Bible Prophecy Update Another Great Awakening? :: By Gary W. Ritter


Update: 6-15-22

Because there’s so much discussion among Christians that there will be Another Great Awakening that will push back the powers of darkness so that we can reclaim this land in the cultural and societal realms, I thought it might be helpful to look back at the first three Great Awakenings.  As so many like to say: God delivered Nineveh, that extremely wicked Assyrian city; why won’t He likewise deliver us in this day and age?

I’ve tried to point out that times are different now and that God’s judgment is at hand – in fact, it must come now.  These are two very different perspectives.  Are the optimists right that Christianity will rule the day and that we’ll continue in this world just as we have for the last 2,000 years because of another move of God among His people?  Or am I and others such as Pastor JD Farag correct when we deliver the extremely pessimistic message – the message of doom and gloom – that God’s wrath is due, and the 7-year Tribulation is almost upon us?  And because of what that worldview implies, is it true that Jesus will very soon come in the clouds to snatch His beloved Bride from this hostile world?

What does history tell us?  More importantly, what does the Bible say that we should expect next on God’s divine calendar?

Will it be a time of light, or will it be one of darkness?

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