Heart of God (YHWH) Part 2 :: By Camilla Smith


As the time of tribulation and the Rapture (“Netchatef” in Aramaic-Hebrew) approaches, we can see the signs that the Father has warned us about. Because our Father loves His children SO much, He has given us prophecy—events to look for and a “knowing” as the hour approaches, for those who have eyes to see, ears to hear, and a heart to understand.

As YHWH told the prophet Amos, “For the Adon (Master), YHWH does no matter unless He reveals His secret to His servants, the nebi’im [prophets]” (Amos 3:7). This will be the focus of this next article on the Heart of YHWH—how HIS Heart connects with OUR heart, as His Mercy and Compassion grow ever more present and fortifying to those who cling tightly to Him as we go further into these dark days.

His love for us is immeasurable, and He sees our love for Him—in fact, His Word tells us He looks for hearts that are Qodesh (Dedicated/Set Apart) to Him and Him Alone (2 Chronicles 16:9).

“For the eyes of YHWH diligently search the earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is perfect to Him” (2 Chronicles/Dibrey ha’Yamim 16:9).

His Word tells us many ways that He loves us—by instructing us, by teaching us, by protecting us, by counseling us, and by giving us His own Hand-picked shepherds to feed and defend us! He does wonders for us. He protects us and keeps us in ways we cannot even fathom. He strengthens us, and He helps us to stay on the narrow path. It can’t be any plainer that He loves inconceivably.

Even He, Himself, seeks us, His sheep!

For thus said the Adon YHWH, ‘See, I Myself shall search for My sheep and seek them out'” (Ezekiel/Yehezqel 34:11).

“I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with My Loving Eye on you” (Psalm/Tehillah 32:8).

“And I shall give you shepherds according to My Heart, and they shall feed you with My Knowledge and Understanding” (Jeremiah/YirmeYahu 3:15).

“For He Who is mighty has done wonders for me, and Qodesh [Set Apart/Dedicated] is His Name, and His compassion is from generation to generation, to those who revere Him” (Luke/Luqas 1:49-50).

“For I, YHWH your Elohim, will strengthen your right hand, saying to you, ‘Do not fear; I shall help you'” (Isaiah/YeshaYahu 41:13).

We can’t even begin to wrap our minds around the Heart of our Father and His indescribable compassion, love, dedication, and heart for mankind. This barely scratches the surface. He watches over our every step, guiding us and protecting us as the Day of His Wrath and Judgment draws near. Like any doting father, our Father knows the dangers and snares that lie ahead in these final moments, and He watches after us, knowing that only HE can feed us and protect us. And He has given us the greatest gift that ANY Loving Father could give His children—the gift of our Beloved Messiah, Yahshua, Who will be returning any minute now, to gather us Home and bring His Right Ruling and put an end to evil.

What a Blessed Hope this is!

His Promises are so vast and so true, giving us comfort and strength as things grow ever darker in this world. He knows our anticipation, and He knows that we can be overwhelmed by the absolute oppression that is overtaking this world. Yet He also gives us a knowing and an understanding that we are nearing the time that He calls us to Him, and He CAUSES us to hold fast to His Promises, even more as we see that Day approaching! HalleluYah!

This most amazing gift of our Father’s Love–His entire Word–promises us redemption in His Son—our Messiah!! His Word, which is His Son, Yahshua/Jesus, tells us that He will watch us every step of the way, never leaving us, always guiding and protecting us, and that He desires for us to be closely and tightly yoked to Him! Why yoked?

He is the Aleph and the Taw! He is our Headship. In the Ancient Pictographs, known as The Otiot (Aramaic-Hebrew word for ‘signs’), the Aleph is a picture of an ox head—depicting a strong ox—guiding and leading the path.

Staying snugly yoked to our Headship–our Aleph–keeps us on the narrow path that leads to eternal life (chai). When we walk with Him, staying tightly yoked to Him, spending our days with Him–He surrounds us—His sheep—His children, with His Mighty Hedge of Protection–His “Gader ha’Qodesh”!

He WANTS us to know Him. Just as in the days of old, He wants us to “pitch our tents” daily with Him, and He wants to pitch HIS tent daily with us! He wants us to do everything we do, all day, every day, in concert with Him! This causes us to know Him better—and the more we KNOW Him (“yada” is the Hebrew word for ‘intimate knowing’), the more we become united and One (“Echad”) with Him!!

The Father gave us His Word for our good—for our benefit, because of His immeasurable love for us. And when we know this, we walk after Him in obedience, humility, and reverent awe. This verse is a beautiful picture of walking Hand-in-hand with our Father:

“Walk after YHWH your Elohim and revere Him, and guard His commands and obey His Voice and serve Him and cling to Him” (Deuteronomy/Debarim 13:4).

Walk after Him—revere Him—so much instruction in just this one little verse—this IS chasing the Heart of YHWH!

Serving, obedience, and most of all, clinging to Him in great reverence, awe and adoration! THIS is our safe place and our shalom. THIS is the marvelous gift He has given us—eternity with Him in His Kingdom forever, when we call upon His Name, put our trust in Him, and follow in the Footsteps of His Son, our Messiah.

In the next article, we will look at the importance of “remembering” YHWH and what His Word tells us about this. In the end, it is always about Him and His Esteem. And in the end—it is all about the Heart of YHWH and our Beloved Messiah, His Son—His One and Only “Yachid” (Unique Heir), Yahshua/Jesus. And very, very soon, my friends—we will truly know and understand what it is to become ONE with our Headship and dwell in everlasting shalom and love in the Magnificence of His Presence! What a thought!!