Bible Prophecy Update: Taking America Down :: By Gary W. Ritter


Update: 5-18-22:

As a reminder, what I try to do here is to look at the world around us and try to connect the dots in relation to Bible prophecy.

It may have a very gloom and doom feel at times, but it’s exactly what Jesus said would happen. There’s nothing pretty about the world in these last of days – after all, it’s not our home. This is why our eyes should be on the Lord, who is glorious, and who has promised us eternal joy and peace.

The effort to establish a New World Order (NWO) begins with the taking down of America. It has long been acknowledged that until our nation is destroyed on literally every level, the globalist elites will not be able to accomplish their long-cherished utopian dream. This effort has been spearheaded – not by one faction – but by many. Some of these groups who wish to accomplish the remaking of the world in this manner seemingly come from very different places.

Their viewpoints – or worldviews – are ones you’d think wouldn’t dovetail much. You would be wrong.

The reality is that the demonic realm is behind all these movements. Satan – if nothing else – has a very diverse approach toward replacing God and destroying all that he calls good. Satan is Mr. Diversity himself. It’s why he can encourage self-proclaimed atheists to believe there is no God while at the same time infiltrating the church to believe in a different god than that of the Bible. It’s why he can inspire some in the church to follow a god of prosperity, legalism, or liberation while causing pagans to believe in THE Christ – or a Christ consciousness – within the New Age movement.

For today, I want to present what I hope will be informationally enlightening to you. Recently, a 10-point strategy for achieving the New World Order came to my attention. It’s attributed to Alice Bailey from at least 75 years ago. Bailey was a disciple of Helene Blavatsky, the founder of Theosophy, an occult religion. She built on that foundation and established the Lucifer Publishing Company in support of United Nations goals. Not long after that, in order to tone down the satanic implications of the name, Bailey changed Lucifer Publishing to the Lucis Trust.

Seeing this 10-point strategy made me think of the 45 stated goals of Communism that were declared in 1958 for the express purpose of destroying America. I uselessly presented several of these at a local school board meeting last year in the vain hope of influencing some members of the board to reconsider their actions. Pulling out this list again, it didn’t surprise me that there’s a lot of overlap in the objectives of these two very different groups.

Just for fun, I wondered how the 10 “commandments” engraved on the Georgia Guidestones might also compare. As many of you doubtlessly know, the Georgia Guidestones are called the American Stonehenge and contain a set of ten guidelines for the future of humanity written in a combination of twelve modern and ancient languages. Also, written on an explanatory stone tablet is the purpose for them. It says: “Let these be guidestones to an Age of Reason.”

What I’m going to do is show you these three sources, effectively side-by-side, so you can see the similarities in their goals.

What I think you’ll come to understand is that the secular and the spiritual that are outside of what the God of the Bible declares are in reality from the same source.

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