31 Aug 2022

Biden warns gun owners: ‘You need an F-15 to fight the gov’t’
President Joe Biden again warned “right-wing Americans” who support the Second Amendment on Tuesday, asserting they would “need an F-15” to take on the government. Biden then appeared to accuse the same Americans of “shooting at” police. “And for those brave right-wing Americans who say [the Second Amendment] is all about keeping America independent and safe, if you want to fight against the country, you need an F-15. You need something more than a gun,” Biden said, mocking Second Amendment advocates while speaking to a crowd in Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

Poll Worker Goes to Wipe Down Voting Machine, Discovers Haunting Four Word Message on the Screen
On the last day of voting in Colorado’s June primary, a poll worker sent to wipe down a voting machine found a concerning error message on its screen: “USB device change detected.” The machine, used to mark ballots electronically, was taken out of use, and an investigation launched. The message raised concerns that a voter had tried to tamper with it by inserting an off-the-shelf thumb drive.

US Citizen Imprisoned in China to Be Executed After Losing Appeal
An American citizen faces execution in China now that his appeal of a murder conviction has been rejected. Shadeed Abdulmateen was convicted of killing his former girlfriend, and the death sentence was announced in April.

25k Dead Voters Allegedly on Michigan’s Voter Roll – Court Gloriously Denies Dem Leader’s Attempt to Dismiss It
A federal district court judge in Michigan on Thursday denied Democrat Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson’s efforts to dismiss a lawsuit against her office for failing to remove deceased registrants from the state’s voter rolls. In November, the Public Interest Legal Foundation filed the suit, claiming their analysis determined 25,975 dead Michiganders were registered to vote as of August 2021. Of those, 23,663 had been dead for five or more years, while 17,479 had been dead for more than a decade and 3,596 had been dead for at least 20 years.

Faith-based physicians group sues for right to define ‘free and fair’
A medical nonprofit group is suing the State of Michigan because the doctors’ values conflict with the state government’s definition of what is “free and fair” in The Wolverine State. Alliance Defending Freedom has filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of Christian Healthcare Centers, a unique nonprofit that sees patients at two primary care offices in the state. That wokeness goes beyond powerful Democrats in Michigan’s highest public offices: The American Medical Association supports the mental illness-ignoring transgender craze, too, including the usage of “personal pronouns” such as “they” and “them.”

Light rail crime remains 200% higher than 2019
Crime on Metro Transit’s light rail remains nearly 200% higher than 2019, according to data obtained by Alpha News. However, crime is down 24% from 2020, when more than 3,000 crimes were committed on light rail despite a huge drop in ridership, which continued to decline last year. According to data from Metro Transit, there were 806 crimes reported on light rail in 2019. That number jumped to 3,176 in 2020 and 2,407 last year.

Hospital that promoted disputed puberty blocker study tried to hide mistakes, avoid questions
The University of Washington (UW) and Seattle Children’s Hospital (SCH) conspired to cover their tracks after falsely claiming their study had found that puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones improved mental health for transgender youths, according to emails obtained by Jason Rantz. UW and SCH spokespeople agreed not to correct inaccurate news articles that were written based off their press release and to ignore questions from outlets they characterized as conservative, it was *only* conservative outlets that reached out about this scandal.

US computer firm Dell ceases Russia operations
Dell Technologies on August 27 said it had ended all operations in Russia after shutting its offices earlier this month, becoming the latest Western company to leave Russia in the face of Moscow’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Dell, a U.S. computer company, is a key supplier of servers in Russia.

10 Facts Electric Vehicle Advocates Don’t Want You To Know
The central reason the Left loves EVs is that the process of forcing Americans to convert to electric-powered transportation will destroy forever the incredible freedom and prosperity associated with privately owned gas-powered vehicles. The future will instead be centrally controlled by rich elitists and their corrupt politicians, power-hungry bureaucrats, and ideologically driven “experts.”

Heat Dome Bakes California As “A Lot Of Records Could Be Tied Or Broken”
The heat dome will spread into Washington, Oregon, and even Montana, Brian Hurley, a senior branch forecaster at the US Weather prediction center, said, …

Another US Food Processing Plant Catches Fire, Add This To Growing List
Another food processing plant went up in flames last weekend. Add this poultry business in California to the growing list of US food plants that have been knocked offline in the past year due to “accidental fires.”

Taiwan Fired “Defensive Shots” At China Drones For First Time
The headline sparked anxiety across markets as fears remain of a broader ‘reunification’ war in the wake of Nancy Pelosi’s ultra provocative Taipei visit on Aug.2.

China Is Aggressively Reselling Russian Gas To Europe
China bought a total of 2.35 million tonnes of liquefied natural gas (LNG) – valued at US$2.16 billion. The import volume increased by 28.7% year on year, with the value surging by 182%. It meant Russia has surpassed Indonesia and the United States to become China’s fourth-largest supplier of LNG so far this year! This, of course, is not to be confused with pipeline gas, where Russian producer Gazprom recently announced that its daily supplies to China via the Power of Siberia pipeline had reached a new all-time high …

Nuclear Power Is Staging A Remarkable Comeback
Faced with an unprecedented energy crisis, governments in the West are rethinking their long-held positions on the role of nuclear power generation, setting the stage for what could be the biggest energy source ‘comeback’ story of recent times.

If Israel fails to stop nuclear deal, it still has military means to prevent Iranian bomb
“As long as the deal is not concluded we shall make an effort, definitely the Mossad chief’s visit is a main card, it’s one of our aces,” Kuperwasser told The Media Line, adding that Prime Minister Yair Lapid is trying to speak personally with President Biden. “There’s never a last card to play; as long as they have not concluded the deal, Israel will play any possible card in order to convince the Americans” not to sign a new JCPOA,

Head of new IRS armed enforcement wing targeted Pro-Israel, conservative groups
A Treasury official told Reuters that most of the new hires would go toward filling positions for 50,000 IRS employees who are on the verge of retirement and that the majority of net new hires would serve in customer service roles like upgrading IT systems or answering calls. Contrary to this claim, however, a report by the Congressional Research Service showed that the largest increase in the IRS resulting from the Inflation Reduction Act would be in enforcement,

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un battling COVID-19
North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un has come down with COVID-19, according to the country’s state media. With rumours spreading for weeks that the dictator was ailing, state newspaper Rodong Shinmun said on Tuesday that Kim “suffered in high fever in the middle of the anti-pandemic battle,”

Mikhail Gorbachev dies at 91
The last leader of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, died on Tuesday at the age of 91, Russian media reported, citing officials at the Central Clinical Hospital. Gorbachev was in power when the Soviet Union disintegrated and his foreign policy he promoted led to the end of the Cold War without bloodshed in 1991.

Top Anti-Trump FBI Official Reportedly Escorted Out of Office by ‘Headquarters-Looking Types’
A top FBI official at the center of allegations by whistleblowers of political bias in the bureau against former President Donald Trump has apparently resigned under pressure after a report he was escorted out of his office by “headquarters-looking types” last week. Timothy Thibualt, now the former assistant special agent in charge of the Washington field office, had come under fire after he allegedly interfered with an assessment of the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop, according to whistleblower reports.

Dem Handed Down Felony Charge by Grand Jury – Could Face 3 Years in Prison and $100K Fine
Democratic Colorado State Senator and chair of the chamber’s judicial committee Pete Lee was indicted at the beginning of the month on a felony charge for allegedly lying for the purpose of voting about where he lives. On Aug. 3, an El Paso County grand jury indicted Lee, but the state senator denied the charges, the Associated Press reported. The grand jury indictment alleges that on March 3, 2020, Lee “voted giving false information regarding the elector’s place of present residence,” the Colorado Sun reported. Providing false information about residence is a Class 5 felony.

Why Are So Many Bad Things Happening To America In 2022?
The current crop of politicians in Washington is the worst that we have had in our entire history, and all of the “solutions” they give us just seem to make matters even worse. This weekend, I came across a very intriguing article in the Jerusalem Post entitled “Is God punishing the United States of America?” Sadly, he is right on target. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the population has no idea what is ahead, and so most of them are going to be absolutely blind-sided by the cataclysmic events that are rapidly coming our way.

Strong and shallow M6.3 earthquake hits the Pacific-Antarctic Ridge – The Watchers
A strong and shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.3 hit the Pacific-Antarctic Ridge at 09:09 UTC on August 30, 2022. The agency is reporting a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles). EMSC is reporting the same magnitude and depth.

Typhoon “Hinnamnor” reaches super typhoon strength, becomes the strongest tropical cyclone of the year 
Typhoon “Hinnamnor” formed on August 28, 2022, and reached super typhoon strength by 12:00 UTC on August 30, making it the strongest tropical cyclone of the year. The system is currently located well east of Okinawa, Japan, and is heading west at 28 km/h (17 mph).

Whistleblower: American Academy of Pediatrics Ignored, Buried Doctors’ Major Concerns Over Trans Agenda
It would appear that the American Academy of Pediatrics has traded real scientific inquiry from real doctors for the left’s realpolitik embrace of transgenderism at any cost. Even if that price is paid by their patients.

Is the Food Crisis Over or Just Getting Started? – International Man
Are you hungry? Good, according to the central planners. The folks over at the UN stopped destroying the world for a brief few minutes to publish a piece (snapshot below) justifying their behavior and explaining the “benefits” of the famine they’ve engineered. Not making this up.

As Target Pushes Transgender Lifestyle on Youth, Retailer Sees 90% Decline in Profits
Woke retailer Target has recently suffered a significant decline in profits as it pushes to normalize the transgender lifestyle. On Wednesday, Target revealed that its second-quarter profits for this year have fallen nearly 90% after being forced to slash the prices on unwanted merchandise.

ACLU Supports Use of Chemically Castrating Drugs on Trans Kids
The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which previously opposed the administration of a drug to chemically castrate sex offenders, is now advocating for children to be able to take the chemically castrating drugs as puberty blockers.

Food Shortages PLANNED
Does your gut say food shortages are planned? Mine too. Over the past few months, the United States has suffered an ALLEGED “food shortage” of Baby Formula, with stores being told that food plant shut downs were the cause of baby food shortages.

Activity book tells kids to ‘explore’ feelings on assisted dying – The Counter Signal
The Canadian Virtual Hospice has created an “activity book” to help children “explore their feelings” about doctor-assisted dying “by someone in your life.”

EXCLUSIVE LEAK: Trudeau installing weapons armouries, interrogation rooms for Ministry of Climate Change 
The Ministry of Environment & Climate Change Canada (ECCC) is building a new facility in Winnipeg that will be home to a firearms armoury, interrogation rooms, biological labs, media relations offices, “controlled quiet rooms,” and intelligence facilities.

Canada Is Euthanizing It’s Sick and Poor. Welcome to World of Government Health Care.
Many leftists tout Canada’s socialized health care system as something America should emulate, claiming government-run health care is more humane. But it seems Canadian officials are more interested in urging doctors to help patients to kill themselves than to treat them.

Over 30 deaths of young, healthy Canadian doctors cannot be explained any other way than they were killed by the vaccine
So how can there now be over 30 deaths of young doctors in Canada who died shortly after the vax shots? I know this from a very reliable source; the details of those deaths will be released in about a week from now.

Rockefeller Foundation Funds Behavioural Scientists to Push Covid Injections in Africa and South America 
An initiative funded in part by the Rockefeller Foundation is investing an initial $7.2 million in behavioural research focused on convincing more people to get the Covid-19 injections, the foundation announced last week.

Proof your Government is manipulating data to cover-up the lethality of COVID-19 Vaccination 
Despite widespread anecdotal and research evidence of severe disease and death closely associated with COVID-19 injections, their link to COVID mortality has been dismissed as rare and coincidental, because comprehensive statistical evidence has not been obvious in official mortality data.

‘We’ve Been So Busy’: Australian Funeral Director Reports That Business Is up by FIFTY PERCENT
“I’m seeing lots of people dying that are born in the 60s and beyond. So it’s not just the elderly.” “That person is normally a super fit person. And I’ve had a few instances happen in the last six months, where it has been quite startling that they would actually pass away.”

ANTIFA Protects Pedo Groomers, Stand Guard With ‘Assault Weapons’ Outside ‘Kid Friendly’ Drag Show In Texas
According to a report from The Post Millennial, a group of armed Antifa militants were observed standing guard outside of a drag show advertised as being “kid friendly” in Roanoke earlier in August. The Antifa militants attempted to intimidate protesters who were speaking out against the predatory event.

Shocking: Thousands In Line For Rations! – People Wait Days For Fuel As Winter Approaches!
“Josh Sigurdson reports on the shocking footage out of Poland as thousands line up for DAYS at a time in their cars to collect rations of coal to ensure heating in the winter as the global supply chain and the energy grid collapse simultaneously, all by the plan. Cars could be seen for as far as the eye can see, waiting to desperately hoard coal for the coming winter as the grid goes down. The rations are becoming clear and present worldwide as the globalists destroy the supply chain and grid.

Interrogation Rooms, Weapons: France hires 3,000 Police Officers for ‘Climate Protection’ 
French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin has announced that an Armed Climate Protection Force will be added to the French police force. However, it is not clouds or invisible gases that are to be fought, but people. Critics suspect the new interrogation rooms will be used to intimidate and re-educate those who think differently.

New Study: 1 in 100 Teens Developed Heart Inflammation after 2x Pfizer Injection
Dr. Koka finds it very troubling that heart damage in young, healthy children is dismissed as ‘mild.’ In Thailand, research on 13 to 18-year-olds has been conducted into the number of cases, among other things, of myocardial injury after receiving the Covid vaccination. Unfortunately, the results are not reassuring, explains cardiologist Anisha Koka.