King & Counsel… Gates and Harari :: By Gary W. Ritter


A Case for Bill Gates as Antichrist & Yuval Harari as False Prophet

One of the biggest mysteries in these latter days is who will emerge as the Antichrist and False Prophet. Because of the pre-Tribulation Rapture of true believers in Jesus Christ, we won’t be here to see how these positions are filled, but the intrigue swirls around those of us who study Bible prophecy. Others in the church exhibit an ignorance to it all, or conversely, an “I don’t care” attitude because “it’ll all pan out in the end.”

I’ve touched on the possible identity of Antichrist previously in various writings and video Prophecy Updates, but here I want to present new candidates for these critical jobs as the world draws near to clamoring for them. We must have – as Jan Markell says – “a man with a plan” appear on the scene as a needed savior in the eyes of those left behind after God brings us home.

Many names have been put forth, including Emmanuel Macron and Barack Obama of late, as possible Antichrists and the perennial favorite Pope Francis as False Prophet. However, after some deliberation and without further ado, I wish to throw the names of my latest candidates into the ring. Let me present Bill Gates as Antichrist and Yuval Noah Harari as False Prophet!

I had previously suggested Harari as potential Antichrist, but it seems to me – given his fervor for changing humanity’s DNA – that he seems more to me like an evangelist than the top dog. But let’s first give Bill Gates a look-see.

Over the last year or so, the idea that the Ten Kings of Revelation may not necessarily be current political figures – at least at first – has been a thought I’ve entertained. The men at the heads of the Technology giants so prominent in the world today have so much power and influence that they could easily be called kings. When we consider individuals such as Jeff Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Larry Fink of Blackrock, and others, this becomes clear.

They all have such wealth that they can literally buy anything they please. They’ve all been investing in endeavors that lead to the globalist outcome of a New World Order since they’re all in league with Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum. These include transhumanism, media propaganda, digital IDs, you name it.

Fink’s Blackrock is invested in something on the order of 80% of all public companies worldwide. Vanguard’s CEO is Mortimer Buckley – someone nobody knows. Vanguard is even bigger and more powerful than Blackrock, as it owns part of Blackrock! We don’t have to look too far down this wealth ladder to come up with ten extremely powerful individuals – all kings in the sense of what they control or influence.

Given this, it could make a lot of sense that the king of the ten kings is effectively one of them. Hence, someone like Bill Gates slots into this category quite well. So, what is it about Gates that I “like” in order to bump him to the top of the Antichrist list?

There are some websites that propose Gates has Jewish ancestry, but that doesn’t seem to have any factual evidence as confirmation. What he does have is Romanish roots as coming out of English, German, and Irish/Scottish lineage. This correlates with Daniel 9:26, which says in part:

“And the people of the prince who is to come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary.”

The implication is that Antichrist is this prince that will come. The people that were prophesied to destroy the city and sanctuary were the Romans in 70 AD. Thus, Antichrist has Roman, or at the least, European roots.

Gates’ family has a long history of favoring eugenicide, with his father having a leadership position with Planned Parenthood. This obviously rubbed off on Junior. Following the remarkable success Gates had at Microsoft and the immense wealth he accumulated, he entered the realm of charitable organizations with his Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. As many of us know, a major emphasis through this organization has been vaccines. What we’ve also come to understand is that when he vaccinated Third World peoples, many were left much worse off than when Gates began. His various vaccines in India and Africa caused serious injuries, infertility, and death.

This seems not to have affected his fervor in administering such drugs. In fact, he is on record as saying that his vaccines should cause fewer births because not as many children will be needed since not as many will die young. That doesn’t seem to have worked out since his vaccines have done their share of damage, perhaps even surpassing the harsh living situations that cause childhood deaths.

He is heavily invested in the COVID vaccine industry and is on record as promoting them shamelessly while also declaring there will be more pandemics. Can anyone forget the close-up photo of him grinning maliciously while holding up a syringe?

Not unsurprising was the revelation of Bill Gates’ friendship with Jeffrey Epstein – he of Lolita Express fame that flew wealthy individuals to his little St. James Island, where they used and abused young girls in the execution of darkly secret, occult rituals. Melinda Gates, herself a huge proponent of Planned Parenthood, finally had enough of her husband’s escapades and divorced him. Daniel 11:37 may apply here:

“He shall pay no attention to the gods of his fathers, or to the one beloved by women. He shall not pay attention to any other god, for he shall magnify himself above all.”

Some have speculated this could mean that Antichrist may be homosexual. Or, it could simply mean he has no use for women as something or someone to love. Moreover, this appears to tell us that Antichrist will follow no god other than himself. Bill Gates is obviously not one who looks to the God of the Bible. Very likely, he has made a deal with the devil. It just depends on how big and grand a deal that is.

With Gates having positioned himself as the purveyor of vaccine truth through his extreme advocacy and investments, he’s seen publicly as a beneficent and charitable individual. As such, many believe him and hold him in an exalted position. In other words, he has a significant voice. Believe it or not, this translates into trust. When Antichrist gets in the middle between Israel and “the many” to confirm the 7-year covenant (Daniel 9:27), Israel’s trust of him as a facilitator will be necessary. Given the prominence of Gates in the world and how he’s generally viewed, Israel working with him through the agreement process isn’t too hard to imagine.

Two other initiatives that Gates is funding are transhumanist efforts and the redirection of America’s eating habits. Whenever transhumanism discussions arise, we see that through the Gates Foundation, he’s in the middle of it. Additionally, through his acquisition of hundreds of thousands of acres of farmland, he has effectively taken them out of circulation for food production, in the process depriving more and more farmers of a livelihood.

What is extremely interesting in conjunction with this is the many investments he’s made in hydroponic and vertical farming. This effort will likely lead to the insertion of “vaccines” into the DNA of lettuce and other foods. Of course, we know he’s a big supporter of artificial meat products.

One of Gates’ mentors was Henry Kissinger, who remarked in 1974: “Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy controls whole continents; who controls money can control the world.” Overall, Bill Gates intends to be right in the middle of what people put on their dinner tables, that is, those left alive following the vaccine mandates, in his quest to follow Kissinger’s pattern of controlling the world.

He’s already a player on the world stage. I don’t think it’s a stretch to envision the elevation of Bill Gates into that of king of the world in the person of Antichrist.

When I first started thinking about Yuval Harari, it was as a possible Antichrist. However, the more I looked at him, the more he seems not so much as the individual who will be the primary leader but as one who will convince the world of the wonders of following Antichrist as part of the transhumanist agenda.

This man already seems to have no soul. He is completely without empathy, except for animals. Of immense interest is that he’s Jewish and lives in Israel. Maybe this could become a factor leading to Israel trusting his Antichrist buddy with covenant negotiations.

Harari is homosexual and a vegan. Through his several books on transhumanism, he has reached millions with the message that there is no God, Jesus Christ is fake news, and humanity must change in order to adapt for the future.

Better yet, he has stated that most of humanity must be culled to eliminate a massive number of people. The human body itself is limited and not marvelous at all in his estimation, being just a collection of cells, etc., that randomly came together. This leads to his view that we have no purpose. Some humans are exceptional; most are nothing but worthless eaters. A LOT of people buy into this philosophy and are enthralled and energized by Harari.

He has no religion other than humanism and the grand idea that we must alter our bodies through silicon, artificial intelligence, and biotechnology to achieve what we can become. The global government must maintain complete surveillance over mankind so that elites can engineer the trajectory of life for all people. Ultimately, we will upgrade humans – those who are deemed worthy – to become gods.

Doesn’t this sound a lot like the man who will be strong counsel to Antichrist and work toward his objectives? Can’t you picture Yuval Harari presenting the image of the Beast to the world? With his background in transhumanism, is there any limitation to this image that all will see and worship? In fact, given the nature of transhumanism, for Antichrist to die and rise again seems right in line with its capabilities. More appropriate for the False Prophet is that he’s the one who causes all to take the Mark of the Beast. Very Harari-like, in my estimation.

There is much more that could be said about both of our contenders for these exalted positions that are begging to be filled. What we see with these men is a great desire to exercise supreme control and gain the worship of the masses. They’ve worked hard all their lives to attain the credentials by which Satan could elevate them to the lofty heights they seek.

The sad part is that whether it’s these men or a couple of others who become Antichrist and False Prophet, they’ll believe initially that their many dreams will be realized. What they’ll learn by the end of seven years is that which they’ve sought will devolve into the worst nightmare scenario one could ever imagine.

Such is Satan’s bitter fruit.


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