17 Oct 2022

Election Software CEO Surrenders To LA Authorities; Prosecutors Allege ‘Massive Data Breach’
Eugune Yu, 64, who heads Konnech, a company that provides software to electoral districts for the management of poll workers, was charged with the felony crime of embezzlement of public funds. … County Deputy District Attorney Eric Neff alleged in court that the amount of data involved in the breach was “astounding,” adding that “this is probably the largest data breach in United States history.”

Sweden’s Moderate Party secures deal for government formation with far-right backing
Kristersson told a news conference it will be a three-party government, and the largest right-wing party, the Sweden Democrats, will not be a part of the coalition, but will have a cooperative role and will back it in parliament. The far-right Sweden Democrats will also be entitled to appoint civil servants in government offices.

Strikes in France continue amid fuel shortages
Strikes at TotalEngines group refineries in France continued on Saturday, as a main workers union rejected a deal over pay increase that two other unions had agreed to. The deal, for a 7% wage rise and bonus payment to the workers, was refused on Friday by the General Confederation of Labor (CGT), which has requested a 10% pay hike. The union has called for a nationwide, general strike on Oct. 18.

Two reported dead from ‘rodent plague’ in Tibet
Two Tibetans have died from a pneumonic plague spread by mice and other rodents in a southern county of Tibet, with Chinese authorities now ordering county residents to stay at home, RFA has learned. “And authorities are warning people not to talk openly about this issue, saying they will be charged with spreading rumors if they are caught.”

Hastings kids have access to ‘Gender Queer’ book with sexually graphic pictures
Children in the Hastings Public Schools district can easily get their hands on a book titled “Gender Queer” that includes illustrations of sexual acts, a school board member said. In an interview conducted by Minnesota Senate candidate Tom Dippel, Hastings school board member Carrie Tate confirmed that the controversial graphic novel by Maia Kobabe is available to schoolchildren in the district. “[Parents] are astonished that it’s in our school, and I think that they’re appalled,”

Tourists Shocked As Number Of Homeless Encampments Explodes In DC
Washington DC has been looking more and more like other Democrat-run cities across the country, as abject squalor spreads throughout the nation’s capital. According to homeless man Daniel Kingery, who set up his tent in historic McPherson Square over two years ago, the number of people living on the street has exploded since President Biden’s inauguration.
“Bleeding hearts have no brains, unfortunately,” he said. “There’s so much [donated] food coming into this park, there’s not enough people to eat it. So they’ll give it to the birds or throw it away.”

“This Is What Annihilation Looks Like”: Biden Export Controls ‘Wreaking Havoc’ On China’s Chip Industry
To put it simply, Biden has forced all Americans working in China to pick between quitting their jobs and losing American citizenship,” Schneider writes, adding “One round of sanctions from Biden did more damage than all four years of performative sanctioning under Trump.” Every American executive and engineer working in China’s semiconductor manufacturing industry resigned yesterday, paralyzing Chinese manufacturing overnight.

OPEC+ members line up to endorse output cut after U.S. coercion claim
OPEC+ member states lined up on Sunday to endorse the steep production cut agreed this month after the White House, stepping up a war of words with Saudi Arabia, accused Riyadh of coercing some other nations into supporting the move. The United States noted on Thursday that the cut would boost Russia’s foreign earnings and suggested it had been engineered for political reasons by Saudi Arabia, which on Sunday denied it was supporting Moscow in its invasion of Ukraine.

Ukraine offers $100,000 bounty for former Donetsk separatist commander
Ukraine’s Defense Ministry’s Main Intelligence Directorate announced a reward of $100,000 on Saturday for the capture of Igor “Strelkov” Girkin. Girkin is a former Russian FSB agent and a key figure in Russia’s initial occupation of Ukraine in 2014, when he led Kremlin-backed separatists to seize Slovyansk, in the Donetsk Oblast.

Qatari sheikh calls for normalization with Israel: ‘People need to be realistic’
Al Suwaidi, on the other hand told the Israeli broadcaster that he believes in normalization with Israel and that he would like to visit Tel Aviv. “We can’t banish Israel and Israel can’t leave,” he said from Doha. “People need to be realistic.”

Biden Accused of ‘Election Interference’ After Bombshell Revelation by Saudi Arabia
“Saudi Arabia said Thursday that the U.S. had urged it to postpone a decision by OPEC and its allies — including Russia — to cut oil production by a month,” the AP reported. “Such a delay could have helped reduce the risk of a spike in gas prices ahead of the U.S. midterm elections next month.” You don’t say. What a coincidence!

White House ‘deeply disappointed’ by Palestinian pivot toward Russia
The U.S. administration has criticized Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas for seeking to involve Russia in the peace process with Israel, Axios reported on Saturday.

China and Egypt call on ALL their citizens to leave Ukraine immediately
Egypt is urging its citizens to leave Ukraine as soon as possible. The Chinese Foreign Ministry calls on its citizens in Ukraine to leave the country immediately … .

Strong and shallow M6.3 earthquake hits off the coast of Central America 
A strong and shallow earthquake, registered by the USGS as M6.3, hit off the coast of Central America at 12:48 UTC on October 16, 2022. The agency is reporting a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles). EMSC is reporting M6.3 at a depth of 11 km (6.8 miles).

White House Admits to Weather Modification Research, Including ‘Spraying Aerosols’ to Block Sun
In an effort to fight so-called global warming, the White House is coordinating research into the feasibility and efficacy of blocking out the sun.

The Energy Crisis In Europe Is So Bad That Some People Are Thinking Of Using Horse Poop To Heat Their Homes This Winter
Europe is facing an extremely cold winter that will be filled with energy shortages, blackouts and absurdly high power bills.  All across the continent, ordinary people can see what is coming, and many of them are starting to panic.  Demand for wood stoves is off the charts, and many Europeans are hoarding wood and other materials to burn in their existing wood stoves during the bitterly cold months ahead.

In Groundbreaking Speech, Xi Vows To Guide China To “Incomparable Glory”, An Alternative To The US
“China’s international influence, appeal and power to shape the world has significantly increased. Chinese modernization offers humanity a new choice for achieving modernization;”

Massive Bean Piles Spotted Up And Down Mississippi River As Barges Can’t Meet Harvest Demand
Bean and other farm goods are piling up at farms up and down the Mississippi River as barges can’t be fully loaded due to dangerously low water levels. Barges have reduced weight to improve the draft, which means less availability and unable to meet harvest demand.

Europe has suffered a record-breaking number of Excess Deaths in 2022 & it’s because so many Children & Young Adults are “mysteriously” dying 
Official figures on deaths collated from 27 countries around Europe reveal the continent has suffered more excess deaths in 2022 than in any of the past five years, even surpassing deaths in the first year of the alleged Covid-19 pandemic.

Government reports prove COVID Vaccination is killing Hundreds of Thousands every week & Confidential Pfizer Docs. confirm your Government knew it would happen
You may find some of the following claims initially hard to believe. But we can assure you that each and every one has been extracted from official Government approved documents.

Chants of ‘Death to Khamenei’ Heard Outside Burning Iranian Jail Where Hundreds of Regime’s Opponents Held
ran’s infamous and brutal Evin prison is on fire after weeks of protest against Iran’s brutal regime.

White House now pursuing same sun-blocking geoengineering scheme that was called a “conspiracy theory” just two years ago
The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy has launched a five-year research plan that aims to develop methods of reflecting sunlight back into space in order to “cool” the planet and save it from “global warming.”

Communist Chinese Party Govt. Set Up ‘Police Station’ to Spy on Dissenters in New York
New York City: The Communist Chinese Party (CCP) government set up an outpost to conduct surveillance on dissenters living abroad. It is being run by a shady US-based charity, America Changle Association NY Inc. that is on the IRS blacklist.

Polish Households Burn Trash To Stay Warm As Sanctions On Russia Backfire 
One may surmise that Western sanctions against Russia are failing if Europeans are now turning to trash burning to heat their homes. This comes in the wake of Polish households burning trash just to stay warm as sanctions on Russia backfire.

Xi opens 20th congress of China’s ruling Communist Party
President Xi Jinping on Sunday kicked-off the 20th congress of China’s ruling Communist Party with warnings that he may use force to retake Taiwan as he slammed foreign interference in its reunification efforts.

The Wall Of Worry Knows No Bounds
As scary as nuclear war, oil shortages, deteriorating relationships across the Middle East, and the risk to Taiwan is, they barely form the foundation of the current wall of worry!

92% of Bible users say Scripture has ‘transformed’ their life: survey
A new study finds that the overwhelming majority of those who read the Bible at least three times a year have experienced transformation as a result of their encounters with Scripture, along with a sizable minority of Christians who interact with the Bible less frequently.

The Nightmare COVID Variant That Beats Our Immunity Is Finally Here
A new subvariant of the novel-coronavirus called XBB dramatically announced itself earlier this week, in Singapore. New COVID-19 cases more than doubled in a day, from 4,700 on Monday to 11,700 on Tuesday—and XBB is almost certainly why. The same subvariant just appeared in Hong Kong, too.