24 Aug 2022

A Sober Assessment of the State of America and the World
Are we living in the last moments of human history? Is the whole world about to explode? Has America ever been in a worse condition than it is now? Certainly, we are living in chaotic times, times of trouble and upheaval. But how bad are things, really? How dire is the condition of the world?

The Intel Community Looks to Improve Its Ability To Spy Objects in Space
The U.S. Space Force’s 18th Space Control Squadron can track and monitor space objects as small as 4 inches as they rapidly orbit nearly 400 miles above the Earth’s surface.

Chinese Working With Mexican Cartels to Get Fentanyl to US
Vittert interviewed David Asher, a former State Department official, about the connection between the drug cartels and the Chinese. “You got to understand that none of this could work without the Chinese government’s involvement. So we’re not just dealing with drug cartels and the Chinese Triad, which are the version of drug cartels in China,” Asher said. ”We’re dealing with the Chinese Ministry of State Security, the United Front part of the Communist Party; they are organizing the fentanyl shipments to Mexico.

Man beaten to death on Seattle street by serial criminal just released from jail
Just days after being released from jail, a serial criminal violently beat a man to death with a metal bar in Seattle in broad daylight. The killing took place on the sidewalk of a busy street. Seattle Police Department Chief Adrian Diaz said courts frequently release dangerous criminals in the city. Retired Seattle Judge Shirley Wilson said judges “have a lot of power and discretion” which is why “voting for judges” is “serious.”

The misconception that there is no sound in space originates because most space is a ~vacuum, providing no way for sound waves to travel. A galaxy cluster has so much gas that we’ve picked up actual sound. Here it’s amplified, and mixed with other data, to hear a black hole!

“I’m Shocked”: US Crop Tour Reveals Drought-Stricken Cornfields
Corn futures in Chicago rose to a six-week high on Tuesday as crop tours show much of the Western crop belt is plagued with drought conditions, especially in parts of Nebraska and South Dakota where plants aren’t producing ears of grain.
Nationally, USDA estimates that 55% of US corn is in good or excellent shape, down from 60% last year. The concerning factor is the farmland affected by disasters, including drought and flooding — has more than tripled from last year to 6.4 million acres.

Republicans Vow To Investigate Fauci Despite Convenient Retirement
“Fauci’s resignation will not prevent a full-throated investigation into the origins of the pandemic,” tweeted Senator Rand Paul, who has become Fauci’s arch nemesis through repeated questioning of Fauci’s obfuscation of the meaning of gain of function. “He will be asked to testify under oath regarding any discussions he participated in concerning the lab leak,”

Federal Judge Protects The Religious Right Of Marines To Refuse COVID Vaccine
U.S. District Court of Florida Judge Steven Merryday issued an injunction this week against the Department of Defense and the U.S. Marine Corps, allowing US Marines with religious objections to refuse covid vaccine mandates imposed by the Biden Administration.

NYT Op-Ed: Throw out the ‘Broken Constitution’ and ‘Reclaim America’
The “broken” and “famously undemocratic” U.S. Constitution “stands in the way” of “real” freedom and democracy, according to a New York Times op-ed by two Ivy League law professors. The pair issued a call to “radically alter the basic rules of the game” by no longer requiring us to “justify our politics by the Constitution.”

Ethical hacker: Twitter risk to US national security
Cybersecurity expert accuses Twitter of failing to make good on its pledge to modernize its security infrastructure to protect user data. Zatko, a software engineer who became infamous as a hacker in the 1990s, filed a complaint with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) claiming Twitter was failing to live up to a deal with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to fix cybersecurity issues that left it vulnerable to hacking,

Bennett in last-minute appeal to Biden: Don’t sign Iran deal
Alternate PM issues plea amid reports new Iran nuclear deal imminent, says Israel will not be bound by any such agreement. Prime Minister Naftali Bennett publicly called on the Biden Administration not to sign a new nuclear agreement with Iran amidst reports that the sides are close to reaching a final agreement.

Palestinians welcome Turkey-Israel normalization, Ankara says
Turkey said on Tuesday that Palestinian authorities, including different political factions, welcome the normalization of ties between Turkey and Israel and that they want the dialog to continue.

IDF on high alert: Hezbollah threatens war to derail maritime border talks
The Israel Defense Forces is on high alert amid fears that Hezbollah could launch an attack in a bid to derail an emerging maritime border deal between Jerusalem and Beirut that would end a longstanding dispute over contested offshore natural-gas deposits, local media reported on Monday.

M6.0 earthquake hits southern Sumatra, Indonesia
A strong earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.0 hit southern Sumatra, Indonesia at 14:31 UTC on August 23, 2022. The agency is reporting a depth of 58.8 km (36.5 miles). EMSC is reporting M6.2 at a depth of 60 km (37 miles).

White House Calls Anti-2nd Amendment Summit
…Conspiracy Against Rights is a federal felony. Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law is a federal felony. Both are punishable by a maximum sentence of death. 18USC 241 and 18USC 242. The Anti-Constitutional summit at the white house just seems a tad anti-American; but when are they for Americans….they are NOT!

World Economic Forum Targets Children: ‘Rational Reasons’ to Microchip Them 
Until recently, people who wrote about chipping people were dismissed as conspiracy theorists. However, the World Economic Forum globalist elites predict that subcutaneous chips will eventually become the most natural thing in the world, reports Reclaim The Net.

DRIED UP: Texas cattle industry faces existential crisis from historic drought
The megadrought in the Western U.S., the region’s worst in 1,200 years, is threatening America’s cattle heartland: withering pastures, wrecking feed harvests and endangering a quintessential way of life.

Direct potable reuse: Why drinking water could include recycled sewage
The idea of drinking water that was recently sewage swirling down your toilet bowl, shower drain, or kitchen sink may sound pretty icky. But experts say it’s actually nothing to be squeamish about — and it might be coming to your state and city soon.

China-Compromised ESG Firm Expands Its Reach in Biden White House 
BlackRock, the extremely powerful and influential globalist investment firm, has further expanded its leftist reach and influence into the White House.

Scientists develop new low-cost method for destroying hazardous ‘forever chemicals’
A breakthrough has been made in the fight to reduce the amount of hazardous, man-made ‘forever chemicals’ in the environment. Perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) have many uses in society, but have also been linked to cancer and other health conditions.

London to face water restrictions from next week, Thames Water says
Britain’s Thames Water said Wednesday that a Temporary Use Ban covering London and the Thames Valley would begin next week, citing “unprecedented weather conditions.”

K-12 Teachers In Texas Are Urged To Take This ‘LGBTQIA ’ Training on Taxpayers’ Dime, Here’s The Course Materials They Are Given To Brainwash Students
The Austin Independent School District in Texas is pushing  K-12 teachers to attend a training seminar on “how to create supportive learning environments for LGBTQIA+” students as young as five at taxpayer expense.

Judge Blocks Marine Corps From Discharging Unvaccinated Marines
U.S. District Court Judge Steven Merryday has halted the discharge of hundreds of Marines who were denied religious exemptions from the military’s requirement that they receive the experimental Covid-19 “vaccine” shots, which have not prevented infection and the spread of the virus as the government pledged.

K-12 Teachers In Texas Are Urged To Take This ‘LGBTQIA ’ Training on Taxpayers’ Dime, Here’s The Course Materials They Are Given To Brainwash Students
Corrupting the US education system with perverse propaganda is a top priority for globalists and leftists who are intent on destroying the United States from within.

VAX CARPET BOMBS: Aerosolized “vaccines” being developed that can be sprayed on human cities for automatic depopulation 
When conventional farmers want to carpet bomb a crop field with insecticides to kill the insects, they spray the field with toxic chemicals. The chemicals are absorbed by the insects and go to work destroying their nervous systems or circulatory systems. Before long, millions of insects experience a “died suddenly” event.

‘Call evil good, and good evil’: Secret weapon to seduce, mesmerize Americans now revealed
How is it possible, millions of Americans are wondering right now, that the greatest and freest nation in history has so rapidly come under the almost complete control of serially lying, deranged, power-mad sociopaths? Leaders with nothing but contempt for America, for its history, its Constitution, its Judeo-Christian culture and its people.

Interfaith Chrislam Center Opening In Ur Of The Chaldees Sparked By The Visit Of Pope Francis In 2021 When He Claimed The Land Of Abraham For Rome 
We have brought you many stories about the Abrahamic Family House being built right now in Abu Dhabi, but guess what? Chrislam interfaith dialogue centers are being built all over the world. In Germany we have the House of One that is almost complete, and now in Iraq we have the center we are talking about in today’s article. So why do you think we are seeing Chrislam interfaith dialogue centers opening up all over the world? Because while we who are saved wait for Jesus Christ in the clouds, everyone else is preparing themselves to meet Antichrist.

Green Party Official Tells Germans to Use Washcloths Instead of Taking Showers
A top Green Party official has caused controversy by suggesting Germans use washcloths instead of taking showers, as well as buying expensive eco-heating systems that are unaffordable for the average person.

Midazolam Matt is now campaigning to make Assisted Dying legal in the UK… You couldn’t make this up!
Matt Hancock, the ex-Health Secretary of the United Kingdom, who orchestrated the mass murder of the elderly and vulnerable in care homes with a drug called midazolam and then told you that they had all died of Covid-19, is now campaigning to make assisted dying (suicide) legal in the UK. You couldn’t make this stuff up.

Antifa Attacks Preacher, Throws Bible in Toilet 
An evangelist from Seattle was allegedly assaulted by Antifa, but he was the one who got arrested.

Failing to Affirm a Person’s Chosen Gender Is Now Illegal in Victoria, Australia 
…Despite this recent medical scandal, the Government of Victoria is going the opposite way.  Thanks to the Victorian Government parents are living in fear of criminal penalties if they refuse to agree to their child being pharmaceutically “affirmed,” wrote James Macpherson.

Over 1000 Scientists and Professionals Sign Formal Declaration: “There is No Climate Emergency”
..Perhaps it is time to consider if the World Climate Declaration, which has been signed by 1,200 climate scientists and related professionals, may be something to seriously consider, promote, and act on. In the document, these scientists affirm that there is “no climate emergency.”