8 Aug 2022

Twilight Zone Times


Fog of The Twilight Zone Invades the Church. In many churches today, it’s like entering a Twilight Zone – a message that we can experience our “best life now.” Five-year plans made without a thought of Jesus’ imminent appearing or the threatening clouds on the horizon. Like a church shrouded in fog so that it’s unaware of the outside world and the many prophetic signs telling us we live in the last days.

Scotland: Eleven charged in ‘child sex abuse ring involving witchcraft, Ouija boards to summon spirits and demons, and killing of animals.’

Iranian propaganda turns public against Evangelical Christians, religious minorities in a campaign to deny freedom of religion to those that don’t conform to Shia Islam. These Christians are described as belonging to an “Evangelical Zionist cult.” Iran is the 9th-worst country regarding Christian persecution.


Leftist Education Consulting Firm Seeks to Promote ‘Queer Mathematics’ in K-12 Schools.

Dept. of Education’s plan to change Title IX to include trans identity. They’re redefining what ‘sex’ means. Title IX had for 50 years protected students from discrimination on the basis of their sex. This new ruling claims sex includes ‘gender identity.’ It undermines students for whom Title IX had protected. If it becomes law, anyone can say how they identify, and schools would have to go along with it.

FDA Warning on Puberty Blockers. 6 cases of tumor-like brain masses in girls age 5-12 so far. Yet Biden’s Asst. Sec. of Health (“Rachel” Levine, male identifying as female) claimed these ‘treatments’ are life-saving, necessary, & age-appropriate. A lie from the father of lies! Promoting transgender treatments for minors is dangerous propaganda and an assault on valid medical research.

Mom Stripped of Custody After Questioning Whether 12-Year-Old Daughter Was Really Trans.

Virginia Military Base Hosts Drag Show at Family-Friendly Festival. Our enemies are laughing.

San Francisco Hosted Kink Fest Despite Monkeypox Risk & the city’s declaration of a health emergency.

Gillette Venus Launches Inappropriate Ad Campaign – musical commercials about shaving pubic hair airs when children are watching. The ads are suggestive and disgraceful in their attempt to normalize discussion of pubic hair. Can you imagine what goes through a child’s mind when seeing these ads?

UK Veteran Arrested for “Causing someone anxiety” on FB After Posting Anti-Woke Picture. A police officer called the veteran “homophobic.” Why? Because he doesn’t tow the LGBTQ line.

One-Time’ Detective of The Year’ Sent Sexual Messages to Female He Thought Was 14 Years Old. Detective Gregory Beaumarchais, 43, often sent the messages while on duty. When his social media provider barred him, he created another account with a similar user name.


Biden signs executive order authorizing use of Medicaid to fund out of state abortions. This is forcing American taxpayers to fund abortion travel. Meanwhile, Biden’s regime rejected an application from Texas to expand Medicaid coverage to new mothers. This is the latest hypocritical move by the Left that puts the care and needs of Texas mothers and babies in jeopardy – all in the name of partisan politics.

‘Resident’ VP Kamala Harris Slams Pro-Life Americans: Says They’re “Extremists” Who Hate Women.

On The Spew… err, The View, Whoopi suggests God supports abortion since He gave us ‘freedom of choice.’

“Understand, ye brutish among the people: and ye fools, when will ye be wise?” (Psalm 94:8).


Supercharged IRS Will Audit Lower- and Middle-Income Earners. “Congress wants more tax revenue because it can’t control its appetite for spending. That’s why it wants a tax agency in beast mode,” writes the Wall Street Journal in a new op-ed. The new so-called ‘Build Back Better’ bill allots $80 billion in new funding for the IRS. Included is funding to send 87,000 new IRS agents after you and your family-owned business. The IRS has already been targeting lower and middle income earners, yet Democrats want to hire new IRS agents to audit individuals and small businesses. Their claim of only seeking to audit those who earn over $400,000 is a lie.

“Why let a police station burn to the ground and not send in troops?” a man asked Minnesota’s Gov. Walz. Staff whisked Walz away before he could answer about his handling of the Floyd riots.

Stop Chinese Communists from purchasing US land! We can’t continue to give our top enemy a foot in the door and undermine our national security.

“At War with Deep State Globalists.” They want total control over mankind. Central bankers want a financial system where they do whatever they want. It’s a choice between tyranny and sovereignty, freedom or slavery.

Garbage In, Garbage Out: 96% of NOAA Temperature Stations Fail’ Uncorrupted Placement’ Standards. Climate Change Globalists lie to bring about a totalitarian one-world government. “NOAA’s own requirements state that temperature data instruments must be “over level terrain (earth or sod)… and at least 100 feet from any extensive concrete or paved surface.” That instruction is regularly violated. “Data from stations that have not been corrupted by faulty placement show a rate of warming in the US reduced by almost half compared to all stations.”


From Wall Street Journal: Medical Education Goes Woke. Woke pol­i­tics is about to in­fect med­ical ed­u­ca­tion. America faces a severe doctor shortage, and it won’t help attract prospective doctors to tell students they must attend to their guilt as racial and political oppressors.


Toxic Chemicals Blamed for Decline in Kids’ IQs. What’s not mentioned is the education system today that focuses on ‘woke’ policies instead of academics, at least in the US, the only country standing in the way of a totalitarian communist one-world government. Students are deliberately dumbed down in preparation for this system since they’ll be more easily controlled.

Insurance Data Shows Big Rise in US Lyme disease. Diagnoses have increased dramatically in the past 15 years, rising 357% in rural areas; 65% in urban areas. Lyme disease can affect patients long after treatment, known as chronic Lyme disease.

California: Rare Bay Area Legionnaires’ outbreak in Napa County leaves 1 dead, 12 sick.

Polio found in New York City wastewater as state urges vaccines. The virus was present a month before announcement of a case last month. The virus in wastewater indicates there may be more in the community shedding the virus in their stool.

Drug Plague, Pharmakeia. Journalists in DC taking psychedelic mushrooms to ‘improve their performance.’ Left-leaning Politico admits it’s fairly common in DC, especially in Media circles. DC made enforcing bans on buying/selling psychedelic mushrooms law enforcement’s lowest priority, making it basically legal. There are movements in over 24 states to study, decriminalize, or legalize mushrooms & other psychedelics.

“Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour” (1 Peter 5:8).


US: Latest VAERS data shows 1,357,940 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID vaccines, including 29,790 deaths and 247,686 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020, & July 22, 2022. This included a 9-year-old who died two weeks after her first dose of Pfizer’s vaccine. She experienced stomach pain, sore throat, and chest pain 2-3 days before she died, which didn’t indicate any pre-existing conditions. VAERS has been shown to report only 1% of actual vaccine adverse events.

Canada’s Search-and-Destroy Mission Against Doctor Refusing to Surrender Medical Records of Covid’ Vaccine’ Exempt Patients.

Canada’s gov’t needs to tell the truth about any link to sudden deaths and COVID jabs. Even healthy young adults are suddenly dropping dead. [This is occurring in other countries as well, including the US.]

Germany’s Largest Health Insurer Reveals 1 in 25 Clients Underwent Medical Treatment in 2021 for Covid’ Vaccine’ Side Effects.

China: Coronavirus lockdowns – again. In Shanghai, despite few cases compared to other countries and most being asymptomatic, some apartment complexes are locked down, and residents face food and drink shortages. Many reports have revealed that China’s authoritarian government doesn’t care.


In Texas, several counties have proclaimed a state of disaster, calling illegal immigration an invasion. There’s human trafficking and lots of drug smuggling. The uptick in deadly fentanyl overdoses is linked to illegal immigration.


Even cans of Spam are in anti-theft cases in the grocery store due to inflation in New York City.

45% of Independent Restaurants Couldn’t Pay July Rent (Up 7%).

Jerome Powell, Janet Yellen, and Democrats. They’re effectively inmates running the asylum. When inflation began to rapidly rise, they labeled it “transitory.” Now with a second period of economic descent, they say we’re not in a recession. In fact, they simply redefined the word. Why are propagandists and politicians claiming we aren’t in a recession? I’d challenge anyone to name a Biden policy that prioritizes America or Americans. I can’t spot any.

No Farmers, No Food, No Life. Current policies in many parts of the world place priority on climate change for realizing a green new deal. This will contribute to shortages of food and water and dangerous chemical exposure. The most heavy polluters aren’t farmers but are industries that make products needed for a technocracy revolution to green energy, data mining, and Artificial Intelligence. As more WEF plans are rolled out, inequalities grow, and conflicts are rising all over the world.

Las Vegas, New Mexico, Has Only 1 ½ Months of Clean Drinking Water; State of Emergency Declared. Its only source of clean water, Gallinas River, was contaminated by debris and ash from fires that burned thousands of acres of the Gallinas River’s watershed. This largest wildfire in New Mexico’s history originated after the U.S. Forest Service’ miscalculated’ the effects of their controlled fires. Also see US Gov’t Started a Massive Wildfire, Burning 432 Homes, and Is Now Forcing Victims to Pay.

Iraq: Part of the grain silos at Beirut Port collapsed just days before the second anniversary of the massive explosion that damaged them, reviving memories of the blast that killed over 215 people.


US: Worsening Drought in California; Water Prices All-Time-High. Up 56% or more since beginning of the year; not sustainable for agriculture. No crop can carry water costs like that.

US: 4 killed, over 100 structures destroyed in McKinney Fire in California, largest/deadliest this season.

Europe: Drought & heat drive electricity prices to all-time highs. All rivers across central Europe are at unusually low levels, but Germany’s Rhine River is close to the point of effectively closing, putting trade of huge quantities of goods at risk as the continent seeks to stave off economic crisis.

Pakistan: Over 500 people killed, thousands of homes destroyed as record-breaking rains hit.

Uganda: Flooding rains kill at least 29, plus extensive livestock and domestic animal losses.

Japan: 3 missing, 500,000 ordered to evacuate as rain pounds northern part of the country.


Israel moves closer to cashless society with latest legislation. Laws restricting use of cash are being passed in many countries and are expected to become more common in the future.


US State Dept releases global terrorist attack warning to Americans. Americans are urged to take “worldwide caution” when traveling due to heightened risk of “terrorist attacks” and “anti-American violence” in the wake of the death of a terrorist leader killed in a US drone strike.


Biden administration authorized two large-scale defense sales to Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates to help defend against threats from Iran. But Biden’s regime isn’t concerned about America’s militarily; they’re destroying it on a number of levels.

Biden regime talks out of both sides of its mouth.] Biden said the US will defend Taiwan if China attacks (10/22/2021). US does not support Taiwan independence: Blinken (5/26/2022).

Pelosi goes to Taiwan, defying China’s warnings of forceful response. History shows the best way to get a nation out of recession is to get into a war; that usually works to invigorate the economy. History also shows that when one political party faces historic defeat at the voting booth, war is usually the cure. Democrats in DC seem to be attempting to solve both problems by sending Pelosi to Taiwan in hopes of eliciting military action from China. Ever watch the movie ‘Wag The Dog’? You should.

Under rocket fire, Israelis near Gaza spend night in shelters. IDF says Islamic Jihad commander it killed was preparing major attack, stresses it is not targeting Hamas. Israel’s military says air force jets have struck a number of Islamic Jihad rocket-launching positions in the Gaza Strip. By Saturday afternoon, over 350 rockets had been launched by the terror group toward Israel, with at least 227 crossing into the Jewish State. 162 that were heading toward residential areas were intercepted by the Iron Dome defense system. Others fell in open areas. Another 94 fell within the Strip itself. One home was hit, but the occupants were in their bomb shelter at the time.

Iran’s regime says it can move its “[so-called] peaceful nuclear program to a nuclear weapons program” at a fast pace “if the US or the Zionist regime make any stupid mistakes.” The video claims it can “turn New York into hellish ruins.”

As Russia forges alliance with Iran & Turkey, ‘Ezekiel 38’ & ‘Gog and Magog’ trend on social media. This disastrous prophesied battle gets closer as an unbelieving world snoozes.


“Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand” (Ephesians 6:13).

“But of the times and the seasons, brethren, ye have no need that I write unto you. For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord [Tribulation-God’s wrath] so cometh as a thief in the night… sudden destruction…. But ye, brethren, are not in darkness…. Let us, who are of the day, be sober, putting on the breastplate of faith and love; and for an helmet, the hope of salvation. For God hath not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ [in the rapture]” (1 Thess 5:1-4, 8-9).

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