6 Apr 2022

2022 to be 7th straight above-average Atlantic hurricane season, forecasts Accuweather
Between two and four of the storms could be expected to hit the U.S.-regulated northern Gulf of Mexico, home to the nation’s offshore oil and natural gas production.

Kim Jong Un’s Sister Threatens to Go Nuclear
For the second time this week, the powerful sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un berated South Korea for touting its supposed preemptive strike capabilities against the North, saying her country’s nuclear forces would annihilate the South’s conventional forces if provoked,

Israel’s archaeological findings to prove the Bible’s authenticity
“The Bible towers in truth above every human opinion.” The Bible’s 66 books, from Genesis to Revelation, are a spiritual guidebook for life. Its Old and New Testament pages prepare us to relive the most profound moments in history in the days ahead. The Bible is also a popular textbook of world history and geography, with an estimated 6 billion copies already in print. In 1995, Guinness World Records noted that the Bible is the best-selling book of all time.

Tropical Low Expected to Develop into a Cyclone in the Coral Sea by Mid-Week
The tropical low has been initially forecasted earlier to develop into a cyclone and hit the coast of Queensland, Australia, this week as it navigates the Coral Sea.

USGS Still Monitoring 4 Active U.S. Volcanoes in Orange and Yellow Status
The United States Geological Survey (USGS) continues to monitor volcanoes around the country; due to recent activity, four of them have been upgraded to WATCH / ORANGE status.

Musk to join Twitter board, promises change
Twitter Inc (TWTR.N) said on Tuesday it will offer Tesla boss and entrepreneur Elon Musk a seat on its board of directors, a position he plans to use to bring about significant improvements at the social media site. The move came after Musk disclosed in a regulatory filing on Monday that he had amassed a 9.2% stake in Twitter, making him its largest shareholder.

U.S. stops Russian bond payments, raising risk of default
The United States stopped the Russian government on Monday from paying holders of its sovereign debt more than $600 million from reserves held at U.S. banks, in a move meant to ratchet up pressure on Moscow and eat into its holdings of dollars.

Oklahoma House passes near-total abortion ban with threat of prison for providers
Oklahoma lawmakers on Tuesday passed a bill that would make it illegal to perform an abortion in the state except in medical emergencies, penalizing those who do with up to $100,000 in fines and 10 years in prison. The Republican-controlled state House of Representatives brought the bill to a vote this week, after it was passed last year by the Midwestern state’s Senate. It now heads to the desk of Republican Governor Kevin Stitt for signing.

Court cancels child support due to parental alienation
The Tel Aviv-Jaffa family court’s Judge Erez Shani has canceled a father’s obligation to pay child support to his ex-wife, after it became clear that the woman was alienating their daughter from her father, Israel Hayom reported. “The father is nothing more than a source of money in the eyes of the mother and children,” the judge wrote in his ruling. “The father figure has no place in the children’s lives, including in that of the minor girl.” In addition to canceling the father’s obligation to pay child support, the judge ordered the mother to pay 35,000 NIS in court fees, Israel Hayom added.

Ramadan riots: Police detain PA ‘governor’ of Jerusalem
The Palestinian Authority “governor” of Jerusalem, Adnan Gheith, was detained on Tuesday morning by the police, as clashes continued for the third straight day near the Old City’s Damascus Gate. Gheith, a resident of the village of Silwan who holds an Israeli-issued ID card, was released hours later after being served with a decision to extend an IDF order banning him from entering the West Bank.

Hungary: Victory of anti-globalist Prime Minister highlights shift among Hungarian Jews
In an unusual Hungarian election, whereby ideologically disparate opposition parties united to attempt to prevent Prime Minister Viktor Orbán from serving his fourth consecutive term (and fifth total), the Hungarian people gave him the mandate to continue to lead the nation at a time of increasing scrutiny over its approach on the Russia-Ukraine war. Orbán and his Fidesz party won the vote by around 20 points, even gaining two parliamentary seats.

World Economic Forum calls for one-world currency; A ‘Tower of Babel’ doomed to collapse, Israeli economist warns
Dr. Phillipa “Pippa” Malmgren, a technology entrepreneur and economist, spoke at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum being held in Davos, Switzerland, this week, dropping a bombshell prediction that the world is well on its way to implementing an electronic banking system that would open every transaction of every person to government scrutiny. “I was very privileged. My father was the adviser to Nixon when we came off the gold standard in ’71, so I was brought up with a kind of inside view of how very important the financial structure is to absolutely everything else,”

Putin’s Ukraine invasion established Moscow as Third Rome, ‘heir of Edom’
Putin’s invasion of Ukraine was a massive overreach that has all of the other nations reeling. But many political experts understand that the Russian leader is trying to establish himself as the successor to Tsar Vladimir and Russia as the Third Rome. One rabbi sees this as the modern manifestation of Esau as an insatiable drive for global domination. There is a prominent and long-standing Russian theological and political concept asserting that Moscow is the Third Rome.

World Bank says war shocks to drag on Asian economies
Disruptions to supplies of commodities, financial strains and higher prices are among the impacts of the war in Ukraine that will slow economies in Asia in coming months, the World Bank says in a report released Tuesday. The report forecasts slower growth and rising poverty in the Asia-Pacific region this year as “multiple shocks” compound troubles for people and for businesses.

Record-breaking cold hits Europe, causing widespread damage to agriculture
Unseasonably cold weather hit parts of Europe over the past weekend, following warmer-than-normal temperatures in previous weeks that caused rapid greening of flora. Damage to agriculture is widespread but it seems it’s not as bad as it was last year when a similar cold episode happened. The worst affected countries were France, Germany, Spain and Austria.

The Fed doesn’t know how to fight inflation and we’re in for a bout of economic malpractice
The worst inflation in 40 years has belatedly spurred the Federal Reserve to embark on a series of interest rate hikes. The only problem with that plan is that it won’t work.

Fort Hood soldiers sentenced in Texas human trafficking case
Two US Army soldiers stationed at Fort Hood base in Texas have been sentenced to federal prison for their roles in an illegal human smuggling operation.

Clown World: UK Hospitals Are Now Being Encouraged to Ask ALL Men Under 60 if they are PREGNANT Before Getting Medical Procedures
It’s 2022 – up is down, right is wrong, the sky is green, and, yet, men still cannot become pregnant – but don’t tell that to the so-called ‘medical professionals in the UK.

Russia Threatens to Limit Vital Food Supply to ‘Friendly’ Countries Only
A Russian government official has threatened that Russia will limit its vital food exports to only nations it considers “friendly”.

Families now bailing on Disney parks, films, merchandise over company’s insanely “woke” counterculture push that seems steeped in pedophilia 
The Walt Disney Company was founded by a man who believed it good, clean, wholesome, family entertainment that observed and upheld traditional American values, but if he could see what those who are running his company today have turned it into, he would have made sure such people never got control of it.

Russian Ruble Has Recovered ALL Post-Sanctions Losses And Is Now Trading HIGHER Than Before War
Less than one week after Joe Biden claimed his “unprecedented sanctions” had reduced the ruble “to rubble,” Russia’s currency has recovered all its losses and is now trading higher than before the war began.

Khazaria, Rothschild Dynasty, New World Order, Ukraine and Implementation of the Nephilim Agenda 
During a podcast Clif High made a tantalising comment: “In 1666 Sabbatai Zevi, he was a Khazarian and he was their messiah … [Zevi] said that it was okay for any of the Khazars to pretend to be a Jew but practise their true religion, which is this variant of Satan worship that has been inculcated into the Talmud in hidden language.”

French President Emmanuel Macron Is Being Hailed As The Only One Who Is Capable Of Resolving The Crisis With Russia And Ukraine, But Why?
He shows up in the middle of every crisis, is always the first world leader to respond, and he has a closer relationship with Pope Francis than any other elected official anywhere in the world. Emmanuel Macron has Jewish ancestry on his mother’s side, and Assyrian and Roman ancestry on his father’s side.

As Biden’s Approval Rate Continues To Sink With Even Democrats, Barack Obama Makes Appearance At White House To Check On His Third Term 
At this point, no one either in the Republican or Democratic party has any illusions that Joe Biden is anything more than a cypher placed there by the New World Order to facilitate the complete destruction of America. Kind of like what 8 years of the Barack Obama presidency was designed to accomplish. Now Obama is at the White House today to check on the progress of how his third term is going, and to see what he can do to spruce it up a little as we edge closer to the 2022 Midterms.

Gross: NYC Mayor Adams Hopes to Lure Floridians Back to Empire State by Promising to Teach Sex to Kindergarteners (VIDEO)
New York City Mayor Eric Adams is hoping to lure Floridians back to the Empire State by promising to teach sex kindergarteners. Adams is spending money on “Don’t Say Gay” billboards in Florida hoping by peddling this lie the leftists in the state will flee back to New York City and its record crime rates, high taxes and tyranny.

China Is ‘Most Likely Threat’ to Face US in Military Conflict: Expert
The Biden administration’s forthcoming national security strategy will consider China to be the most likely nation to become embroiled in an armed conflict with the United States, according to one expert.

K-3 ‘SEL’ Curriculum in Delaware County Includes ‘Jacob’s New Dress’
A Delaware County School District contains Jacob’s New Dress, a story about a boy who wants to wear a dress to school, in its K-3 curriculum. The text was included as part of the district’s Social Emotional Learning curriculum, which teaches progressive social ideology on race and gender to K-3 students.

Federal Judge Blocks Air Force on Giving Punishment for Members Who Refused to Take Covid-19 Vaccines
A federal judge in Cincinnati granted a preliminary injunction on Thursday that temporarily blocked the military from penalizing 18 servicemembers for refusing to take the Covid-19 shots due to religious beliefs.

Woketard clown world: San Diego redesigns two lane road into a suicidal SINGLE lane with two-way traffic
…the city, without consultation or announcement, redesigned a “two-lane” road along a stretch of Gold Coast Drive in the Mira Mesa suburb that accommodates two lanes of bike traffic but only one center lane for vehicles. But it isn’t a one-way road; it’s still a two-way traffic road with a single lane. Vehicles are expected to dodge each other as they drive toward head-on collisions.

Pope Francis Removes Cross from Event in Malta So Not to Upset Illegal Muslim Migrants
Pope Francis didn’t want to upset illegal Muslim migrants in Malta so he removed the cross from his venue on the island.  Instead, the Pope sat in front of thousands of empty plastic bottles to discuss protecting the ecology and migrants.