15 Sep 2022

Temple professor falsely accused of spying for China urges court to revive his suit against the FBI
A Temple University physics professor the Justice Department falsely accused seven years ago of being an economic spy for China returned to court Wednesday to urge a panel of federal judges to reinstate his lawsuit against the U.S. government. Xiaoxing Xi, a naturalized U.S. citizen and world-renowned expert in the field of superconductivity, saw his life upended when he was indicted in 2015 on allegations he stole proprietary technology from a U.S. company.
“This is a case about accountability.”

Here’s the US military’s secret new ‘Dream Chaser’ space plane
As soon as 2023, the United States military could have a new spacecraft to transport troops to space and low Earth orbit locations anywhere in the world within three hours.

“Prologue To Third World War”: Kremlin Reacts To Security Guarantees For Ukraine
Ukraine wants a ‘NATO-esque’ bloc which can be called upon to immediately defend borders with Russia, … The Kremlin’s reaction has been swift and fierce, with Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia Dmitry Medvedev warning that it is “really a prologue to the Third World War” if it gets enacted. He described that nuclear holocaust would be the end result. Everything will be on fire around them. Their people will harvest their grief in full. The land will be on fire and the concrete will melt.”

Who are the Samaritans? Washington exhibit to showcase the biblical people
Though not actually Jewish, but practicing many Jewish rituals and traditions, the Samaritans consider themselves to be the true guardians of the Torah – the Book of the Law of Moses and of Israel. The Samaritans claim descent from the ancient Israelites of Samaria, but their origins remain unclear, and there are several different versions. Nonetheless, they have survived the vicissitudes of time, conflicts and assimilation, and today are the smallest of Israel’s minorities, with a foot in both the Israeli and the Palestinian camps.

Death for Apostates, Jail for Blasphemers
A Libyan court has sentenced a young man to death for “apostasy from Islam.” According to the Libyan al-Jumhiriyah channel, the verdict was issued against a young man named Diya’ al-Din Bil’awa, who graduated from the College of Information Technology in 2018. Diya’ was also described as a hafiz—one who had memorized the entire Koran—suggesting that he was once a member of the Islamic clerical class, thereby making his apostasy all the more scandalous.

A new and ambitious project will ‘bring’ the moon to the Middle East
Dubai is planning an ambitious project, investing $5 billion in recreating the moon as a destination resort intended to boost their already booming tourism industry. It will require four years to construct the 735-foot tall satellite from carbon fiber and have solar cells to generate power. The surface will be illuminated, and can be used to depict the various phases of the moon or to display light shows.

Israel to play key role in defending Germany against a Russian attack
with reports surfacing that Berlin has made a preliminary decision to buy the Arrow-3, rather than the competing THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) system made by Lockheed Martin, Israel appears to be a step closer to playing a significant role in Germany’s ability to defend itself against future Russian missile threats.

Secret Tunnels under the Temple Mount
A video has surfaced on social media showing a tunnel that runs under the flagstones of the Temple Mount Plaza.
The tunnel is shallow, directly under the stones, and neglected, full of garbage. The background music implies that the video was taken by an Arab in the area of the Aqsa Mosque on the Southern end of the Temple Mount. The Ark of the Covenant is believed to be hidden in one of these unexplored chambers.

Air Force loses appeal in federal vaccine exemption lawsuit
A federal appeals court has denied the Air Force’s attempt to overturn class certification and a class-wide preliminary injunction that protects Airmen from discipline as a lawsuit continues against the Department of Defense mandate requiring members to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Bomb explodes at Northeastern University with note citing Mark Zuckerberg
A suspicious package sent to Northeastern University exploded on Tuesday injuring one staff member, according to officials. The package contained a message criticizing Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

An Army Twitter account unblocks user after AMN investigates questionable behavior
The U.S. Army’s Medical Center of Excellence (MEDCoE) had blocked a user on Twitter but reversed course on Wednesday after American Military News investigated the center’s social media practice. MEDCoE’s official Twitter account had blocked at least one Twitter user who called out the behavior on the social media platform.

Gantz and Eizenkot will advance the agenda of the extreme left
Religious Zionism MK warns: A vote for Gantz will return us to the days of Oslo and the rule of Mansour Abbas. MK Ofir Sofer (Religious Zionism) was a guest in the Israel National News studio on Wednesday, after the submission of the party’s slate to the Central Elections Committee, with the Noam party joining the ticket at the last minute. “The entire right-wing bloc has a challenge not to lose votes. We have a responsibility, whether it’s through ‘Noam’ or those who left Yamina, to bring in all the votes and also those who have not voted in the past.

Very strong M7.0 earthquake hits southeast of Loyalty Islands
A very strong earthquake registered by the USGS as M7.0 hit southeast of the Loyalty Islands, New Caledonia at 11:04 UTC on September 14, 2022. The agency is reporting a depth of 145 km (90 miles). EMSC is reporting M6.9 at a depth of 143 km

Shallow M5.8 earthquake hits American Samoa region 
A shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M5.8 hit the American Samoa region at 05:08 UTC on September 14, 2022. The agency is reporting a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles). EMSC is reporting M5.8 at a depth of 40 km (25 miles).

China issues red alert as Typhoon “Muifa” nears Shanghai
China’s national observatory issued a red alert, the most severe warning level, on Wednesday, September 14, 2022, as Typhoon Muifa is expected to make landfall twice later in the day-the first in coastal areas between Sanmen County and Zhoushan City in Zhejiang Province around nightfall, and the second in coastal areas between Jiaxing City in Zhejiang Province and Shanghai’s Pudong District on Wednesday evening, with maximum 1-minute sustained winds of 130 km/h (80 mph).

Bill Gates’ Colombian Mosquito Factory Breeding 30 Million Bacteria-Infected Mosquitos Per Week
Bill Gates’ Colombian ‘mosquito factory’ is breeding 30 million bacteria-infected mosquitos per week. The project’s objective appears to be to introduce Wolbachia into native mosquito populations by employing lab-bred mosquitoes, resulting in the infection of such populations.

Satellite Image Reveals ‘Agriculture Wasteland’ Across California’s Rice Capital 
New satellite imagery shows a large swath of California’s rice fields has been left barren without harvest as fears of a ‘mini dust bowl’ emerge due to diminishing water supplies.

Russia and Ukraine accuse each other of shelling around Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant
Moscow and Kyiv traded fresh accusations on Saturday of shelling around the Russian-occupied Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in Ukraine, which has been a focus of international concern that fighting in the area could trigger a disaster.

American Babylon and the LGBT plague
…Importantly, the warning is not primarily about the consequence to individuals, but to society as a whole. And it is the same warning given both to Noah’s generation before the Great Flood and to Sodom and Gomorrah before they were incinerated. Bottom line: the widespread normalization of homosexuality is THE key harbinger of God’s wrath from Genesis to Revelation.

Alarm Bells Sound As World’s Second Largest Appliance Company Reports Demand Plunge
Swedish appliance maker Electrolux AB announced a cost reduction program after reporting a plunge in demand for its home appliances across Europe and the US.

U.S. Heat Wave Hits Supermarkets’ Produce Sections – WSJ
High temperatures in the Western U.S. are hitting the produce industry, damaging crops, shrinking shipments and leaving fewer leafy greens and fruits on supermarket shelves.

$1.3 Billion in COVID Relief Funds Ended Up Overseas, Says Inspector General
The Small Business Administration awarded up to $1.3 billion in pandemic relief to unqualified foreign applicants that may have included international criminal organizations, according to a report from the agency’s inspector general.

White House Readies ‘Emergency Decree’ As Nationwide Rail Strike Looms
President Biden and senior administration officials are working with others in the transportation industry, including truckers, shippers, and air freight, for “contingency plans” if a rail shutdown materializes at the end of the week, a White House official told Bloomberg.

Smoking gun? FDA refusing to provide key covid “vaccine” safety analyses, suggesting massive coverup 
Government regulators at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) say they will not release any of the agency’s Covid-19 “vaccine” safety analyses for independent review because their findings are allegedly part of internal discussions that are protected by law.

Ukraine’s Astronomers Say There Are Tons of UFOs Over Kyiv
Ukraine’s airspace has been busy this year—that’s the nature of war. But scientists in the country are looking to the skies and seeing something they didn’t expect: An inordinate number of UFOs,

Report: Former Patreon Employee Claims Company Ignored Child Abuse Content to Protect ‘Minor-Attracted People’
A GlassDoor review left by an alleged former Patreon employee claims that the company told trust and safety team members to overlook pedophilic content and protect “minor-attracted people.”

Court rules Christian adoption agency can refuse to place children with same-sex couples 
A Christian adoption agency in New York recently won a lawsuit after a federal judge ruled the state could not require the organization to violate its religious beliefs by placing children with same-sex or unmarried couples.

As September 16th Deadline Looms, Major Freight Railroads Prepare for Possible Strike Costing US Economy More than $2 Billion a Day
This week a Labour MP, Rupa Huq, has introduced an amendment to legislation that would proposes a 2 year jail sentence for anyone praying with women before they go into an abortion centre. Rupa Huq is one of the most vocal supporters of abortion in the House of Commons. Her ammendment seeks to enforce a “buffer zone” outside abortion centers.

Two year Jail sentence for prayer outside Abortion providers considered by British Parliament
This week a Labour MP, Rupa Huq, has introduced an amendment to legislation that would proposes a 2 year jail sentence for anyone praying with women before they go into an abortion centre. Rupa Huq is one of the most vocal supporters of abortion in the House of Commons. Her ammendment seeks to enforce a “buffer zone” outside abortion centers.