Awaken Bible Prophecy Update: They Don’t Understand :: By Gary W. Ritter


Update 4-13-22

Having espoused the pre-Tribulation Rapture for a number of years via numerous published articles, my books, video Prophecy Updates, and in person, I can tell you that this position is in the minority within the church and in Christian media circles. Based on the feedback I’ve gotten and what I’ve seen at large, there simply is little interest in the pre-Trib Rapture. It’s as though the proverbial wet blanket has been thrown over this concept, and most people have been convinced it’s not viable. As a result, they dismiss it as escapism, or worse, as a Satanic delusion.

Those who don’t believe in this sound Biblical doctrine primarily fall into the mid- or post-Trib Rapture camp, or take the stand that there is no Rapture.

Another group is that which spiritualizes much of the Bible and/or believes most or all of Bible prophecy has already been fulfilled; thus, a coming Rapture, Tribulation, and even Millennial Reign of Christ is generally off the table with them.

I’m not sure it matters which cohort people fall into who disparage the pre-Tribulation Rapture, but the one thing that seems certain is that none of them truly appreciate how awful the 7-year Tribulation will be.

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