15 Apr 2022

Geomagnetic storm from Sun to hit Earth today, radio blackout likely
The impact is likely to continue on April 15 as well, when a minor geomagnetic storm condition is predicted around the planet.

Rep. Sabatini: Left Having ‘Absolute Mental Breakdown’ Over Free Speech Being Allowed on Twitter
Elon Musk’s recent offer to purchase social media giant Twitter in order to restore free speech across the platform, U.S. congressional candidate and state Rep. Anthony Sabatini (R-FL) accused the left of only supporting free speech “they agree with” while “freaking out” over the possibility of free speech on the right, claiming they are “having an absolute mental breakdown” over Musk’s move.

7 Dangers Of Neglecting Biblical Prophecy In The Pulpit
Even though written several years ago, the list remains relevant today. Fear stands out as the key motive behind the silence. Pastors also say they do not understand prophecy, but do they take the time to learn or turn to those who do understand it?

Record Cold Hits Denver, Lake Tahoe, Seattle And Elsewhere; Minnesota’s “Epic” Waterfalls After Historic Winter Snow; + Ukraine’s Below-Average March
Denver officially logged 10F (-12.2C) Wednesday morning, breaking the previous record low for April 13 by 5F (3.2C). That’s unusual, reports denver.cbslocal.com. Most record temperatures are broken by 1 or 2 degrees. The fact the record was broken by 5 degrees is further proof how unusual it is to be so cold in mid-April, continues the article.

The War On ‘Woke’ Capitalism Has Begun
We’re now into the “Bitcoin is taking over the world” phase, a.k.a the early innings of hyper-Bitcoinization. Same as what happened with the Internet after the dotcom bust. Any credentialed experts who said the Internet was a glorified fax machine (ahem, Krugman) were wrong then and anybody still pounding the table about cryptos being backed by nothing and headed for zero (Schiff) are being proven wrong now. The only question is to what extent Bitcoin overtakes the fiat economy, whether it becomes an official global reserve asset or functions outside the system entirely as increasingly more individuals and locales opt-out of the fiat world order.

Buffett Says “Musk Is Winning…It’s America” As TWTR Board Ponders Poison Pill
according to two people with knowledge of the situation, that Twitter’s board is considering a defensive move known as a poison pill that would severely limit Elon Musk’s ability to acquire the social media giant.

Israel’s laser missile defense system is an unprecedented achievement
The successful test of Israel’s new laser missile defense system is nothing short of an historic achievement for the defense establishment, the defense industries and the country at large. Israelis could not hope for better news on the eve of the Passover holiday and amid a wave of terror attacks. This is an economic and strategic advantage that cannot be underestimated.

Russia says its flagship missile cruiser has sunk
Russia says missile cruiser has sunk following a major fire. Ukraine claimed its forces had damaged the ship with missile strikes.

Syria reports Israeli air strike in Damascus
According to the reports, explosions were heard in the area following the air strike, which Syria claimed targeted military installations. The country’s air defense systems were reportedly activated following the strike.

‘Iran stands against Russia’s war’ – Ukraine FM
Iran is against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and supports a diplomatic resolution to the conflict, Iranian Foreign Minister Amir Abdollahian reportedly told Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba in a call on Wednesday.

Iran will harshly confront Israel ‘wherever it feels necessary’ – Iranian commander
“Wherever we identify a Zionist threat, we will harshly confront them, they are too small to confront us,” said Qaani, whose unit is in control of the Revolutionary Guards’ foreign operations.

Jordan wants to join Israel in Joseph’s vision of preserving wheat for future famine
Jordan’s King Abdullah has proposed that the Hashemite Kingdom and Israel set up joint wheat reserves as well as a food storage center, Reshet Bet reported on Tuesday. According to the report, the initiative was proposed during a March 30 visit by Israeli President Isaac Herzog to Amman, where the two met.

Pope Francis Abandons Christ’s Cross to Appease Muslims
Pope Francis, a leading advocate of Doormat Christianity, is at it again. Although it is traditional for papal podiums to depict the crucifix, during his recent visit to the island of Malta, Pope Francis ditched the cross lest it offend Muslim migrants. As the archdiocese of Malta openly admitted, “The podium will not be adorned with a crucifix, given that the majority of migrants are Muslim.”

French presidential hopeful Marine Le Pen wants to divide Jerusalem
“Jerusalem must become the capital of both states, Israel and a Palestinian state, pending a negotiated settlement of the conflict,” said French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen during a press briefing on foreign policy issues.

Musk offers to buy Twitter, take it private
Billionaire Elon Musk, who already disrupted the Twitter universe by buying up more than 9% of its stock in a sudden move, now has written to the board offering to buy the entire company and take it private. And, he warned, if his offer isn’t accepted, he’ll have to review his position as a major stockholder, suggesting a selloff that could further disrupt the company.

FBI arrests the admin of one of the world’s largest hacker forums
The Department of Justice announced the seizure of RaidForums, a forum where cybercriminals are trading hacked data, … and the admin of the forum is now under arrest.

US warns hackers now have tools to hijack critical industrial systems
In a joint cybersecurity advisory, the U.S. agencies announced hacking groups known as advanced persistent threat (APT) actors have “exhibited the capability to gain full system access to multiple industrial control system (ICS)/supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) devices.”

Russian intelligence chief thrown into maximum security jail in shakeup over disaster in Ukraine:
Col. Gen. Sergei Beseda, of the Russian security service known by the initials FSB, has been incarcerated in Lefortovo Prison, a Tsarist-era facility that was active in the Soviet years and is still used today to detain suspected traitors and national security threats.

Massive earthquake swarm in Antarctica driven by magmatic intrusion at Orca volcano, previously considered inactive 
New research published in Nature determined that an intense earthquake swarm at the Bransfield Strait, Antarctica in 2020/21 was caused by the rapid transfer of magma from the Earth’s mantle near the crust-mantle boundary to almost the surface.

More than 300 people killed after catastrophic floods and landslides hit Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa 
At least 306 people have been killed in severe floods and landslides affecting South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal province, particularly the city of Durban, since April 10, 2022. There are still many people missing and the death toll is expected to continue rising.

Inflation surges by 8.5% to 40-year high, disproving White House claims it wouldn’t go higher than 2.2%
Despite the predictions of the White House that runaway inflation is on its way down, the latest report from President Joe Biden’s own Department of Labor shows that year-over-year inflation has surged to a new forty-year high of 8.5 percent in March.

We Are Being Bombarded With Lies And Misinformation On All Sides, Here’s How You Can Have Biblical Discernment
One of the defining features of nearly all the events of the past 760 Days of 15 Days To Flatten the Curve has been a level of lies, misinformation and intentional deceit that is, in my opinion, unprecedented in human history. My eyes were opened to this phenomena in the run-up to the presidential election in 2020 as I watched people falling like dominoes for the lies of QANON. I even watched pastors repeat these lies from their pulpits, and it shook me to my core. This deception continues with ‘Watch The Water’.

Is there a connection between US-funded Ukrainian biolabs and COVID-19?
Could it be that Metabiota has been producing biological agents under diplomatic cover and then selling pandemic insurance and pandemic trackers to ‘help countries get ahead of what they are putting out’?

Disney takes WOKE to the extreme as CEO demands 50% of all movie characters must be gay, trans, lesbians or racial minorities 
The top executives of ‘children’s entertainment’ king Disney have completely lost their minds as evidenced by leaked transcripts and videos of recent meetings in which they are discussing the kind of content they want in films and programming moving forward.

Izabella – 11 Year Old Girl Coerced By School To Get Vaccinated, Dies 4 Days After Being Vaccinated
…Izabella, was a healthy girl, without any comorbidities, in perfect health, and her parents did not want to vaccinate her. But the school’s manangement pressured her, threatening to make a complaint to the guardianship council, as directed by the parana’ Public Ministry, that she could be removed from her parents care”, said the deputy during a speech to the Legislative Assembly of Parana’.

Fearless Gov. Ron DeSantis Signs Legislation Into Law That Bans All Abortions In The State Of Florida After 15 Weeks, Saying ‘We’re Here To Protect Life” 

Over in liberal Colorado, the Democrats were besides themselves with joy, celebrating the “right” to kill their unborn babies up to their due date, in a law that was enacted in the opening days of April. How sick and demented must a person’s mind be to view abortion as “healthcare”, and then cry tears of hysterical happiness when laws surrounding abortion are expanded.

DOCTORS don’t even know! MILLIONS of people are swallowing VENOM-derived pharmaceuticals made from pit vipers, Gila monsters, leeches, rattlesnakes and DEATHSTALKER scorpions
Millions of Americans (and many more around the world) are swallowing pharmaceuticals made from venom peptides that come from pit vipers, rattlesnakes, toxic cone snails, leeches, Gila monster lizards and more. Drugs in development have been made from creatures like the Deathstalker scorpion or even vampire bats.

Google limits what publishers can say about the Ukraine war if they want to stay monetized
Google’s Adsense this week sent an email to publishers reminding them of the new policy about monetization of content related to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Google will not allow publishers to show ads on content that condones the war.

Israel Achieves Historic First With Successful Interception Of Moving Targets Using An Energy-Based Laser Weapons System Much Like ‘Star Wars’
In another historic first for the nation of Israel, they have taken the fabled ‘Star Wars’ concept of using laser beams as an offensive weapon, and for the first time ever intercepted moving targets using their new energy-based weapons system. Energy-based weapons like the one used to bring down the Twin Towers on 9/11, known as DEW, have been around for some time but only used against stationary targets like the World Trade Center.

Red States see tidal wave of bills aiming to restrict sex and gender lessons for kids 
Republican-led states are moving to limit classroom instruction on gender and sexuality for young children.

WEF: ‘Total Biometric Surveillance… We Need To Monitor What’s Happening Under The Skin’
….“I think maybe in a couple of decades, when people look back, the thing that they will remember from the COVID crisis is this is the moment when everything went digital. And if this is the moment when everything became monitored, that we agreed to be surveyed all the time, not just in authoritarian machines, but even in democracies. And maybe most importantly, all this was the moment when surveillance started going under the skin. Because really, we haven’t seen anything yet.”

Disney’s Double Standards: American Parents vs China
The Left doesn’t mind when China controls the conversation, but they sure care when American parents do. That’s the incredible hypocrisy of the Florida law hysteria. Woke CEOs are pitching a fit that states want to silence talk of sex and gender for kindergarteners, but if China wants to censor it? One entertainment group says: no problem.

Leaked Earthquake Data Validates Prophecy
This is what various research organizations don’t want you to see. 100% verified data proves this Bible warning is happening now!

New York’s Lieutenant Governor Resigns Amid Federal Corruption Charges
…On Tuesday morning, now-former Lieutenant Governor Brian Benjamin surrendered himself to authorities after which he resigned his post in Gov. Kathy Hochul’s administration less than one year after being appointed as her second-in-command.

Accounts of Suffering, Starvation Mount in Locked-Down Shanghai
After four days of trying to order food online to no avail, a man of around 30 from Shanghai’s Yangpu district called the police. The sealed-in resident wanted to know if he would get fed if he charged out of his residential compound and got arrested for breaking quarantine rules.