Why Me, Lord? :: By Dennis Huebshman

About three years ago, I made reference to a Kris Kristofferson song called “Why Me, Lord?” At that time, I stated that there was definitely a message in it as well (from the article, “Take My Hand Precious Lord” – 2019). While my intention was to make this the next message, for some reason, it didn’t get written. Since then, there have been many others that the Father has given me, but this beautiful work kept getting pushed back. Time to correct this. (ESV – all emphasis mine)

Just the title is very profound, “Why Me, Lord?” About thirty-five years ago, that question came to my mind in a powerful way. Up to that point, I had the same belief that many people have today, that I was okay with God and would go to Heaven when I left this earth because I was a “good person.” Then one day, I was home alone, and a thought crossed my mind. Was I absolutely certain my belief was correct? And, if not, what then?

Please understand that our Heavenly Father loves us more than we could ever imagine. He wants every single person on this earth to call on His Son and be saved (2 Peter 3:9). However, He will never force anyone to do so. He is willing to forgive all but one sin, and that sin is to leave this earth without truly having received and accepted Jesus as Savior. Just being a “good person” doesn’t save anyone.

God loves for us to “talk” to Him and let Him know our thoughts and desires. In numerous verses in the Bible, Jesus said that whatever we ask in His name, He will do it. This does not mean for selfish or destructive requests, but as believers, we would make requests that honor our Savior, and also for the welfare of our brothers and sisters.

Therefore, if one person prays for another, and it’s to provide a pathway to our Gentle Shepherd, it would be understandable that the Father would provide for this in His own way. By having the Holy Spirit open our hearts and minds to the truth, this still allows us to have the choice to accept or reject it. I found out later that there were “prayer warriors” who were asking the Lord to show me the right path. Resources opened for me, and I learned that I had never really received and accepted Jesus as my Savior.

I followed what I later found out was Romans 10:13; I called on the name of the Lord to be saved. I also became aware that He doesn’t want to be an overbearing deity but truly wants a relationship with us. That relationship started for me on that day and has grown stronger ever since. He even showed me that I could be an ordained pastor and provided the means and resources for that.

One of those “prayer warriors” was my mom, and though she didn’t live to see me become a pastor, she did know that I was saved before she passed away.

Right after I get to see Jesus in person for the first time, and when I am able to stand after falling at His feet in total awe, I look forward to the wonderful reunion that will take place. We will be able to see those who were in God’s will in the Bible that we read about, and they will want to see us as well. All of our loved ones who were part of His flock and went Home before us will be there also. Best part is, everyone will know everyone else.

Right now, I can look back and see where my life was taking me. It was toward a place in the long line at the Great White Throne Judgment of Revelation 20:11-15. One of the first things I did after I called out that day was to get a study Bible in a translation I could understand. At forty years of age, I was ashamed to admit I had never done any serious reading of God’s word. I always just took whatever the preachers said as being true and accurate without checking for myself. It wasn’t very long at all that I found out there was so much more to our Father’s “Love Letter” than what is proclaimed in many pulpits today.

I especially learned that no one is truly righteous, and we all are sinners (Romans 3:10; Romans 3:23). God’s word is specific that the wages of our sin is death in the hell fires, but He offers us eternal life as a free gift for all who will receive and accept His Son, Jesus the Christ (Romans 6:23). The steps are simple, but some people try to complicate them. They feel there has to be much pomp and circumstance to be recognized by the Father.

We admit we are sinners; we have faith and believe that Jesus is our only way to forgiveness; and if we truly call on Him, we will be saved (Romans 10:9-13; John 14:6). To add to any of this is an insult to the perfect sacrifice our Savior made for us. No one has sinned so badly that they cannot be forgiven if they truly ask for forgiveness.

As I said earlier, “Why Me, Lord?” Kris Kristofferson wrote and released this song in 1972, and the message is still powerful for those who will accept it.

1) Why me, Lord? What have I ever done to deserve even one of the pleasures I’ve known? Tell me, Lord, what did I ever do that was worth loving You or the kindness You’ve shown?

Ref) Lord help me, Jesus; I’ve wasted it so. Help Me, Jesus; I know what I am. Now that I know that I’ve need You so, Help Me, Jesus; my soul’s in Your hand.

2.) Tell me, Lord, if you think there’s a way I can try to repay all I’ve taken from you. Maybe, Lord, I can show someone else what I’ve been through myself on my way back to You. (ref)

When I called out for Jesus to forgive me and be my Savior forever, the words “Why Not Me, Lord?” came to mind. I firmly believe the Father’s word to us is true, and He cannot nor would He ever try to lie to us (Titus 1:2). There is one word of caution here; there are so-called modern bibles that have changed or “tweaked” the true word of the Father. Some give a “gender-neutral” god, and some even refer to Him as a “she.”

I have read the KJV, the New KJV, the New American Standard, and the English Standard Versions of the Bible. All declare in their opening pages that the texts were taken from the original word, and all were purchased through a reputable Christian Book Store.

One lesson I have learned is that as long as I am a human on the earth, I will slip and sin. So will everyone else. That’s where 1 John 1:8-10 comes in. It’s our pathway to forgiveness. Please note that just because God promised He would forgive us when we confess and ask for His forgiveness, we are still subject to discipline for our actions (Hebrews 12:5-11; Proverbs 3:11-12). This is done because He loves us.

As mentioned earlier, there is one unforgivable sin, which is to deny Jesus as Savior. This is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit (Matthew 12:31-32). Once a person receives and accepts Jesus, the Holy Spirit dwells within them. To purposely not acknowledge sin is to not seek to have it forgiven and, therefore, to deny the gift that God has provided for us through His Son.

All who truly call out to Jesus to save them will be saved. In this day and age, we are rapidly approaching a time when all who are a part of the Savior’s flock will be taken up to be with Him and to avoid the absolute worst time this earth will ever experience. This is found in 1 Thessalonians 4:13-17 and 1 Corinthians 15:51-53.

The Father’s promise (remember Titus 1:2) to keep us from the tribulation/wrath is in 1 Thessalonians 1:10, 1 Thessalonians 5:9-10, and Revelation 3:10.

Please know that all the end of this age signs, as given in the Bible, are here right now and all at once for the very first time. Jesus could call at any moment. Please consider whether or not you have truly asked Jesus to be your Savior. Today would not be too early to do so.

Maranatha – Come Lord Jesus!