Greatest Lie Ever Told: Origin of All Lies :: By Charles Gray Adams Jr


One lie has caused more death and destruction than all of the world’s nuclear weapons, volcanoes, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, and wildfires combined. This lie has caused more loss than the human mind can comprehend. God Himself has reacted to this lie by saying many times, in many ways, through many different authors… He hates a liar. Jesus sites the originator of all lies as the devil (John 8:44, KJV). [1] Knowing that Satan is the first liar provides insight into the originator of all lies, but what one lie is the origin of all lies, the true beginning of all that is counterfeit. What lie is this? What is the greatest lie ever told?

The Prophet Isaiah illuminates the lie of all lies in Isaiah chapter 14 as he addresses the fallen one, Lucifer. Before going on, it is important to address a question that just came into the mind of some readers. How can Isaiah be speaking of the devil here when he is dealing with the king of Babylon? The answer is quite simple. Isaiah, the prophet, is speaking to the being behind the self-elevating actions of the king of Babylon. Therefore, he is speaking to both individuals at the same time. He is also speaking about two distinct instances of the fall of Babylon.

Since Babylon was not utterly destroyed, in one hour, in the first instance, it is the final destruction of the last days Babylon to which Isaiah attributes desolation, which, because of its swiftness and severity, places its judgment on par with Sodom and Gomorrah, after which none will ever inhabit the city again (Isa 13:19-20). This is the same city of Babylon whose demise the apostle John records in Revelation chapter eighteen, after the angel identifies it as a great city in Revelation 17:18.

Interestingly, the shift back to Babylon has already begun. [2] However, the great city will not last for long, and its total destruction, which causes kings to lament and merchants to mourn, will come in the aforementioned one hour (Rev 18:10). With this understanding, the lie of all lies can now be further examined.

One small additional point is necessary here. Some argue against a future ‘literal’ Babylon due to the amount of time it takes to establish such a city. This has caused many to shift the identity to an existing city or to discount it altogether. However, the fact that kings lament and merchants mourn over Babylon’s destruction does not mean that the city must be fully built and functional. Consider, instead, that merchants would profit most by a massive building project which sees multitudes of laborers in need of building materials and supplies and their families desperate for transportation, housing, hospitals, schools, and daily wares. Furthermore, the kings will despair because future Babylon will be the central hub of the coming world order; its sudden destruction will utterly devastate the best-laid plans of the mighty.

Now back to the main topic…

Ironically, the first lie was not told to someone else; it was actually told by Satan to Satan. In Isaiah 14:13-14, the prophet details the first lie: “For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.” The essence of this lie is what plagues mankind until this day; behind every lie or falsehood is the root, “I will be like the most High.” In other words, God, the creator, is displaced as the preeminent being by the created. This mindset has caused the fall of many.

Satan’s lie caused his fall, the fall of angels who were loyal to him, and the fall of all mankind. In fact, this lie is still impacting all things. But, how did the devil convince so many to reject the ultimate truth that God is God for the lie that the hearer could become as God? One can only imagine the conversation amongst the devil and the angels who chose to leave their first estate, those who chose to rebel against the One True God.

Unthinkably, Satan, through masterful deception, convinced a group of angels that he had actually accomplished the unimaginable… he had become God. Like mankind, the angels’ trust in his lie cost them dearly. In fact, Jude speaks of these angels as those who left their first estate. In other words, they abandoned their proper dwelling for the false promise that they could be exalted above their own place. In their deceived state, they forgot one very important thing: God had created them, and he alone is God. For their rebellion, they are kept in eternal chains awaiting the judgment of the great day (Jude 1:6).

Close examination of the conversation in the Garden of Eden allows us to consider what Lucifer might have said to the angelic host who were perhaps beguiled, like Eve. Remember, he told Eve that eating the forbidden fruit would cause mankind to become like God, knowing both good and evil. Ah, there it is; Satan is now sharing his idea of becoming God with others. Therefore, his lie is the basis, the origin, of all lies, and as a result of this one lie, so many have fallen. As a matter of fact, man is still plagued with the misunderstanding of who God is.

Because of this misconception, many have decided they are gods and have no need to look beyond their own understanding to determine right and wrong. Unfortunately, this act is the very essence of sin, which is simply doing things that are contrary to God’s will. Perhaps the simplest way to define sin is to say, “Sin is self.” Sadly, this misplaced trust in self has led to a grave, unimaginable circumstance.

Scripture tells us that hell has had to enlarge itself because of those who have taken the bait and swallowed Satan’s lie (Is. 5:14). In fact, the great deceiver himself will become an eternal resident of hell when cast into the lake of fire and brimstone where the beast and false prophet are, along with whosoever is not found written in the book of life (Rev 20:10, 15). Torment, both day and night, shall be their portion. What a pity, all of this suffering and loss because of one being’s ego, which instigated the greatest lie ever told, that I can be as God. The perpetuation of this lie is worthy of a much closer look. Therefore, examination of Scripture is a great place to start.

The Bible expounds on many examples of the influence of Lucifer’s lie. Early on, Adam and Eve were affected, then Cain, followed by the entire population of the earth (some estimate this population to be in the billions) just prior to the flood of all floods; only survived by Noah and his immediate family members. Unthinkably, a mere eight souls survived the chaos caused by the great lie. The sad news is, the influence of this misdiagnosis of power and authority resurfaced after the flood and continued to cause a cancerous thought process so malignant that, today, society is once again on the brink of self-destruction.

Scrutiny of current conditions reveals that self-love (thinking of oneself, instead of God, as the most important thing) is the energizing force that animates the activity of many. Just look around the next time you are at the mall or some other place where people gather. Undoubtedly, you will see every walk of life taking selfies which they will post on social media sites in order to gain more followers. This is but one of the many indicators that the chief concern of most is, you guessed it, self.

Not long ago, this type of behavior was thought of as vain and selfish and something that God would frown upon. However, with God seemingly out of the picture, people can be as self-centered as they want; they can live the lie with gusto. The primary problem with this is that self-love goes hand in hand with self-preservation. In other words, when the love of self replaces the love of God, the highest authority becomes self which must do everything it can to preserve self.

Consequently, those beguiled by the original lie, without God’s wisdom, are attempting to remanufacture the perfect earth on which to live. The problem is, they are not God, and they are making a great mess of things. Actually, their actions are desolating the earth, and for this, God will destroy them (Rev 11:18). [3] Some examples of the actions of these earth destroyers will provide further insight.

Without going into great detail, the godless, who have the most money and power, are currently attempting to reengineer the climate. Think not? Have you looked up lately? The skies are filled with chemtrails, the signs of said reengineering. Incredibly, those with the greatest god complexes think they must deal with so-called climate change by reducing the impact the sun is having on the earth. One very important note is necessary here. God’s design of the earth included climate change in the form of winter, spring, summer, and fall. Therefore, these little gods are manufacturing a crisis with which to control the masses while they parade themselves as the saviors of humanity. This brief overview is shared in order to elicit critical thinking and further discussion.

One last point will add to the gravity of the actions of those who are attempting to save the planet. In their eyes, the earth cannot possibly sustain the current population. This is why they are behind several simultaneous programs meant to limit reproduction. Abortion is perhaps the most insidious, with over 63 million (in the United States alone) of the most innocent destroyed in the name of the self-preservation of the parents and their rights. This is closely followed by the entire gender confusion debacle, which also affects the population (if you are neither male nor female, it is impossible to fulfill God’s will and populate the earth). The last program, population control through medicine, will be expanded on here.

The advent of vaccines is one of the greatest forms of destruction foisted upon those who inhabit the earth to ever occur. Because this issue impacts the DNA of God’s creation, it is worthy of further discussion. The reason this is so important is the fact that a change to the genome will eventually impact all of humanity. Ponder this through this example: Person A’s genes have been modified by a vaccine or other type of intervention; Person B’s genes have not. When person A and person B fall in love, get married, and have children, the children’s genes are modified because chromosomes from both parents make up the DNA of the child. Therefore, it takes a very short time to change the genome of the entire population. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why Jesus said if the days were not shortened, no flesh would survive (Matt 24:22).

Incredibly, this is just another example of the destructive power of those who have supplanted God in their own minds. You see, God created man in such a way that the body would live indefinitely. However, man’s longevity was greatly reduced as a result of the fall of man in the Garden of Eden. In the attempt to remedy this situation, man, because he, in his own mind, has now become a god, thinks he can prolong the number of his days beyond what God has presently allotted.

Therefore, in the pioneering stages of vaccine discovery and development, some believed they were actually doing a good thing by helping man deal with sickness. Incredibly, at the same time, other would-be gods were trying to save the planet by slowing the growth of the population or even reducing it through various means, including those previously mentioned. Eventually, these two programs collided and merged, and the next thing you know, unsuspecting people were taking foreign substances into their bodies which actually began to cause side effects that were then labeled as new diseases or defects. Ironically, the typical answer to these conditions was further vaccinations or medicines, which only made the situation even worse. One needs only to read the label of any vaccine or medicine to see that the side effects, often numbering in the dozens, far outnumber the positive effects of said drug.

As a result of men playing gods, the last few decades alone have marked a time of great trouble, as can be seen in the advent of never-before-seen changes in the human genome. Down syndrome and other chromosomal deficiencies seemingly came out of nowhere. Still other dysfunctions such as autism and Alzheimer’s disease also arrived on the scene and took the unprepared masses by surprise. However, these deficiencies were not coded into the man God created; therefore, they came from man attempting to be like God. And since they are not God, they have failed miserably. The current pandemic, for instance, is a great example of how men, playing gods, have created a situation that is culminating in manipulation of the human genome, which will ultimately have devastating results.

Incredibly, the effects of medicine, so-called, have brought about destruction on a scale that is incomprehensible. The chief problem is more and more of the powers that be are protecting those who experiment at being gods. As an example, one would never have thought vaccine manufacturers would have zero liability for the side effects caused by the potions they concoct, or that those who have enhanced the destructiveness of viruses would be elevated to the chief positions of the institutions which were supposed to have public health and safety in mind. While this sub-topic is very serious and could be explored in much greater detail, moving on to another example of men’s destructive power is appropriate here.

Throughout history, many tyrants have risen to power, and their rule has brought great desolation to multitudes. Interestingly, their rule seems to follow the same pattern. First, they gain, through various means, a position of power. Next, they begin to destroy any who oppose them. Some of the greatest examples have slain multiplied millions in their quest to be gods. Finally, each of these would-be gods meets their own demise by one means or another, thus fulfilling God’s Word that it is appointed once for man to die, then the judgment (Heb 9:27, emphasis mine). King David speaks of these wicked leaders when he says they shall, after a little while, be no more (Psa 37:10). You see, no matter how hard the high and mighty try, even Satan, they will ultimately fail because they are, in fact, not God.

This brings to mind a future world ruler who will rise to power, seemingly from nothing and with little support (Dan 8:24; 11:23). This leader will destroy in a very different manner. In fact, he will initially present himself as one who champions peace and equality (Dan 8:25; 11:24). [4] However, by the time of his end, he will have become the chief tyrant of them all, having slain the righteous, all while blaspheming the one true God. Oh, but fret not; he too will meet his demise. In fact, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ, will deal with him at his second coming (Rev 19:19-21). By the way, if the rapture has already occurred, you will want to read the article, Open Letter to Those Who Miss the Rapture. [5]

One final example is crucial here. The antichrist, just described, will come into his greatest power through the assistance of a false religious leader who will champion his cause (Rev 13). Sadly, this leader is not the first to assist the devil in his schemes. Indeed, many so-called religious leaders of all ages have carried water for Satan by drawing men away from God and toward themselves (Acts 20:30). The resultant shift of focus from God to man has caused many to no longer look to God. Instead, the best they can do is look to man or self as their highest authority. This is especially relevant today as heretical proclamations are issued, informing mere men they are gods. Unfortunately, these false prophets, teachers, and preachers occupy the highest seats in the largest churches, and through their special ability to twist Scripture, they are leading great multitudes astray.

No doubt, you would recognize the names of these misguided purveyors of the flesh. However, the point of this study is to illuminate the problem, not every proponent of the problem. Merely understanding the fact that Satan is the father of lies affords easy recognition of those who make him their father, even if they wear the garments of a minister. The simple test is, does the minister lead people to Christ or away from Him. Put more succinctly, a true minister of God will only teach and preach that which will ultimately bring about true unity in Christ. This means they will teach the whole counsel of God. This is why the body of Christ can be scattered, as salt and light, throughout the entire planet and still maintain perfect unity.

Meanwhile, false leaders are only interested in making sure people follow them. Therefore, they will teach and preach that which bolsters the flesh, which can never be in unity with Christ. So, the hearer has to keep coming back to the false leader because the water they are receiving is counterfeit, as it comes from broken cisterns (Jer 2:13). Because of this, thirst will never be abated. After all, Jesus is the only one who can provide living water which causes the cessation of thirst (John 4:10).

Be warned; the most successful of these false leaders are very subtle. They even use the name of Jesus profusely. Jesus spoke of many false prophets arising who would deceive many (Matt 24:11). However, you can know them because they always lead you away from God and toward the worship of any number of things that leave you bereft of God while leading to self-elevation. Accordingly, from now on, when you listen to someone preach or teach, make sure to listen to the direction they are leading you. If their teaching causes dependence on God, you have found a good teacher. However, if they leave you relying on self or anyone other than God, they have missed the mark and should not be followed.

Before moving on, it is vital to deal with one additional problem with false ministers. Speaking is not the only way they spread their deception. No, they disseminate error via all forms of communication. This brings to mind the most prolific form of communication ever, the written word. Since the text of any form of writing is easily stored for future reading, those who teach false doctrine have filled the shelves of book stores with words that, at first glance, seem correct. However, when compared to the Word of God, they often fall short and cannot be recommended as accurate.

This is true of all forms of written material, from novels to theological dissertations and even so-called Bible translations. The last is perhaps the most dangerous because the unsuspecting believe they are reading the Word of God. When, in fact, they are reading someone’s opinion of what the Word actually says. Two primary examples of this are: The Message Bible and the Passion Translation, both of which should be labeled, so-called. This is because the message is not a Bible, and the passion is not a translation. This article is already running long; therefore, this discussion must be brief but concise.

Each of these travesties is created by solo men. The message by Eugene Peterson and the passion by Brian Simmons should be considered, at best, commentaries and, at worst, fallacious works which add to and take away from the original text delivered to man by God. This observation may seem harsh; however, the ramifications are very serious. You see, people read these books in good faith, believing they are ingesting the Word of God. However, they are, in fact, partaking of twisted Scripture, which ultimately leads astray. Never forget, the Bible is read to determine what God said to man, not what man says about God.

The fact is, the same simple test will illuminate the problem of each and every one of these manuscripts gone awry: does reading it cause one to look up at God or inward at self? Mike Winger could be considered an expert on this topic. Here is a link to “the Bible Thinker,” where you will find a collection of his videos regarding the passion translation. [6] Also, the website “The Word Like Fire” provides extensive material about the dangers of the message bible. [7] Lighthouse Trails offers an excellent booklet as well, “The Message ‘Bible’ – A Breach of Truth. [8]

Lastly, you may be asking why these two individuals and their manuscripts were singled out. Quite simply, though many of today’s Christian authors are to be considered false teachers, these two have written supposed bibles. Therefore, their misdirection should be considered—deliberate destruction of sound doctrine—which puts them on par with the other destroyers here presented. By the way, have you considered that many of the aforementioned false ministers got their start by reading these so-called bibles? If you have written one of these faulty books or manuscripts, or if you have read and propagated the content of these fallacies, be a Berean and prove the words of these writings against an actual translation of God’s Word, which means the text is translated word for word from the original languages.

The aforementioned actions of men trying to be gods have brought about great devastation, which will continue until the Second Coming of Christ, at which time He will sort all of this out. Until then, it is paramount that believers remain vigilant and, most importantly, follow Paul’s warning to “Prove all things; hold fast that which is good” (1 Thess 5:21).”


Angels and man are both created beings. Obviously, each has been given the opportunity to honor and worship the creator. Some from both groups have, to some degree, failed miserably. The primary reason for failure is the simple desire for self-rule. The journey here taken has provided a clear picture of the means and methods employed by those who are beholden to the greatest lie ever told and the ramifications of believing it.

The good news is that God gave all free will with which to choose whom to follow, and the choice is simple, especially when the two options are: the father of lies, or the Father of Life. Sadly, many will follow the broad path of lies, which will lead to devastation and destruction, followed by eternal separation from the One who made it possible to have life and to have it more abundantly by staying on the narrow path of life, which few will find (Matt 7:14; 2 Thess 1:8-9; John 10:10).

Ultimately, Jesus provided the antidote to a wayward gaze when He said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me” (John 14:6).

Therefore, be one of the few and choose life; choose to reject the idea that you can be as God. After all, God is fully capable of being God without the help of angel or man.

April 4th, 2022

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