9 Nov 2022

6.3 Magnitude Earthquake Jolts Nepal, Strong Tremors Felt In Delhi-NCR
An earthquake of magnitude 6.3 on the Ritcher scale jolted Nepal with severe tremors felt in parts of North-Northeastern India at around 1.57 am on Wednesday, November 9. According to the National Center for Seismology (NCS), the depth of the earthquake was 10 km below the ground and the epicentre was in Nepal. This is the third earthquake to hit Nepal in the 24-hour cycle.

Strategic Misjudgments Of The Chinese Authorities
Facing such an unprecedented situation, there have been misjudgments and misunderstandings in the way how China sees the world. As an observer, ANBOUND’s founder Chan Kung has listed a series of such perceptions, from geopolitics to national policies, to discern what lies behind them.

Voting machines down in entire NJ county, officials say
Election officials told News12 New Jersey that a software issue caused problems in voting machines countywide. As the poll worker talked, a man in the background could be heard saying, “we don’t want to adjudicate, no.” The poll worker then said, while laughing, that “no one is trying to deceive anybody.” “Of course not, not on election day,” a man in the background said. “That would never happen.”

Potential Hurricane Nicole could threaten Artemis I rocket on launch pad
NASA made the decision to roll out its Artemis I rocket to the launch pad at Kennedy Space Center aiming for a liftoff as early as next Monday, but what is now Subtropical Storm Nicole is predicted to transform and grow into Hurricane Nicole by Wednesday, and that could affect launch plans.

Navy raises enlistment age limit to 41 as recruiting problems continue
The U.S. Navy has raised its maximum age for general enlistment from 39 to 41, after the U.S. military saw historic struggles with recruiting in the 2022 fiscal year and signs of continued struggles ahead. Under the new change, recruits must now report to boot camp before their 42nd birthday.

Europe Ramps Up Renewable Capacity Amid War In Ukraine
The Ukraine War has had a dramatic impact on Europe’s energy security. The bloc has doubled down on its renewable energy initiatives as a result. Tax breaks included in America’s Inflation Reduction Act, particularly those who manufacture EVs, could place Europe at a disadvantage amid an already serious energy crisis.

DeSantis Halts Biden Election Monitors In Florida Polling Locations
“Section 102.031(3)(a) of the Florida Statutes lists the people who ‘may enter any polling room or polling place.’ Department of Justice personnel are not included on the list. Even if they could qualify as ‘law enforcement’ under section 102.031(3)(a)6. of the Florida Statutes, absent some evidence concerning the need for federal intrusion, or some federal statute that preempts Florida law, the presence of federal law enforcement inside polling places would be counterproductive and could potentially undermine confidence in the election.” In short, pound sand.

“Yup”: Elon Musk Seemingly Confirms Twitter Employees Sold Verification Badges ‘Behind the Scenes’
“Twitter employees were selling verification for upwards of $15,000. For certain accounts, mine included, they would refuse to verify you through the standard application and then privately offer to verify you for $$ behind the scenes. Investigation needed,” WSBChairman—a user with 900,000 followers—claimed on the platform on Nov. 5. Musk confirmed that user’s claim, responding: “Yup.” Democrat lawmakers have already set their sights on Twitter and Musk.

Ukraine will continue to fight ‘even if we are stabbed in the back’ by allies
The comment follows a Washington Post report that the White House has been privately urging Ukraine to show a willingness to negotiate with Russia. But in an interview with Italian newspaper La Repubblica on Tuesday, Ukrainian presidential advisor Mykhailo Podolyak said that “Negotiating with Putin would mean giving up, and we would never give him this gift”.

Russian activists meet in Poland, plot Putin’s removal
Former Russian politicians and anti-Putin activists have been gathering in Poland to plot ways to remove Russian President Vladimir Putin from office, including by staging a coup that would involve “physically eliminating” him, according to multiple reports. The figures have discussed different ways of regime change, including putting together an armed group to kill Putin and fomenting civil war in Russia, according to European media network Euractiv. “The main goal is to physically eliminate Putin,” said opposition activist Viacheslav Maltsev, who fled Russia in 2017.

Some truth about what is happening in Ukraine
I have finally reached my limit and am incensed with the Western news media, which has never bothered to do its homework regarding the wars raging in Ukraine. They appear to only write for the sensational value of the tales they tell and not the truth. The truth in the news seems to be the most difficult commodity to come by today.

Israel’s GOP chairman: Obama is the real boss in the White House
Zell scolds US President Biden for taking six days to congratulate Israel’s projected Prime Minister-elect, Benjamin Netanyahu. “Almost every major leader in the Western world immediately called to congratulate Netanyahu but he waited…and I think that was on purpose.” “Biden is a very weak president,” continues Zell. “Most people understand that he serves as a front for a few very accomplished politicians including Obama.

Russia gave stolen Western weapons, cash to Iran
Russia flew over $140 million in cash and seized Western anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles to Tehran in late August, an anonymous security source told Sky News on Tuesday. The seized munitions include a British NLAW anti-tank missile, a US Javelin anti-tank missile and a Stinger anti-aircraft missile, according to the report. The munitions had been part of a shipment intended for the Ukrainian military that “fell into Russian hands.”

Bahrain Expected Netanyahu to Win, Will Continue Building Ties
The kingdom’s top diplomatic adviser says his country will abide by the Abraham Accords and “continue building our partnership together.”

“Sinful Smile” – Why the Arab World Is Again in an Uproar Over Israel
President Herzog set off a storm in the Arab world by merely being himself. And what that says about the prospect of further normalization. The Abraham Accords have been successful not only at a diplomatic level, but also in fostering coexistence between Israel and some Arab populations. The key word there: Some. The others apparently remain wholehearted enemies of the Jewish state.

Mount Sinai preparing to host climate summit – a new global ‘religion’
Egypt’s Mount Sinai – just a hop, skip and a jump from Israel – is the site most commonly known as the place where God appeared to Moses to give him the Ten Commandments – the primary covenant in Judaism, as well as the foundation for most other religions and many modern-day laws.

“Returning to Sinai” — A Prophetic Call for Climate Justice and Ceremony of Repentance
Between November 6th and 18th, 2022, the UN climate conference COP 27 will take place on the Sinai Peninsula, in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. Religious communities and religious leaders have a key role to play in addressing climate change and climate justice, which requires deep transformation within society. The knowledge of what changes are critically needed to diminish long-term harm to the planet is readily available. However, bringing about change in action demands deeper changes in attitude, a change of heart. This has been the domain of religions for millennia. Religions are sources of inspiration for the transformation of heart and the ensuing changes of attitude.

“How Do People Know the Truth?”: Biden Unleashes Tirade Over Musk Restoring Free Speech Protections on Twitter 
…President Biden has previously accused social media companies of “killing people” by refusing to impose robust censorship over a wide range of subjects. Many of those banned or censored were doctors with opposing views on the data and the science related to the pandemic.

2 Catastrophic Things Are About to Happen to Our Supply Chain
If you think things are bad economically now, hang on to your halo. We are facing a perfect storm for our supply chain within the next month unless several things change dramatically.

Aldi, Walmart Unleash ‘Thanksgiving Price Rewind’ As Battle For Consumer Begins
Consumers are receiving a much-needed break this holiday season as multiple retailers are rolling back the prices on Thanksgiving items. This move is in response to the highest inflation in forty years, crushing household finances as negative real wage growth for 18 months wipes out personal savings and balloons credit card balances.

Democrats want to ban security cameras EVERYWHERE so nobody can videotape their crimes in motion
…suddenly the person videotaping is the criminal, not the actual criminal committing a crime. How about, then should all security cameras everywhere be banned by Democrats? Or maybe ban all police body cams?

Upper East Siders Stunned by 5G Tower Suddenly Installed Outside Their Windows 
Two-and-a-half years ago, City leaders applauded themselves for bringing an ‘equitable expansion of 5G mobile service’ to the five boroughs. Now, the Upper East Side is getting a look at what that actually means: a large tower, packed with 5G transmission equipment — some of it even requiring a radio frequency radiation warning — suddenly installed atop a streetlight on a sleepy Yorkville block, right outside residents’ windows.

Email Points to Pritzker Wanting to Require Covid Vax for School
…internal emails from the Illinois Department of Public Health1 suggest Prtizker is looking into adding the covid shot to the list of school vaccines through a process that doesn’t involve full Legislative approval.

Finland Exposes Massive Covid Reporting Scandal: Nearly 40% of ‘Covid Deaths’ Were Fraudulent
Finland has become one of the first countries to uncover evidence that state agencies around the world committed fraud in their Covid deaths reporting during the pandemic.

As The Beaver Blood Moon Rises, Dozens Of Voting Machines In Democrat Counties Are Suddenly ‘Not Working’ Prompting Cries Of Foul Play
Election Day isn’t even halfway over, and already reports of ‘technical problems’ with dozens of voting machines in heavily-Democrat Maricopa County in Arizona are flooding in. Not only that, the Biden administration is attempting to force the state of Florida to accept 64 voting monitors to 3 large counties, something that Gov. Ron DeSantis says is a violation of state law. If you think the Democrats, who are helplessly watching the Red Tsunami rising, are going to play fair then you are highly deceived.

UK Gov. “Nudge Unit” is working with Banks to implement Social Credit System disguised as ‘Carbon Guilt Trip Tracker’
Imagine you just filled up at the petrol station and you get a message on your phone saying: “Did you know this purchase is equivalent to over 200 kg of carbon? If you used public transport more, you’d save over half.” This is a service that Cogo, a carbon impact platform is providing for mobile banking apps, such as NatWest with the aim to inform and change behaviours.

Impact Investing – The UN’s Global Social Credit System
Social finance or impact investing reduces human beings to the status of potential investments, sources of profit for wealthy ruling vampires, Winter Oak surmised. It is a digital slave trade.  It wants to own and control us – our bodies and every moment of our lives – and it wants to own and control every square inch of our world.

BIDEN ECONOMY: With Inflation at 40-Year Highs, 4.5 Million Americans Turn to Second Job
The number one issue in today’s midterms may be the economy.  This is not because it is good, it’s because the Biden economy is terrible.

Pfizer Appears to have Corrupted the Entire Western World
The people have been lied to. It was a gigantic lie. And on this lie, everything that governments, especially in the Western democracies did to infringe on people’s rights, to take away their freedom, to lock them in their homes, imposing curfews, all of this was based on that gigantic lie.