13 Aug 2022

CDC Admits It Gave False Information About COVID-19 Vaccine Surveillance
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is admitting it gave false information about COVID-19 vaccine surveillance, including inaccurately saying it conducted a certain type of analysis over one year before it actually did.

World Economic Forum Calls For Merging Of Human And AI Intel To Censor “Hate Speech” & “Misinformation”
Despite the fact that no one asked, the World Economic Forum is now advocating for the merger of human and artificial intelligence systems to censor “hate speech” and “misinformation” online before it is even allowed to be posted.

The Attempt To Prosecute Donald Trump Is Unleashing More Than Our Political System Can Handle
With the recent FBI raid on Donald Trump’s Florida home, the Democrats and the Biden administration have raised the political stakes to a level from which this country as we have known it may never return. All one can say to those that are demanding a criminal prosecution of the former president is: Be careful what you wish for; you just might get it.
If the political classes have not yet turned the USA into a Third World country, they are well on their way to finishing the job.

Public Trust In The FBI Is Plunging
the raid has fueled anger from Trump’s supporters, dozens of whom gathered outside the Mar-a-Lago home that night. Several Republicans have condemned the investigation body, including House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who said in a statement: “I’ve seen enough. The Department of Justice has reached an intolerable state of weaponized politicization.”

Emmer says IRS will be ‘weaponized against conservatives’ just like FBI
The Minnesota congressman appeared on Fox News Wednesday morning to discuss the recent FBI raid of former president Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence, saying “everyone should be concerned” about the weaponization of the Justice Department, which oversees the FBI. “Republican, Democrat, other — everyone in this country should be concerned when the Department of Justice has been weaponized against American citizens, and in this case by the Biden administration against their political opponents,” he said.

DRIED UP: Lakes Mead and Powell are at the epicenter of the biggest Western drought in history
Nowhere is the Southwest’s worst drought since the year 800 more evident than Lake Powell and Lake Mead, the pair of artificial Colorado River reservoirs whose plunging levels threaten major water and power sources for tens of millions of people.

Clinton and Obama suggested Biden the Mar-a-Lago FBI raid
At the persuasion and suggestions of Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama exerted influence on Joe Biden in sending FBI agents to raid Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence, while it is rumored that Hillary Clinton wanted some “documents” recovered from there proving her already flopped accusation of Russia collusion during 2016 presidential election.

Middle East Forum wants Palestine with East Jerusalem as capital
The Middle East Forum (MEF), a conservative thinktank run by Daniel Pipes with annual budget of US$4.13 million has started advocating establishment of Palestine with East Jerusalem as its capital. Although, on its website, MEF claims to be promoting “American interests and works to protest Western civilization from the threat of Islamism”

Florida deputies shoot and kill off-duty federal air marshal they say pointed rifle at them
Florida Keys deputies Wednesday morning shot and killed an off-duty federal law enforcement officer who they said pointed a semi-automatic rifle at them. The deputies shot Lane Morgan Caviness, 48, at a house near mile marker 95 in Key Largo around 10:42 a.m. Eastern time. Monroe County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Adam Linhardt said deputies were at the house after receiving reports of an armed, intoxicated, suicidal man.

China’s Taiwan military drills offer spying opportunity for US
While China’s expanded drills surrounding Taiwan have marked an unprecedented military and political warning against outside interference over the island, they opened a window to gather intelligence for the United States and its allies. The four days of intense drills last week — and extended maneuvers this week — provide an opportunity to scrutinize the missiles China would use to drive off foreign militaries intervening in any future invasion as well as its command, control and communications systems,

US Reform, Conservative rabbis had enough of anti-Zionist rhetoric
A rabbinical coalition in the US is countering the growing trend of incoming Reform and Conservative rabbis who feel they need to avoid or criticize Zionism. anti-Zionist trends from within the progressive Jewish religious movements.

Gambia experiences worst floods in nearly half a century
Flash floods that hit most of Gamia on July 30 and 31 and on August 5 and 6, 2022, have been the worst that have hit the country in nearly half a century. The worst affected were the West Coast Region, North Bank Region, and the Greater Banjul Area.

India holds first March for Life as Day of Mourning for nearly 800 million aborted children 
Under the leadership of Western Latin and Eastern Syro-Malabar Rite Catholic bishops, India will observe its first National March for Life as a “Day of Mourning” for the millions of babies killed in abortion in the country over the last 50 years.

WaPo: Drag Shows for Children Are ‘Squeaky-Clean,’ ‘Family-Friendly’
The Washington Post is continuing its apparent public relations campaign on behalf of drag shows for children by running another op-ed claiming the events are “squeaky-clean for family-friendly audiences,” and laws aimed at banning them are the true indoctrination.

NEA head teaches fellow educators how to BRAINWASH children 
…“The president of the largest and most powerful teachers’ union in the country is brainwashing the minds of today’s educators, so that they can then brainwash the minds of our children,” Petrick said. Fiorazo, on the other hand, warned that Pringle is mobilizing her fellow educators to groom potential “social justice” warriors for the Left.

Pelosi Claims China is ‘One of the Freest Societies in the World’
After an ill-advised visit to Taiwan, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in an interview that China is “one of the freest societies in the world,” in a possible gaffe, or actual delusion.

Dozens Of Whole Foods Stores Allow Customers To Pay With Palm Print Biometric Data
Amazon’s palm-reading payment technology will expand to dozens of Whole Foods locations across California. Shoppers will be able to pay for groceries by scanning the palm of their hand at checkout devices instead of using cash or card, as this is more evidence of the emergence of a cashless society.

Latest Amazon Acquisition Means Bezos May Have a Map of Your Home’s Interior … Especially If One of These Is Laying Around
Jeff Bezos’s Amazon now has access to see everything in your home with the recent purchase of iRobot.

New study finds 29 percent of young people had heart problems after second Pfizer dose 
Almost 30 percent of children who received Pfizer’s mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccine suffered heart-related effects, according to a new study out of Thailand.

Netherlands to SHUT DOWN 11,200 farms to meet climate goals 
If you have followed my reporting you probably know about the protests happening in the Netherlands. Tens of thousands of farmers have taken to the streets to protest against new climate goals which will force farmers to shut down their farms.

‘War on Seniors’: Democrats to Cut Seniors’ Prescription Drug Benefits Ahead of Midterms
The passage of the Inflation Reduction Act would mean that Democrats would cut seniors’ Medicare prescription drug benefits ahead of the midterms.

How the U.S. gave away a breakthrough battery technology to China 
When a group of engineers and researchers gathered in a warehouse in Mukilteo, Wash., 10 years ago, they knew they were onto something big. They scrounged up tables and chairs, cleared out space in the parking lot for experiments and got to work.

Judge Rules Walgreens ‘Substantially Contributed’ to San Francisco Opioid Crisis
“Walgreens knew its system to detect and stop suspicious orders was nonexistent but continued to ship opioids at an alarming pace to increase profits,” said an attorney for the alifornia city.

World governments are preparing for an Extinction Level Event (ELE); CDC reverses itself on every pillar of COVID theater
The first story concerns new intel from commercial suppliers, indicating that governments of the world are stockpiling supplies like never before, seemingly in anticipation of an Extinction Level Event (ELE) that threatens to wipe out the vast majority of human beings living today.

Majority of farmers warn Trudeau’s emission restrictions would cause crop production to plummet 
Nearly three quarters of Canadian farmers warn that crop yield will drop drastically under Trudeau’s proposed emission restrictions.

UN Warns Of ‘Worrying And Dangerous’ Conspiracy Theories
The United Nations would like everyone to be on the lookout for ‘worrying and dangerous’ conspiracy theories – especially those that might lead people to the conclusion that COVID-19 escaped from a lab in Wuhan, China… you know, the thing the WHO just admitted could very well be the case, and which Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has launched recent investigations into.

In 2012, We Warned You Of The Coming Second American Civil War, In 2022 It’s Now Arrived. We Here At NTEB Have Picked A Side, Have You?
America is now a nation where, whatever party is in power, they use that power to control and marginalize the other side. This has always been done, of course, but never so nakedly and open as it is here in 2022. During the Obama years, history records him as the first ‘post-American president’, and through him were sown the seeds for the America’s second civil war. Our nation is irretrievably ripped down the middle, with no hope of either side ever coming to a reconciliation unless it is formed under Antichrist.

Excess non-COVID deaths in England and Wales almost 20% higher than average: gov’t data 
‘The signals in the data suggest something is not quite right,’ Oxford Professor of Evidence-Based Medicine Dr. Carl Heneghan stressed.

EMF And RF Radiation is a Growing Health Risk, Roll-Out of 5G Must Be Stopped
5G relies primarily on the bandwidth of the millimetre wave which is known to cause a painful burning sensation. It’s also been linked to eye and heart problems, suppressed immune function, genetic damage and fertility problems.

Vaccine-Derived Polio Is Found in London’s Sewage and Their Solution is to Inject People with More Vaccines 
Without question the go-to disease to defend vaccines is polio. Coincidently it could also be the greatest lie and medical con of all time. Toxins causing “polio” is well documented. Is polio the virus that never was?

Groundbreaking Ruling: Italian Court Orders Analysis of Covid ‘Vaccines’ to Determine if ‘Harmful’ 
“We have asked to ascertain how mRNA vaccines work since we are dealing exclusively with mRNA vaccines here and investigating whether the enzymes in mRNA vaccines can harm our health.”