christians believing that homosexuality is a sin.

Twitter is clearly going through changes with Elon Musk, account verified for Jesus Christ
No one really knows when Jesus Christ is supposed to return, but if you’re looking for some words of advice from the Lord and Savior, check out his Twitter page.

Australian Doctor Finds Graphene Oxide and Self Assembling Chips In COVID Shots 
An Australian doctor has discovered the same thing others have: we are being lied to about what is in these injections. Dr. David Nixon, a Brisbane GP, put droplets of the COVID-19 vaccine and the blood of vaccinated patients under a dark-field microscope only to find out that they contain graphene oxide and self-assembling chips.

Tucker Carlson: Democrats Have Conditioned Americans to ‘Passively Accept’ ‘Election Theft’ 
“Democrats absolutely cannot lose the midterm elections,” Carlson tweeted. “And with that in mind, they’re already preparing us for election theft, which if you don’t want a civil war, you must passively accept.”

72-Year-Old Gets Six Months For Selling Mince Pies During Lockdown
A 72-year-old man has been sentenced to six months in prison by a UK court after being found guilty of violating Chinese coronavirus lockdown rules by selling mince pies at a shooting club and attempting  to destroy evidence afterwards.

Former Australian MP warns 75% of COVID-19 vaccinated women are experiencing miscarriages
The miscarriage rate among Australian women who are fully vaccinated against the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) is 75 percent, or five times greater than the 15 percent miscarriage rate for the rest of the population.

Nevada just voted a law into existence that will make it a CRIME to criticize transgenderism, even for children
By a margin of 57.1 percent to 42.9 percent, Nevada voters passed Nevada Question 1, which constitutionally enshrines sexual orientation and gender identity as specially protected classes that cannot be criticized or otherwise discriminated against.

BREAKING: Now-collapsed FTX crypto slush fund laundered Ukraine donation money to Democrat candidates to help rig mid-terms
The FTX crypto slush fund run by now-disgraced Sam Bankman-Fried (and his MIT college buddies) laundered money for Ukraine into nearly $40 million worth of campaign donations for Democrats in the 2022 mid-term elections.

The Pope To Meet On Mt. Sinai With World Religious Leaders To Create NEW Ten Commandments
The Pope To Meet On Mt. Sinai With World Religious Leaders To Create NEW Ten Commandments

Gregg Phillips Explains Why He and Catherine Engelbrecht Were Sent to Prison: “we have irrefutable evidence that the entire PA voter registration file is living on a server in China—serial numbers, ballot bundle numbers”
On Election Day, President Trump ripped into Pennsylvania for reporting that it could “take days to determine the winner” of their races.

400 Fuel-guzzling Private Jets Land Descend in Egypt for UN Climate Conference
Some 400 private jets carrying elites descended upon the Red Sea resort town of Sharm El Sheikh for the UN COP27 climate conference, sparking a massive debate on the hypocrisy surrounding the event.

End Times Milestone For Miss America Pageant Organization As Biological Man Brían Nguyen Is Crowned ‘Miss Greater Derry 2023’ In New Hampshire 
Since NTEB started back in 2009, we have warned you over and over again that the LGBTQIA+ Movement was a radical, militaristic movement planning to erase gender lines, and recruit children through Public School indoctrination programs. In the early days, people would write to us, mockingly deriding our assessment of this situation, calling us ‘conspiracy theory nuts’. However starting in 2020, those emails have since ceased, and now people write to us weeping over what America has become.

Why The First Biological Male Winning ‘Miss Greater Derry’ Insults Women Everywhere
Earlier this week, we saw the first trans winner of the Miss Greater Derry beauty pageant, a news story the woke liberal media celebrated as some “milestone” of inclusivity.

Will It Ever End? Yale Requires Spring ’23 Students to Get New COVID Boosters
Is the COVID era over? At Yale University, not remotely. The Ivy League institution has issued a message to enrollees of the Spring 2023 semester. All must take a shot of the bivalent COVID-19 vaccine booster in order to attend.

Get Woke, Go Broke: Disney to Begin Mass Layoffs and Freeze Hiring as Part of a Massive Cost-Cutting Initiative
According to an internal memo addressed to Disney’s executives on Friday, the woke firm would soon begin enforcing layoffs, implementing a targeted hiring freeze, and limiting business travel to essential only as part of a wide cost-cutting initiative, CNBC reported.

Schwab’s WEF is now pushing to implant Tracking Microchips in Humans as part of The Great Reset agenda 
The World Economic Forum (WEF) is attempting to normalize the idea of implanting tracking chips into humans, via the Internet of Bodies – a highly controversial technology.

Britain has suffered 39k Excess Deaths in the past 6 months – Why are so many people dying?
According to official data published by both the Office for National Statistics and Public Health Scotland, Britain has suffered 332,111 deaths since the middle of April 2022 resulting in 39,121 excess deaths against the 2015-2019 five-year average.