B. P. Update: Why Post-Trib Rapture Isn’t Possible :: By Gary W. Ritter

Bible Prophecy Update: Why Post-Trib Rapture Isn’t Possible 

Update 5-11-22

I can’t for the life of me see what’s so attractive in the Post-Tribulation Rapture scenario that so many people believe. In fact, a lot of adherents to this position get downright ornery when someone advocates for the sound doctrine of the pre-Tribulation Rapture.

As I’ve noted in the past, such believers in post-Trib have a tendency to spew Scripture so as to “prove” that they are right. Just a hint regarding this: once you get beyond half a page of your various “proof-texts,” nobody is reading them anymore. You’re wasting valuable computer bits in this exercise.

Actually, more disturbing regarding the fanaticism of many who literally despise pre-Trib is that some number of them descend into declaring that we who believe in this doctrine are demonic and in thrall with Satan.

There’s something seriously wrong with that. Among other things, they accuse us of leading people straight to hell because believing in pre-Trib makes us unprepared for the girding up necessary to enter the Tribulation.

Frankly, the timing of the Rapture becomes an issue as to the character of God.

The loving and merciful God with whom I have a relationship wouldn’t allow His children to endure such a horrendous time that the Bible describes as one in which all mankind would perish unless God shortened it. The God I know must judge and punish those who have CHOSEN not to believe and follow Him.

He must bring His wrath upon the UNBELIEVING world that worships any god but Him. Why would He send wrath on us who have freely accepted the gift of salvation through the blood-bought sacrifice of Jesus Christ? It makes no sense.

Beyond this very basic truth, there are a number of logistical circumstances, along with Scriptural facts, that successfully argue against the post-Tribulation Rapture. In fact, when we look at how the end-times play out according to the Bible, post Trib simply cannot even work from a logical perspective.

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