No Other Narratives :: By Edwin Tan


Of late, Jan Markell’s videos on the Tube have been exploited by someone in China for nefarious purposes. This individual made use of her past airings to earn quick bucks, choosing to use the donation ruse to con viewers. All the reruns were cleverly packaged as new presentations to lure the unsuspecting listeners. It did not take long for Jan to be fully aware of this scam, so she threw caution during her regular presentations about this monkey business. Viewers and listeners were advised to disregard these fakes. They were encouraged to turn to the Olive Tree Ministry website and the host of radio stations that are supportive of these truly soul-refreshing presentations.

Why on earth would this character from a non-English speaking nation choose a prophecy website dealing with hard-tack subjects? Why not something more sugar-coated from a seeker-friendly website? There is one indication here; presentations like Jan’s have an enormous following; therefore, there exists the potential of rich pickings if viewed from the lens of a crafty get rich schemer! Jan is not the only person to be targeted by these schemers. Some years ago, J. D. Farag had a similar problem.

The fact that these more conservative and no-nonsense websites become targets for scammers proves one significant point. People are indeed hungry for the truth. They are probably sick and tired of rantings based on partial truths which have almost zero scriptural value. This is an almost explosive trend as the days are increasingly fraught with turmoil amidst great confusion. Do reckon that the schemer from China did possibly think about this; these intelligently disguised videos could have been aimed at newcomers to Bible prophecy. However, there is sufficient publicity on this issue that will keep them out of harm’s way.

When scores of people tune in to these no riff-raff presentations, it is a healthy indicator of the effectiveness of the salt and light activities in the last days.

“Then Jesus said to them again, ‘Most assuredly, I say to you, I am the door of the sheep; All who ever came before Me are thieves and robbers, but the sheep did not hear them. I am the door. If anyone enters by Me, he will be saved, and will go in and out and find pasture” (John 10:7-9).

There is undoubtedly an innumerable following that turns to the truth that is in Christ, who is indeed the door that leads to genuine peace and safety. Listeners and viewers come from every corner of the planet. They are a more than savvy bunch that would increasingly settle for nothing but the unadulterated truth in the Counsel of God. All because the so-called peace and safety the world claims to offer is merely a meaningless mumble! This includes those who profess in alternate pathways to peace.

Holy Writ in genuine form is truly the only means by which present moment trials plus testings can be effectively circumnavigated. Simple answer; these earthly hurdles are manmade with a host of limitations, but what God provides to overcome them is infinite! The analogy of sheep finding pasture speaks about the instance whereby pressing needs are being met. In days that seem to grow darker, these need only exacerbate to a point where desperation sets in. Those who are close to this state are increasingly vulnerable and risk severe damage caused by half-truths. But when God is relied upon, nothing can go wrong because He keeps His Word – right down to the finest detail! Desperation then gets pummeled, and hope indwells through the working of the Holy Spirit.

There is only one Jesus that enables us to connect with God and profit from His infinite goodness. So for those who preach another Jesus or a Gospel that is different, it is not of God but of man (Galatians 1:8-10). It is indeed as good as choosing the wrong door, which leads to no pasture but wasteland in the wilderness. This clearly explains why there is exponential growth in the numbers which prefer only specific Christian websites – namely those who endeavor to preach and teach the true Counsel of God. When they do so, it is definitely not in vain, as they are richly rewarded for their pursuits. These folks have the Heavenly Father on their side 24/7; they are in constant communication with Him, which thereby enables and empowers them – even when goings get tough.

The good Lord uses a myriad of mechanisms when it comes to exhorting and encouraging His people. He oftentimes selects specific people to carry out this process. None other than familiar names like the ones mentioned earlier. They have nothing about personality, but it is more so with consistency in delivering the Word. These individuals are identified by this hallmark; they are the ones to listen to for exhortation, encouragement and education. This is indeed a critical element in spiritual sustenance amidst the burgeoning tumult. So with this vital arrangement, the Bride of Christ is more than able to hang on until that glorious moment!

There are countless brothers and sisters in the Lord who walk through one specific door. May more do so through the power of the Holy Spirit. There are so many phony doors that are all over cyberspace. They are like thieves and robbers. Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus, help the lost find the way if an opportunity arises. In this manner, someone finding answers will find that pasture amidst living waters.

Yours in Christ


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