15 Aug 2022

A Paralyzing Venom of Evil is Everywhere


The Enemy Within. The woke left controls the Democrat Party, federal government, news media, academia, big tech, Hollywood, most corporate board rooms, and some top military leaders. The US is now unrecognizable. Deliberate, Diabolical Deeds. Morals/values destroyed; Constitution destroyed; History rewritten; children chemically/physically castrated. We’re staring totalitarianism in its Luciferian face. The venom of Evil everywhere today paralyzes the moral mind. Don’t become a victim. Stand up for what you know is right.

Judge Who Signed Mar-A-Lago Search Warrant Was Associate of Jeffrey Epstein. Bruce E. Reinhart, before becoming a federal judge, represented associates of Epstein implicated in his human trafficking. Republicans are speaking out against this raid, calling it a horrendous abuse of power. This is obviously yet another attempt to discredit him, and it is certainly an attempt to keep him from running for president in the next election.

Democrats to Cut Seniors’ Prescription Drug Benefits. The Senate passed the Democrats’ $700 billion Inflation Reduction Act, setting up a vote this week for the House to pass it and make it law. The Inflation Reduction Act (which in reality will make inflation worse) would redesign Medicare Part D. The legislation contains stringent leftist price controls that would drastically alter seniors’ benefits. The drug provisions will increase premiums for seniors and increase costs for everyone in the commercial health insurance markets. Giving the government the ability to negotiate some drug prices isn’t going to change that reality — and it will undoubtedly limit consumer access to some life-saving drugs.


Mother Earth (Gaia) worship & deceived pawns. Almost every member of Congress pays homage to the Big Green Lie. The claim that CO2 is a pollutant is false. The 2008 statement by 31,000 experts that “there is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gasses is causing…catastrophic heating of Earth’s atmosphere and disruption of Earth’s climate” is as true today as it was then and always has been. No scientist has ever shown that manmade CO2 emissions, aka nature’s fertilizer, do any harm. God is in control of weather, not man.

America’s New National Religion – ‘Woke’ Leftism: Godless to the Core. Wokeism, including sexual confusion, contempt for masculinity, erasure of femininity, hatred of children (hence the focus on abortion), and obsession with racism, real and imagined (mostly the latter), is the religion today’s government promotes. There are pride flags at US embassies around the world, openly “gender fluid” and transgender government officials, and fulsome praise for Leftist societal and sexual fads from officials at the highest levels.

Beth Moore Praises Pro-Abortion Pro-Homosexual Activist Anthea Butler for Receiving’ Public Understanding of Religion’ Award. Moore, one of the foremost so-called progressive Evangelical activists, advances godless ideologies which are contrary to doctrines taught in Scripture.

Seven years of child sex abuse by their father: Mormon officials let it happen. Paul Adams admitted to his bishop that he was sexually abusing his daughter (since age 5). The bishop was told by the Mormon helpline not to report it. Adams continued raping the child for 7 more years and sexually abused her infant sister. He frequently posted his abuse videos on the internet. He was finally arrested by Homeland Security, with no help from the church, after law enforcement in New Zealand discovered one of the videos. He died by suicide before he could stand trial.

The Human Voice Is Being Transgendered. College of Saint Rose, a Catholic institution in New York, is teaching so-called transgenders how to speak, cough, sneeze, & swallow like the opposite sex. If men are no longer men, and women no longer women, in a corrupt system that actively transgenders boys and girls in a taxpayer-funded public school system, why not disfigure the sound of the human voice?

Church of Scotland Minister says the ‘Bible must give way to modern ideas on same-sex marriage.’ “Reverend” Scott Rennie is openly homosexual.

Islam: London Has Become ‘Londonistan’; UK the ‘eighth emirate’: Money is changing hands from Qatar to Charles, the future king of England, and that’s just one example.


Parent discovers unpublished 4-H policy bunking by gender identity at overnight camps. No surprise; Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts have also been ruined.

Pennsylvania: Pride Event That Taught Children How to Pole Dance was Funded By Grant Championed by Gov. Tom Wolf’s Administration. Wolf announced recipients of the Pride Community Grant program, which “supports Pride festivals and events throughout the commonwealth.”

In Minnesota: Gay nightclub allows children at upcoming ‘all ages’ drag show. This is not the first time The Flame has held a so-called “kid-friendly” drag show.

Washington Post Article Claims Drag Shows for Children Are ‘Squeaky-Clean,’ ‘Family-Friendly.’ The author criticized conservatives (who want to retain children’s innocence, not poison their minds with inappropriate sexualization). She called them homophobes and said drag and queer people are the “next generation” and to “let your children get to know us.”

Inappropriate Vrbo Ads on Hallmark Channel. One ad includes two women with a bedroom door closing as they begin to kiss. The other features a lesbian couple spending time together, kissing as the commercial ends. Both commercials are airing on various channels that families often watch.

Young woman shares horrific side effects of ‘transitioning.’ Sam received no counseling, was immediately given hormones, and scheduled for a double mastectomy 5 months later despite a rule that patients must have identified as male for a minimum of a year prior to this permanent surgery. The hormones worked quickly to make her appear more masculine, but two years in, Sam began to suffer more serious side effects.


Grandmother, Jessica Burgess, Killed Her 6-Month-Old Unborn Grandbaby & Buried the Body to Hide the Death. She bought her daughter abortion pills; they tried to burn the baby’s body before burying it.

New York: Pro-lifers sentenced to 3 months in jail for counseling women in abortion center. District attorney Miriam “Mimi” Rocah pushed for a maximum sentence for daring to “interfere with a patient’s right to access” what she described as “medical and reproductive care.”


US: Lightning strike at Lafayette Park near White House kills 3; 1 critically injured. The victims were found near a tree. These are the first lightning deaths in DC since 1991 when one person was killed and 10 others injured as they sheltered under a tree during a thunderstorm at a lacrosse match. Never Do These 11 Things During a Thunderstorm: One is don’t stand under a tree.

Hawaii: Wind-whipped Leilani wildfire explodes to nearly 10,000 acres. The fire began several weeks ago but had been smoldering with 700 acres burned. That changed Wednesday in the drought-stricken area where active military training occurs. The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

Cuba: Lightning Strike blamed for deadly raging fire that burned for 5 days an oil storage facility. It consumed critical fuel supplies on an island grappling with a growing energy crisis. The fire at the Matanzas Supertanker Base killed at least one, injured 125 others, and 14 firefighters are missing.

France in midst of 4th heat wave amid historic drought and is battling wildfires.

Somalia: Extreme drought displaces over 1 million people. It’s killing livestock and crops, increasing risk of disease and malnutrition, and pushing families to the brink of death and destitution.

Yemen: 38 killed and scores of homes collapse after heavy rains.

Gambia: worst floods in nearly half a century.


US: Supply Chain Problems Will Persist Because the System Is Being Sabotaged. Americans are being put in great danger with the false narrative on inflation and the supply chain. The longer they’re led to believe the disaster will go away on its own, the less time they have to prepare.

US: 11 More Big Companies Have Announced Layoffs Within the Last 2 Weeks. When the economy slows, layoffs happen. We witnessed this on a very large scale in 2008-2009; now it’s happening again. See the long list at the above link. Hiring freezes and layoffs are becoming more common as US businesses look to slash costs ahead of a possible recession.

Canada: Majority of farmers warn Trudeau’s emission restrictions would cause crop production to plummet.

France: Possible milk shortage in coming months blamed on severe drought. The French National Federation of Farmers’ Union spokesperson said, “To make milk, you need fodder, mainly alfalfa and corn, which have grown little this year. Livestock in the meadows have nothing to eat. We have to use stored fodder for the winter to feed them now. We’re very worried about the ability of many breeders to be able to feed their herds throughout the 2022/23 winter.”

Ireland: Irish Dairy report recommends paying farmers to cull cows to battle so-called climate change. Also, a plan in the Netherlands, European Union’s largest meat exporter, is to reduce the population of cattle, pigs, and poultry by roughly 30%.


“We have a corrupt medical system in this country from pharmaceutical companies to federal health agencies to research centers and medical journals. It should concern every American.”

Hypocrisy: Senate Democrats Embrace a “Don’t Test, Don’t Tell” Policy Ahead of Hefty Inflation Act Vote – a $764 billion spending bill that many Republicans argue will make inflation worse. Left-leaning Washington Post admitted that in recent months, members of Congress who’ve publicly reported Covid cases overwhelmingly have been Democrats. Covid Emerges as a Complication for a Democratic Economic Deal.” Update: The spending bill was passed on Friday.

New study finds 29% of young people experience heart-related issues after second Pfizer dose. Evidence continues to mount against subjecting young people to the COVID shots.

Poll: A number of Americans regret taking Covid vaccine: In an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal, UCLA Geffen School of Medicine’s Dr. Joseph Lapado and Yale School of Public Health’s Dr. Harvey Risch are sounding the alarm that there may be serious underestimated risks involved with side effects of the vaccine. In an independent poll, 10% of responders wish they hadn’t gotten the vaccine; 15% said they were diagnosed with a new condition weeks or months after the first dose.


Iranian assassination plot targeted two Republicans. It was just reported that former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was a target of the Iranian assassination plot that also targeted former National Security Advisor John Bolton, both Republicans.


Deceived & deceiving University-educated Jews are encouraging terror against Jews in Israel. City University of New York (CUNY) is an egregious purveyor of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic activism.


China Encircles Taiwan, Blockades Island. In response to Pelosi’s visit, the CCP-run Chinese mainland encircled Taiwan, effectively blockading the country. Taiwan’s government warned that China’s ongoing military exercises around its shores were not only a rehearsal for an invasion but an indication that China intends to take control of huge swaths of the western Pacific.

Iran begins training Russians to use its drones.

Israel’s biggest problem is America’s appeasement of Iran. In Israel and the US, leaders are focused on their power and keeping the other guy from power. ‘Palestinian’ Islamic Jihad is a wholly owned subsidiary of Iran. Current members of Israel’s government “can’t define that as the problem” because they need Biden to “fight” PM Netanyahu ahead of November 1 elections. When you’re trying to maintain your partnership and loyalty to your boss in Washington, when you’ve subordinated your policy of confrontation vis a vis Iran to US’ appeasement toward Iran, you can’t actually confront Iran.

After new Gaza strike, Israel says it’s killed all senior Islamic Jihad leaders in Gaza. FYI: The children in the Jabaliya refugee camp were killed by a failed Islamic Jihad rocket launch, not by Israeli airstrikes. Sirens blared in parts of Israel last Saturday as the IDF continued its operation against ‘Palestinian’ Islamic Jihad in Gaza. Over 350 rockets were launched toward Israel in the first full day of fighting between the two groups. IDF chief Kochavi said, “We won’t allow any organization…to harm the sovereignty of the State of Israel. We are at the height of a justified operation, aimed at protecting the Israeli people.” Since then, there has supposedly been a ceasefire.