Homeward Bound Conference Streaming!

From: Bob Ulrich – Prophecy Watchers (prophecywatchers.com)

Rapture Ready’s Terry James and 24 other top Bible prophecy presenters will be speaking at this exciting event from Colorado Springs, Colorado. You can watch it all, or pick and choose which session to watch with easy access to either the live streaming and/or other options. You won’t want to miss this up-to-the-minute unveiling of what’s really going on behind today’s news headlines – and what all these prophetic signals are telling those who “Watch” (Mark 13:37).


Prophecy Watchers, the TV program of long-standing with Gary Stearman, invites all to join us from the comfort of your living room, or wherever you watch your favorite programs. This will be a Bible prophecy conference worthy of the Scripture Jesus, Himself, gave for the very end of the age in which we are living.

“For when you see all these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your head, for your redemption draws near” (Luke 21:28).

800 people are already registered for attendance at the one-of-a-kind conference in Colorado Springs (very few tickets remain), but you can still join us via our streaming option. The Live Streaming offer is a fantastic option. We’ll be airing 44 messages from two rooms and another 20 “Best Of” messages from past conferences in a 3rd room with a big-screen television and DVD player. In addition, we’re offering an additional 81 messages as an extra BONUS from our Last Trump Virtual Conference from 2021. A total of 145 messages will be streamed and available online. That works out to 59 cents a message! Quite a bargain!

See the complete list of speakers and their messages below. As an added bonus, we’re offering a free one-year Digital subscription to The Prophecy Watcher magazine. All for $85.00.

The live conference streaming will begin at 9:00 A.M. on Friday morning, May 20, and will run through 1:30 P.M. on Sunday, May 22.

People can register for the streaming at www.ProphecyWatchers.com. Just scroll down and find the bright blue Streaming banner, click on it, and register with our streaming partner, UScreen.

Where else can one access 145 Bible prophecy messages from the world’s leading prophecy experts, one better than the next, and have 6 entire months to watch them?

1 message a day keeps the Devil away and will encourage and bless you. For $85.00, you can stream our upcoming Homeward Bound Prophecy Conference from Colorado Springs where we’ll present 44 live messages and 20 more messages we’ve selected as our personal favorites.

On top of that, we’re adding 81 bonus messages from past conferences to make it 145 total messages! .59 cents per message! Watch anytime you like, as often as you like. Share the messages with your church on Sunday night or in your weekly Bible study. Teach your family all about Bible prophecy with some of the most inspiring messages ever. Or keep them all to yourself as a daily devotional.

  1. A. Marzulli – End Times Genetic Stew
  2. A. Marzulli – Lost Civilizations of the Ancient World
  3. Bill Salus – The Pre-Tribulation Prophecies
  4. Bill Salus – Ezekiel 38: When God Defends Israel
  5. Bill Salus – Millennial Prophecies and the New Jerusalem
  6. Mondo Gonzales – Is the Rapture in the Olivet Discourse?
  7. Randall Price – Globalism God’s Way
  8. Billy Crone – The Purpose of the Rapture
  9. Billy Crone – The Rewards of the Rapture
  10. Thomas Ice – Current Events
  11. Thomas Ice – The Rapture
  12. Ken Johnson – Noah’s Dead Sea Scroll Prophecies
  13. Ken Johnson – Dead Sea Scroll Calendar Prophecies
  14. Larry Ollison – Do Not Fear The End of Days
  15. Larry Ollison – Your Journey to Heaven
  16. Tom Hughes – Collapse!
  17. Tom Hughes – It’s a Mess But Jesus is Coming!
  18. Ryan Pitterson – The Final Nephilim
  19. Ryan Pitterson – The Return of the Antichrist
  20. Brent Miller Jr. – A Lost Parable From the Last Supper
  21. Derek Gilbert – The Uttermost North – Gog of Magog’s Diabolical Double Cross
  22. Derek Gilbert – Death of the Destroyer: The Mount Hermon – Mount of Olives Connection
  23. Terry James & Pete Garcia- The Disappearing: Future Events That Will Rock the World
  24. Terry James – Jesus Foretells the Rapture for our Day
  25. Brandon Holthaus- The Birth Pangs of Israel That Lead to a Covenant with the Antichrist
  26. Brandon Holthaus – Putin’s Religion and the Gog and Magog Invasion
  27. Pete Garcia – Jude: The Acts of the Apostates
  28. Nathan Jones – The Wars of the End Times
  29. Nathan Jones – The Fate of Islam
  30. Olivier Melnick – BDS: A Danger Against Israel That Can’t Be Ignored
  31. Olivier Melnick – The New Righteous Among the Nations
  32. Douglas Woodward – Rebooting Genesis 1-11 Chronology
  33. Douglas Woodward – Who Really Led the Rebellion at Babel?
  34. Bob Maginnis – China’s New World Order
  35. David Schnittger – Divine Deliverance in Bible Prophecy
  36. David Schnittger – Divine Deliverance in Church History
  37. Lee Brainard – The Pre-Wrath Rapture Demolished
  38. Lee Brainard – Heaven: Infinite Inheritance or Three Square Feet?
  39. Aaron Lipkin – Joshua’s Altar Curse Inscription
  40. Aaron Lipkin – The Secret of the Native Israelite Tribes
  41. Daniel Wright – What is the Redemption Corridor?
  42. Brent Miller Jr. – A Lost Parable From the Last Supper
  43. Bill Koenig – Trump and Netanyahu: Past, Present and Future
  44. Bill Koenig – The 2020 and 2022 Elections: America on the Brink


  1. Carl Teichrib – Game of Gods
  2. Michael Lake – The Shinar Directive
  3. Michael Lake – The Sheeryith Imperative
  4. Josh Peck – Extradimensional UFOs
  5. Cris Putnam – The Final Roman Emperor
  6. Claudia Koenig – End Times Evangelism
  7. Mark Hitchcock – Your Final Exam: The Judgment Seat of Christ
  8. JD Farag – The Pre-Trib Rapture in the Old Testament
  9. Danny Ben Gigi – God’s Secrets Only Hebrew Can Reveal
  10. David Hocking – Israel and the Promises of God
  11. Jack Langford – The Pentecostal Rapture of the Church
  12. Jack Langford – The Threefold Resurrection of the Righteous
  13. Tom Horn – Giants, Saboteurs and the Secret Destiny of America
  14. Richard Shaw – Those Amazing Torah Codes
  15. Todd Hampson – Prophecy 101 For Everyone
  16. Jan Markell – Hidden in Plain Sight – The New World Order in Bible Prophecy
  17. Don Perkins – The Judgment Seat of Christ
  18. David Reagan – The Jews in Prophecy: Past, Present and Future
  19. Gary Frazier – The Terminal Generation
  20. Gary Stearman – The Missing Link in Ezekiel 38


  1. Jonathan Cahn: The Harbinger 2 – The Return
  2. Nathan Jones: The End Times Sign of Technology
  3. Carl Teichrib: Game of Gods – The World is Changing
  4. Bill Salus: Final Prophecies – The Last 3.5 Years of the Tribulation
  5. Derek Gilbert: Giants, Gods and Dragons – Mt. Hermon and the Prophesied Battle of Bashan
  6. Todd Hampson: The Special Ops Rapture Rescue
  7. Jeff Kinley: America’s Last Days – How the Rapture Will Affect the United States
  8. Larry Ollison: Your Best Days Are Yet to Come
  9. Randall Price: The Present Plan to Rebuild the Temple
  10. Carl Teichrib: Man as God – Living the First Lie
  11. Josh Peck: Afterlife – Unraveling the Biggest Mysteries of Life, Death, and Beyond
  12. Jan Markell: Why We May Be the Terminal Generation
  13. Steve Cioccolanti: Dividing the Land and the Abraham Accords
  14. Billy Crone: Perilous Times – How to Survive, Part 1
  15. David Reagan: Theological Myths About Israel
  16. Larry Ollison: What Your Heavenly Body Will Look Like
  17. D Farag: Pre-Tribulational Rapture Proof
  18. A. Marzulli: On the Trail of the Nephilim Part 1
  19. David Reagan: Political Myths About Israel
  20. Billy Crone: Perilous Times – How to Survive Part 2
  21. Michael Lake: The Kingdom Priesthood
  22. Sharon Gilbert: Panoplia- Explaining the Armor of Ephesians 6
  23. Carl Teichrib: Cult of World Order – Spiritual Politics in a Global Age
  24. Larry Ollison – Why Bless Israel?
  25. Tom Hughes and Bill Salus: Goodbye Birth Pangs – Hello Tribulation
  26. Billy Crone: Perilous Times – How to Survive, Part 3
  27. A. Marzulli: On the Trail of the Nephilim, Part 2
  28. Randall Price: Jerusalem in Prophecy
  29. Todd Hampson: Facing Revelation Head On
  30. Tom Hughes: The Best of Times
  31. Jeff Kinley: 5 Ways the World is Preparing Itself For the Man of Sin
  32. Billy Crone: Perilous Times: How To Survive Part 4
  33. Bill Salus: The Prophetic Mideast Wars
  34. Tom Horn: The Evil Gene and Lucifer Effect
  35. Michael Lake: The Greater Effect
  36. David Schnittger: Glimpses of the Coming Christ in Zechariah
  37. Don Perkins – Christ in Prophecy: Part 1
  38. Don Perkins – Christ in Prophecy: Part 2
  39. Mark Hitchcock: Can We Still Believe in the Rapture – Part 1
  40. Mark Hitchcock: Can We Still Believe in the Rapture – Part 2
  41. Mark Hitchcock: Heavenly Rewards
  42. Ken Johnson: Idioms in the Bible
  43. Randall Price – Is the Temple Mount the Hoax of the Millennium?
  44. Larry Ollison – The Mystery of Light
  45. Bill Salus – The Antichrist’s 4-Day Trip to Jerusalem
  46. Avi Lipkin – Islam Prophesied in Genesis
  47. Avi Lipkin – Return to Mecca
  48. Larry Ollison – The End of the Church Age
  49. Larry Ollison – Lucifer’s Attempt to Pervert the Seed of Man
  50. Ken Johnson – Third Corinthians
  51. Ken Johnson – The Trinity in the Dead Sea Scrolls
  52. Tom Hughes – Contract With the Devil; A Forensic Investigation of Daniel 9:27
  53. Billy Crone – Proof of the Pre-Trib Rapture
  54. Jack Langford -The Gospel: Past Present and Future
  55. Ken Johnson – The Ancient Church Fathers
  56. Jack Langford – Positive Proof For the Pre-Trib Rapture (From a Former Post-Tribber)
  57. Tom Hughes – The End of What Was
  58. Billy Crone – Perilous Times How to Survive – Part 5
  59. Marzulli – On the Trail of the Nephilim Part 3
  60. Terry James – Are You Rapture Ready or Not?
  61. A. Marzulli – Secrets of the Supernatural
  62. Aaron Lipkin – The House of David
  63. Doug Woodward – American Requiem: Is the USA Babylon and Will America Collapse in the 2020s?
  64. JD Farag – Final Warning
  65. Russ Breault – Three Dimensional Aspects of the Shroud of Turin
  66. Brent Miller Jr. – People Get Ready: Before the Wrath Continues
  67. Andy Woods – Roots of the New World Order
  68. Andy Woods – Racing Toward the New World Order
  69. Thomas Ice – Stage Setting and the Rapture
  70. Thomas Ice – How Close Are We?
  71. Gary Stearman – The Last Trump
  72. Jeff Kinley – Satanic Superman and the Sovereignty of God
  73. Tom Hughes – Israel’s Past Guarantees Israel’s Future
  74. Tom Hughes – Heaven: Not What You Think
  75. Larry Ollison – The World That Was: The First Flood
  76. Gary Stearman – The Rapture is the Resurrection
  77. David Schnittger – Killing Me Softly: New World Order Eugenics
  78. David Schnittger – The Wuhan Virus and Bible Prophecy
  79. Randall Price – Noah’s Ark
  80. Cris Putnam – Supernatural Worldview
  81. Tim Mahoney – Patterns of Evidence

How do you register to view the 145 messages? Visit us at ProphecyWatchers.com, scroll down to the bright blue Live Streaming banner, click on it, and you’ll be taken to our streaming partners website, UScreen. You can register right there. The event will begin on 9:00 Friday morning, May 20.