23 Aug 2022

Iran is Already Nuclearized, So Why Do We Need a Deal?
From the first moment of Joe Biden’s presidency, his administration has openly stated that it is determined to reach a deal at almost any price, one that will allow the U.S. to close the “Iran file” and detach itself from the problems of the Middle East. the Iranians are dragging their feet, not only a negotiating tactic, but also because of their supreme leader’s dilemma—does Iran need a deal at all?

NASA’s epic Artemis 1 moon mission launch is just 1 week away
Artemis 1, the first mission in NASA’s Artemis program of lunar exploration, is scheduled to lift off from Florida’s Kennedy Space Center on Aug. 29 at 8:33 a.m. EDT (1233 GMT). You can watch it live here at Space.com when the time comes, courtesy of NASA.

Fully Charged: The cultural genocide of the black community
What has happened to the black community over the past 50 years is nothing short of a cultural genocide, said Kendall Qualls, president of TakeCharge. “We didn’t used to live like this as a culture. Eighty percent of our families were two-parent families. Today in major cities, we’re 80 percent fatherless homes. The film challenges the black community. It’s a challenge from the black community to the black community to get back to the basics of what we used to be: faith, family, and education,” Mr. Qualls said.

Record Number Of Americans Are “Suffering”, Surpassing 2008 Crisis Levels; Gallup Poll Finds
A plethora of data points show the consumer is absolutely miserable: real wages trend lower, cost of living skyrockets, the employment market softens, savings rate collapses, credit cards maxed out, and the US economy falls into the “technical definition” of recession. Capturing the plunge in consumer sentiment (at record lows) is a new Gallup survey that reveals a record number of Americans are “suffering.”

CNN Is Being Gutted Because Leftist Media Is Not As Appealing As They Fantasize
One thing about leftist culture that never ceases to amaze is their ability to take a failure and pretend that it was actually a success. This attitude is perhaps an extension of their penchant for propaganda – They lie so much about everything that they end up falling victim to their own disinformation. They tell their enemies they are winning even when they are losing, and then they actually start to believe it themselves.

Whatever You Need’: How Hunter Biden Helped the CCP’s Premier Influence Group Gain a US Foothold
The Biden administration last month warned of a Chinese Communist Party front group that seeks to “co-opt” state leaders as part of Beijing’s sprawling foreign influence operation. Emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop show the first son and his business partners helped the organization gain a foothold in the United States while his father was vice president.

Fauci, face of U.S. COVID response, to step down from government posts
Fauci, the … U.S. infectious disease official who became the face of America’s COVID-19 pandemic response under Presidents Donald Trump and Joe Biden, announced on Monday he is stepping down in December after 54 years of public service.

Trump asks court to block FBI from reviewing seized materials
US President Donald Trump on Monday asked a federal court to temporarily block the FBI from reviewing the materials it seized two weeks ago from his Florida home, until a special master can be appointed to oversee the review, Reuters reported. Trump’s court motion, filed in a federal court in West Palm Beach, Florida, also demanded that the US Justice Department provide him with a more detailed property receipt outlining the items the FBI seized from his Mar-a-Lago home during its August 8 search, and asked investigators to return any items outside the scope of the search warrant.

Israel warns Hezbollah attack on gas field may mean war
Israel on Monday warned Lebanon’s Hezbollah any attack on its gas assets could spark war, after the terrorist group threatened to “sever” Israel’s hands if it taps a disputed offshore field.

EU: United States likely to support Iran nuclear deal proposal
EU foreign affairs chief Josep Borrell predicts White House will sign on to proposal to save deal as early as this week.

Russian paratroopers facing crippling morale, severe losses in Ukraine
Due to the alleged mass refusal of Russian Airborne Forces (VDV) officers to participate in combat in Ukraine, Russian paratrooper command has begun trying to hire contractors to fill the vacant positions, but even they do not seem keen to fight, Ukrainian Intelligence said in a statement Saturday.

Senior IRGC officer killed in Syria – report
A senior officer in Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), Brigadier General Abolfazal Alijani, was killed in the Aleppo region of Syria on Monday morning, according to Iran International. Alijani was a “military adviser” from the city of Isfahan; the circumstances of his death are not yet clear.

‘ABC News’ Falsely Blames Israeli Airstrikes for All Gaza Fatalities
Like the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) rockets that careened off course during “Operation Breaking Dawn” and tragically snuffed out the lives of hapless Gaza residents, ABC’s coverage of those casualties was a colossal failure.

Shin Bet chief meets Egyptian spymaster amid row over Israeli raid in Judea and Samaria
Bar reportedly met with Egyptian intelligence chief Abbas Kamel, after Cairo expressed anger over an Israeli raid on Aug. 9 in Nablus that killed wanted Palestinian terrorist Ibrahim Nabulsi during an hours-long gun battle.

Cyprus to acquire Iron Dome missile-defense system from Israel
Cyprus has reached a deal to purchase from Israel the Iron Dome missile-defense system, Kathimerini reported on Friday. According to the report, the deal has been finalized, although the number of batteries purchased and their estimated delivery date remain unknown. Jerusalem and Nicosia have reportedly been holding talks about the agreement since at least early 2021.

Russia delays final verdict on preventing Jews from making Aliyah to Israel
Moscow’s Basmanny District Court during a hearing over the weekend postponed by 30 days its verdict on whether to shutter the Jewish Agency for Israel’s operations in Russia, according to Russian media. Russia claims that the Jewish Agency, which helps Jews immigrate to Israel, broke laws by collecting private data on Russian citizens.

‘Mass evacuation’ in Arizona town after monsoonal rains cause river to overflow
Heavy monsoonal rains caused a river to overflow in Duncan, Arizona. The Gila River gauge, located about 5 miles southeast of Duncan, broke the site’s all-time water level record at 30.28 feet.

Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex sees deadly flash flooding after more than a foot of rain falls overnight
At least one person died Monday after areas of North Texas received more than a foot of rain that led to significant flash flooding and several water rescues.

Tropical Storm “Ma-on” to make landfall over Luzon, Philippines
Tropical Storm “Ma-on”—known as Florita in the Philippines—formed on August 21, 2022, east of the Philippines as the 9th named storm of the 2022 Pacific typhoon season. The storm is moving west at 15 km/h (9 mph) on August 22 and is expected to make landfall over northern Luzon around 18:00 UTC today.

ESG is a globalist ‘scam’ meant to usher in ‘One World Government’: James Lindsay 
James Lindsay, author of “Race Marxism” and other books challenging woke narratives, has taken environmental, social, and governance (ESG) scores into his crosshairs, calling ESG a weapon in the hands of “social justice warriors” to shake down corporations and a tool in the hands of those seeking to impose “one world government.”

COVID Vaccine Propaganda Busted – High Deaths and Cancers
The main propaganda line is that vaccines and boosters are ‘safe and effective’ and prevent severe illness and death. These are lies, as shown by the data.

Left continues to dumb down America’s children with focus on ‘woke’ curriculum instead of core subjects 
The Marxist left is continuing to groom generations of children to become illiterate drones unable to question the regime but who are barely functional enough to serve the regime’s economic interests, and they are using the Democratic Party as their political vehicle.

EAT THE BUGS: Canadian company to produce 9000 tons of crickets for ‘human and pet consumption’ 
Aspire Food Group, which has facilities in both Canada and the United States, has announced that it has completed its construction of the world’s largest cricket production facility.

Vatican renews Pope’s push for COVID vaccination as an ‘act of love’ in new video 
As worldwide public health agencies announce a slowing down on national COVID-19 shot drives, even treating the virus like seasonal influenza, the Vatican has released a new video renewing calls for vaccine development and distribution for the novel coronavirus as an “act of love.”

Covid vaccination linked to new and recurrent cancer – the jabs cause severe damage to the immune system
People who got “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) while in remission for cancer are finding that their cancer has returned.

Anthony Fauci Announces He’s Stepping Down From National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, But Threatens He’s NOT Actually Retiring
On December 4th, 1988, my older brother Bob who was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, closed his eyes and died in his bed at Beth Israel hospital in New York City. Not from AIDS, but from liver failure and a heart attack. He was 33 years old. His 6′ 6″ frame was stripped to the bone at 120lbs, looking more like a concentration camp victim than a hospital patient he was so emaciated. So you might say to me, yeah, that’s what AIDS does to people. But you would be wrong, AIDS never did that to a single person one time. AZT did that to my brother, prescribed by ‘doctor’ Anthony Fauci.

While New York Burns, Migrants Get Free Phones, Food, Supplies and Healthcare
New York is rife with crime and instability.  In July, a bodega worker had to defend himself against a knife-wielding attacker.  Things are so bad in NYC the worker is returning to his native Dominican Republic.

Militant unions unleash strikes at Felixstowe that ‘will lead to empty supermarket shelves’ 
Fears are growing that the huge strikes which militant unions have unleashed at Felixstowe – Britain’s biggest container port and gateway to global trade – will trigger widespread disruption to the UK supply chain, interrupt £700 million worth of trade and lead to shortages until Christmas.

Elon Musk calls CERN’s Large Hadron Collider ‘demonic technology’
Elon Musk is back again, tweeting out a meme calling CERN’s Large Hadron Collider “demonic technology” and that should totally, totally not surprise us at this point.

Did the Biden Administration Deliberately Sabotage the Water Supply of a New Mexico Town?
The Biden administration basically destroyed the entire drinking water supply of an entire town with a population of over 13,000. The US Forest Service was doing a climate change motivated controlled burn in violation of the distance between the burn and the town’s watershed. The watershed is now worthless and the town has 35-45 days of water left. The town is Las Vegas, New Mexico.

Warning: Covid Home Self-Tests Contain Toxic Substance that can be Harmful
…The acute toxicity of sodium azide is high. According to NewsNation, If you ingest the substance, you can become dizzy and suffer from headaches and palpitations. In severe cases, people can have a stroke, lose consciousness or even die. Sodium azide has also garnered attention after being used to commit suicide.

Digital Militarization of Klaus Schwab’s WEF and the United Nations
The WEF boasted it had recruited around 110,000 “volunteers” who would ensure that the opinions of dissenters around the world are discovered, tracked, and censored.

Leaked Videos: Virgin Australia Bring in “Experts” to Drum In “Vaccines are Safe and Effective” After Airline Staff Raise Safety Concerns 
In recent months there has been an increased concern about Covid injections amongst Virgin Australia staff, for example, the effects on fertility and pregnancy. So, at the end of last month, Virgin Australia invited “medical specialists” to “reassure” staff that the “vaccines” were completely safe for all stages of pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Dr Vernon Coleman: ‘They don’t want you to own a home’ 
In the world of the Great Reset, ordinary people will not be allowed to own their own homes. The widely promoted principle ‘you will own nothing and you will be happy’ will apply to buying and owning any sort of property as much as it will apply to anything else.

Why did Deaths among Female Children increase by 57% immediately after they were offered the Covid-19 Vaccine? 
Prior to young girls being offered the Covid-19 vaccine, deaths among the age group were in line with the expected five-year average. But an analysis of official data published by the Office for National Statistics shows that deaths among female children increased by 57% immediately after they were first offered the Covid-19 vaccine.

In God We Trust — Make God Great Again (MGGA)
“Without America, there is no Free World”—because without God Almighty in the picture, there is no America. No America without God Almighty is the message Robert Rosebrock, who dedicates his lifetime to bring Homeless war vets HOME, is sending out.