2 May 2022

Putin may undergo surgery for cancer
A Kremlin insider says Putin may be replaced by a hardliner ally ( Nilolai Patrushev) and architect of the Ukraine war. (video)

25 Mysterious fires at food processing plants across US; ‘End-of-days food shortage’
As more food processing plants burn down, the prophecy of pre-Messianic food shortages looms more imminent. Though labeled a conspiracy theory, the facts remain undeniable; prices are rising as supply chain problems persist and food becomes dear. Biden: Planning to “disseminate food shortages.” The story comes in the wake of a presidential prediction that food shortages were about to become a reality due to the war in Ukraine. While addressing the subject, President Biden made a gaffe that made it seem that the food shortages were, in fact, planned.

Time Columnist Denounces Free Speech As A White Man’s “Obsession”
The anti-free speech movement has been embraced by Democratic leaders, including President Joe Biden, as well as academics who now claim “China was right” on censorship. However, a Time magazine column by national correspondent Charlotte Alter was still shocking in how mainstream anti-free speech views have become.

‘We’re Taking Back Our Street” – Sacramento Man Barricades Street To Stop Out-Of-Control Crime
People are fed up with the urban utopian socialist experiment in California. One business owner barricaded a public street in Sacramento to prevent a further spillover in crime from other areas. “The game is over. We’re taking back our streets,” business owner Rich Eaton told FOX40. He barricaded part of Railroad Drive to prevent the commercial area from additional car burglaries, rampant building theft, prostitution, and homeless encampments.

Antifa allegedly assaults Portland GOP rallygoers, understaffed police struggle to respond
The resource-strapped Portland Police Bureau (PPB) reportedly took more than 20 minutes to respond when alleged antifa members assaulted a Saturday campaign event near police headquarters in downtown Portland. By the time officers had “sufficient resources” to establish a crime scene near Southwest 3rd and Main Street, the black-clad demonstrators had already dispersed after hurling smoke grenades, paint-filled balloons and fireworks, according to police. Two were injured by “mortars,” police said.

Report: EU to make fresh push to salvage Iran deal
Diplomats tell Wall Street Journal that EU negotiator offered to travel to Tehran in effort to break stalemate in nuclear talks.

It’s time for the fourth technological revolution: AI – opinion
The fourth technological revolution is associated with the era of AI applications. Providing corporations with multiple opportunities to distinguish themselves within a competitive business environment by allowing companies to utilize data they accumulate to improve business processes, products, and services. However, media coverage of the AI revolution has been characterized by a wealth of contradictory information and inflated expectations regarding how, and where, AI can be applied.

Harvard Crimson is drinking the BDS Kool-Aid –
The Harvard Crimson, the student newspaper at America’s most elite university, is drinking the Boycott, Sanctions and Divestment (BDS) Kool-Aid.

Lavrov claims Zelensky has Jewish blood ‘just like Hitler’
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov attacked Ukraine and its president Volodymyr Zelensky on Sunday during an interview in Italy, claiming that “the fact that he is a Jew does not negate the Nazi elements in his country. I believe that Adolf Hitler also had Jewish blood.”

3.5 earthquake hits northern Israel
At noontime, a 3.5 magnitude earthquake was felt in northern Israel. The quake originated 116 kilometers (72 miles) northwest of Nahariya. Although the tremor was felt, no damage to property was reported.

New initiative links the world’s largest Muslim nation to Israel, reversing Balaam’s curse
Muslim leaders launched a project earlier this month to build relations between Indonesia and Israel. If successful, the project could pave the way for the country’s more than 200 million Muslims to be linked in friendship with the Jewish state.

Former Democratic Rep. Says Biden Is Just a ‘Front Man’ for True Power Behind ‘Ministry of Truth’
“Biden is just a front man,” Gabbard tweeted. “Obama, April 21: social media censors ‘don’t go far enough,’ so the government needs to step in to do the job. Six days later, Homeland Security rolls out the ‘Ministry of Truth’ (aka Disinformation Governance Board).”

Video Appears to Show Local NBC Anchor Get Busted in Underage-Sex Sting – Station Issues Statement
Although not fully identified in the video posted to YouTube by the 607 Predator Hunters, the man looks very similar to Zach Wheeler of NBC affiliate WETM-TV in Elmira, New York, and is addressed as “Zach.” At one point he offers to do a TV spot on the group — “607” is an area code in the Elmira area.

Board orders Californians to conserve water
There’s a drought in Southern California, so Gov. Gavin Newsom asked for a 15 percent voluntary reduction of household water usage. But a big water supplier to the area has gone further — it says local water districts must reduce water consumption or face fines, …

Plastic Grocery Bag Bans Actually Boost Sale of Small Plastic Garbage Bags: Study
Researchers have discovered that bans and fees on plastic carryout grocery bags (CGB) could have serious unintended consequences. The investigators found that both bag fees and outright prohibitions boosted the sale of 4-gallon and 8-gallon plastic bags—

Amish Farmer Faces $250K Fine, Jail Time and Losing His Sustainable Farm for Processing His Own Meat
Amos Miller’s private food club members say they don’t want their grass-fed meat treated with the chemical preservatives required by all USDA-approved processing plants

Diesel prices soaring above crude, gasoline — and likely to stay that way 
A recently published study from Israel has confirmed a strong correlation between a massive increase in emergency cardiovascular events among people under 40 and the beginning of the country’s Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) mass vaccination program.

Cardiovascular emergencies in Israel increased by 25% after COVID-19 vaccine rollout 
A recently published study from Israel has confirmed a strong correlation between a massive increase in emergency cardiovascular events among people under 40 and the beginning of the country’s Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) mass vaccination program.

Medical journals now CENSORING all science that documents vaccine adverse reactions 
Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, this publication has provided ample documentation and evidence that the globalist elites are using to fundamentally alter Western democracies in ways they never could legislatively.

Stunning video by Canadian doctors shows how Pfizer committed massive fraud during COVID-19 vaccine trials 
A group of Canadian doctors has painstakingly demonstrated how Pfizer committed monumental fraud in conducting rapid clinical trials of its COVID-19 vaccine as they present evidence refuting nearly all claims that the jab is safer and that getting one reduces the incidence and seriousness of the coronavirus.

Animal feed halt is a Biden Regime attempt to wipe out ALL LIVESTOCK and usher in new era of disgusting test-tube meat 
From the halting of fertilizer and animal feed shipments to the waves of arson that have burnt down food factories in America, the Biden Administration seems to be strategically and nefariously deconstructing America’s agricultural infrastructure, but why?

ANALYST: Russia has a moral imperative to neutralize Ukraine’s weapons systems that allowed NATO to threaten Russia with bioweapons 
You will be hard-pressed to find what you are about to read anywhere in the establishment Western media, but Russia’s invasion of Ukraine had to be done in order to stop the world’s bioterrorists from continuing to wage war on humanity from proxy locations throughout the Eastern European country, point out analysts from State of the Nation.

BlackRock and Vanguard are taking over centralized food production technologies and will have near-total control over the future food supply in America 
Many people are still blissfully unaware of what has happened, but the global food supply has been largely taken over by the oligarchs, including financial giants BlackRock and Vanguard.

Algae overwhelming beaches on Mexico’s Caribbean coast
Authorities on Mexico’s Caribbean coast are battling an “alarming” invasion of foul-smelling brown algae, which has piled up on the region’s beaches.

Extreme Heat to Persist in India for Third Straight Month 
Hotter-than-normal temperatures may continue to singe northern and western India in May, where readings are near the highest in 122 years, the country’s official weather forecaster said.

‘The water is not there’: Drought forces Las Vegas to draw from deeper within Lake Mead
A massive drought-starved reservoir on the Colorado River has become so depleted that Las Vegas now is pumping water from deeper within Lake Mead where other states downstream don’t have access.

Largest US Wildfire Rages out of Control in New Mexico
Firefighters in New Mexico failed on Friday to pin back the flames of the United States’ largest wildfire, which is burning perilously close to a string of mountain villages.

Severe storms rock central U.S. while wildfires burn in the West
Millions of Americans are under a severe storm threat right now, while several storm systems are bringing damaging winds, hail and tornadoes to the central plains. That’s in addition to the wildfires in the West. Jennifer Johnson has the details.

More than 1,000 buildings affected by Andover, KS tornado
More than 1,000 buildings were affected when a strong tornado swept through Andover on Friday evening. Search and rescue operations were continuing Saturday, officials said in a noon briefing.

SHORT: Capitol Hill Cops Break Window And Urge Rioters Inside Capitol Building
You ain’t gonna believe it. You’ll see it, but you won’t believe it. I’ve been sending this to everyone I can think of, but federal law enforcement and the MSM does not want to know about seditious police officers that were in cahoots with real insurrectionists. It doesn’t fit the narrative.

Amidst Questions Of Stolen Election, Macron Launches Digital Identity App
Although Macron survived the French elections, many voters are wondering if the election was stolen. Macron wasted no time in launching a digital identity app that will be required for French citizens to access public and private services. Dystopian digital identity is the bedrock of Technocracy, aka the Great Reset. ⁃ TN Editor

Jesus Of Nazareth For The Past Two Thousand Years Has Been Building A City Called New Jerusalem That Will Be The Forever Home Of The Born Again Believer 
Have you ever watched any of those pet shows on channels like The Dodo where they talk about people adopting pets and bringing them to their new ‘forever home’? Your King James Bible talks about that as well, only it’s you who gets adopted, and your forever Home is a place called the New Jerusalem. New Jerusalem is the mansions from John 14, that Jesus the carpenter of Nazareth, has been building for us for the past two thousand years. Born again believers in the Church Age are placed into the Body of Christ and we are the Bride of Christ.

Indiana Attorney General Files Lawsuit Against Black Lives Matter Global Organization
Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita has filed a lawsuit against the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation.