18 Oct 2022

‘Powerful explosions’ behind Nord Stream leaks, Danish police say
A preliminary investigation of damages to the two Nord Stream gas pipelines in the Danish part of the Baltic Sea shows that the leaks were caused by “powerful explosions,” Copenhagen Police said on Tuesday. The Danish findings appeared to be similar to those of Swedish prosecutors, who said two other holes in the pipelines also seemed to have been caused by explosions and that the case was being investigated as an act of gross sabotage.

Hurricane Ian Was a ‘Worst-Case Scenario’ for Florida
“It was almost prophetic,” Bunting says. “When I saw what was going on with Ian, I thought, ‘This could be it,’ and we started talking to people about it.” Ian was the fifth most powerful storm to ever hit the U.S. It made landfall in Cayo Costa, Florida, on Sept. 28, with maximum sustained winds of 155 miles per hour—just two miles per hour short of Category 5 status.

Stunning court victory – in Joe Biden’s backyard!
A stunning, unexpected landmark ruling came out of nowhere from a most unlikely place – Joe Biden’s backyard – and on an unlikely issue: voter integrity. The Delaware Supreme Court found unanimously that recently passed laws allowing universal vote-by-mail and same-day registration are unconstitutional, marking a win for state Republicans who had rallied against the legislation.

Significant Warming Heads Into Greenland Early This Week while Central Europe Will Face an Intense Heatwave Rapidly Followed by an Arctic Outbreak in Eastern Europe and a Second Powerful Heatwave in the Mediterranean.
Extreme dynamism will characterize the Northern Hemisphere weather next week. Perhaps the most striking event is certainly represented by the intense warm advection heading towards Greenland early this week. Temperature anomalies are forecasted to exceed +20°C over much of Greenland where warming will be significant.

Russian Angara rocket launches mysterious military satellite
Russia launched a small military satellite on Saturday (Oct. 15), pulling off its third orbital mission in less than a week.

Astronomers discovered something strange about ‘potentially hazardous’ asteroid Phaethon
Researchers recently made one particularly notable discovery about Phaethon: Its spin is speeding up. The asteroid’s rotational period is decreasing by 4 milliseconds per year. Even a small change like this could impact the DESTINY+ observations.

Officials Urge People to Pack “Go Bags”, Prepare for Eruption, at World’s Largest Active Volcano in Hawaii, Mauna Loa
Seismic unrest is building at the world’s largest active volcano in Hawaii, where officials are urging people on the Big Island of Hawaii to pack “go bags” and prepare for the inevitable eruption of the giant Mauna Loa volcano. Peak numbers of over 100 earthquakes per day occurred on September 23rd and 29th. While 65 quakes hit in the 24 hours ending yesterday, there were 53 similar earthquakes in the 24 hours ending today.

B-52 bombers, 60 warplanes fly near Russia in new joint nuke NATO exercise
B-52 bombers and around 60 other aircraft are taking part in NATO’s weeks-long nuclear exercise, which kicks off on Monday amid Russian threats of nuclear war. According to a statement by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), 14 countries and up to 60 aircraft will take part in the nuclear exercise known as “Steadfast Noon.” A NATO official said part of the exercise would be held more than 625 miles from Russia,

Elon Musk tweets out nuclear WW3 scenario – ‘Civilization is over’
Elon Musk once again raised concerns about the possibility that the Russian invasion of Ukraine could turn into a nuclear war on Monday, this time laying out a scenario where Ukrainian efforts to take back Crimea set off a nuclear war.

Army Res. major, NY candidate makes porno to prove ‘commitment’ to ‘sex rights’
A major in the U.S. Army Reserves and New York congressional candidate released a sex tape just weeks before the midterm elections in an effort to “demonstrate [his] commitment” to a “sex positive” domestic policy, including decriminalizing and legalizing sex work.

Officer Begs School Not to Unlock Doors for Armed Men, But Vice Principal Did the Unthinkable
The nation’s largest police union blasted the “woke” assistant principals of an Ohio high school for allowing four masked gunmen to enter because they were more concerned that the police would apprehend the suspects than they were about the safety of the students hiding inside from the intruders. “They risked the lives of CHILDREN to show how woke they are. Can’t make it up.”

Reuters “fact check.” We never said the vaccines would prevent anything
There has been a considerable amount of understandable buzz and unrest making the rounds since a Pfizer executive was forced to admit to a European Union conference that they never tested their COVID vaccine to see if it would actually prevent infections or halt the transmission of the virus prior to it being rushed onto the market and mandated almost universally. This has left many health officials and elected officials with …. on their faces and vocal sectors of the public demanding answers.

Terrific: Old Man River, he just keep rolling…basically nothing along
As if there weren’t enough supply-side pressures already pummeling the market and, by extension, consumers and the economy, have you heard about the Mississippi lately? He’s not looking as dewy and moist as he normally does this time of year… In fact, in many places, it’s 15 feet below where it usually is, or there’s no water at all.

Your social credit future is being beta tested in China
China’s social credit system is getting creepier by the day. Not that this is surprising, given how creepy the idea itself is.

No! Boston University CREATES a new Covid strain that has an 80% kill rate
Researchers at Boston University have performed gain-of-function research using recombinant DNA. They combined the spike protein from the Omicron variant of the COVID-19 virus with the original strain of the virus and came up with an artificially created variant with an 80% mortality rate in mice. The virus does not limit itself to infecting mice, either. It is 5 times more infectious in humans than the Omicron virus from which it was derived. Are they insane?

Netherlands shuts down rich natural gas field amid energy crisis
It contains enough natural gas to meet nearly all of the region’s needs for some time to come. The bad news is that they are shutting down all gas drilling in the Groningen field, but it’s not because of climate change concerns or protests by Greta Thunberg. They are terminating all natural gas extraction because the process has produced earth tremors.

US accuses Iran of lying over use of its drones in Ukraine
The White House said on Monday that Iran is lying when it says Iranian drones are not being used by Russia to launch attacks against Ukraine. Press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said there is “extensive proof of their use by Russia against both military and civilian targets there” and that Tehran appears to be considering selling more such weapons to Moscow.

EcoHealth Alliance receives another round of funding for coronavirus bat research in Asia
A coalition of leading House Republicans is raising the alarm and demanding answers after the Biden administration approved another round of grant funding for research on coronaviruses and bats in Asia.

Minnesota teachers union conference dominated by left-wing ideology
An upcoming annual conference hosted by Minnesota’s teachers union is offering several workshops saturated with LGBT ideology. Education Minnesota’s 2022 MEA conference for teachers is set to take place this Thursday, Oct. 20. Attendees have the option of attending in person or virtually, Among the numerous teacher workshops offered during the conference, many of them focus on left-wing themes of “equity,” “gender inclusivity,” and “LGBTQ+ advocacy.” Workshops explicitly promoting left-wing ideology offer some of the greatest availability for participation.

Unusual earthquakes at Katla volcano, Iceland 
Two earthquakes with magnitudes above M3 were detected in Mýrdalsjökull glacier on October 16, sparking discussions about a possible eruption of Katla volcano.

Extreme flooding hits Crete, Greece
A powerful storm hit the Greek island of Crete on October 15, 2022, causing flash floods described by the Greek Fire Department as extreme.

Very bright fireball turns night into day over southern Spain 
A very bright fireball was recorded over southern Spain at 18:46 UTC on October 14, 2022., briefly turning night into day.

Florida To Revoke Licenses Of K-3 Teachers Who Discuss Gender Identity, Sexuality
Any teacher who “intentionally provide[s] classroom instruction” to K-3 students on those topics will face “revocation or suspension of the individual educator’s certificate, or the other penalties as provided by law.”

Massive protests in Paris, France
Some 140 000 people marched through the streets of Paris, France on October 16, 2022, due to rising prices and the policy of the EU that led to it. The organizers said the main outcome of the protest is a general strike.

Higher cost of living expected after top food-producing regions suffer major flooding, Australia 
Drier weather has returned to flood-affected parts of Victoria, Tasmania and New South Wales on Monday, October 17, 2022, however, floodwaters remain high and continue to rise at some locations. Dry conditions will be short-lived, as more widespread rain and storms are forecast across eastern Australia later this week.

Why Are Student Test Scores Plunging? Look At Politicized Education
Recent national student test scores showed a massive decline in learning in reading and math. This achievement implosion has several explanations – one is the increasing politicization of classroom instruction, which is reducing rigor and diverting attention from improving students’ foundational knowledge and skills.

VIDEO: Boston Children’s Hospital Cuts Video Telling Parents Their Children May Know They’re Trans from the Womb
Boston Children’s Hospital cut a video telling parents their children may know they’re trans from the womb.

Mass extinction event underway across planet Earth as WILDLIFE populations plunge nearly 70 percent in just 50 years 
Over the past fifty years, the world has been undergoing a mass extinction event, as habitats and bio-diverse ecosystems are diminished from the planet. The World-Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) published a new report documenting the appalling loss of animal populations since 1970.

BlackRock and Vanguard are taking over centralized food production technologies and will have near-total control over the future food supply in America
Many people are still blissfully unaware of what has happened, but the global food supply has been largely taken over by the oligarchs, including financial giants BlackRock and Vanguard. It turns out that BlackRock and Vanguard have been gradually gobbling up ownership of the means of production, and now intend to lord it over the masses by centralizing all food production technologies in the United States and enslaving everyone under their control.

Opinion: The stock market is in trouble. That’s because the bond market is ‘very close to a crash.’
Don’t assume the worst is over, says investor Larry McDonald. There’s talk of a policy pivot by the Federal Reserve as interest rates rise quickly and stocks keep falling. Both may continue.

Red Pope Francis Calls for “New Economic System” that Guarantees “Food, Health, Economic and Social Rights”
Pope Francis says that the world and its institutions require material changes to create a new economic system that creates food, health, economic and social rights for all.

Netherlands’ Land Grab: Government’s Proposal to Seize Up To 600 Farms Within a Year, by Force if Necessary 
Tens of thousands of farmers have taken to the streets to oppose new government climate goals that will force thousands of farmers out of business. Despite all of these protests, the Dutch government is now talking about state-forced buyouts of 500-600 farms as early as within the next year. In other words, the state could be forcing farmers to sell their land to the state.

The Long Game: An Uphill Battle To Restore Gun Rights
“The anti-gun left is good at moving the Overton Window in their favor, and we have to fight back.” 

Republican lawmakers decry FBI’s ‘open war on pro-life activists’
Rep. Chip Roy and Sen. Mike Lee, along with 38 of their colleagues, wrote a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray seeking answers from the FBI regarding what they see as the selective enforcement of federal law as arrests of pro-life activists make national headlines.