Poems As Christian Resources for The Rapture :: By Ron Ferguson


This posting is not my normal one of articles, but I just want to share three poems that can be used in Christian ministry – either as a whole or selected stanzas. They have more of a focus on the Rapture.  As a few might know, I am a Christian poet with poems approaching 100,000 words.  What God gives we must use, and in a tiny way, there may be something here for preachers and for use in seminars.

The poems are copyright in the sense of not taking them for commercial publications without my knowledge. Just ask. Otherwise, use them if you find something to use. God bless you.


Let the door of heaven open;
Let the Saviour’s voice be heard;
Let the trumpet sound its calling;
We are waiting for the word.

“Come up here!” will be our summons.
“Come up here!” He calls the Bride.
“Come to ME My glorious one,
You for whom I wept and died!”

Who can comprehend those gathered?
Who can contemplate such bliss?
The Lord will snatch up all His own;
Not one redeemed, will He miss.

Hear the voice of the archangel!
Hear that trumpet call for you!
In an instant; in a moment –
There’s no waiting in a queue.

Heaven’ glory bursts upon us;
Heaven’s centre is the Lamb.
Heaven’s beauty centres ‘round Him;
He the Lord, the Great I AM.

Light and truth will be resplendent.
Light and Truth – that my Lord is.
Light illumines ev’ry facet,
Shows the splendour that is His.

Praise resounds from ev’ry quarter.
Praise will rise from the redeemed.
Angels likewise see His glory
In the Church His blood has cleaned.

Evermore rejoice in Jesus;
Evermore to share His love.
O, melt our hearts in gratitude,
And our thoughts transport above.

28 March 2022    R E Ferguson    Metre = 8-7-8-7  



To be absent from the body,
To be present with the Lord;
To be robed in linen garments
With eternal life unflawed.
I will then be in His presence,
Where the saints of God will shine,
And that blessed sinless pleasure –
O, that joy will then be mine.

Heaven’s call will soon come to us
Bathed in joy and happiness.
He will raise His saints up to Him,
Called from this world’s wretchedness.
In an instant changed forever,
In the power of His might,
And the glories then of heaven,
Will be wondrous in our sight.

It was grace that sought and saved us;
Nothing of it we deserved.
Wonders grace has stored up for us,
That in glory are reserved.
We will see our splendid Saviour,
Gathered with His ransomed throng.
Faces shine in radiance bright,
As they praise their Lord in song.

To be absent from the body,
To be present with the Lord,
And we long for that appearing,
As we rise to our reward.
Jesus soon comes, and He’ll change us
In the twinkling of an eye.
We’ll behold His full perfection,
Being flawless, we won’t die.

21 September 2021   R E Ferguson   Metre = 8-7-8-7D

Tunes.  We have sung this to Beethoven’s 9th – Ode to Joy – Joyful, Joyful.

There’s a Light Upon the Mountains.

Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus.

Love Divine All Loves Excelling.



The radiant Church one day will be
Removed from earth to glory on high
Raptured from out of this sinful scene;
Never to hear persecution’s cry.

Jesus our Lord is coming again;
Coming to rapture His ransomed Bride
That is the glorious hope we seek
To be with our Lord, close to His side.

He loved the Church, and for it, He died.
Redeeming love was the depth He showed.
The Lamb of God paid for our release
That day He walked the Calvary road.

The wonders of heaven are supreme
And transcend all earth’s limitations.
The joy and peace and tranquillity
Will then be ours, free from temptations.

Our gracious Lord will remove us from
The great Tribulation that proceeds
Once the Church and Holy Spirit leave,
And the world to Antichrist secedes.

Evil will proceed from bad to worse,
But the Church possesses heavenly hope
For we are citizens of the Light,
Not of this darkness, wherein men grope.

Through faith, hope is anchored in the One
Who has recreated us anew.
The glorious Church will honour Christ –
He, the mighty Lord, will bring us through!

R E Ferguson    25 January 2022    Metre = 9 throughout

I trust God will encourage you with these poems if you did read them. He encourages me in the writing of them. I hope that something may be of use.