Fall 2022 Fallout :: By Gary W. Ritter

In a recent article on what we can likely expect next from the global elites, Leo Hohmann suggests that a massive cyber-attack will be the next big crisis. A number of us who follow such things have pointed to the 2021 Cyber Polygon simulation as the harbinger for this, just as Event 201 foretold the COVID pandemic and response. The probability of a digital assault on the US, and perhaps worldwide, is very high.

When the globalists run simulations, they are not only preparing themselves for how they should act during the real thing; they are also telegraphing to those in the public who understand that it is coming. The only question that remains to be answered is when it will occur. Leo says: They had to wait until summer and fall of 2022, for obvious reasons.

What are those obvious reasons for such a delay from where we currently stand as I write this in March 2022? I agree with Leo, as he stated in the comments to his article, that the cyber-attack must be timed appropriately to shut down the 2022 elections. If we had real and/or legitimate elections this fall, given the negatives surrounding Joe Biden and the Democrats, and the numerous Democrats who have jumped ship and decided not to seek re-election, Republicans would win many House and Senate races, perhaps even gaining a majority in Congress in both chambers. Well, that wouldn’t do! It would potentially put a serious crimp in Democrat and globalist plans to fulfill their Agenda 2030 objectives, despite the fact that far too many Republicans are also on-board with their nefarious goals.

Such a delay until late summer or early fall has an interesting correlation to two recent dreams by Pastor Dana Coverstone. I’ve followed Pastor Dana’s dreams since they began, and I believe they are of God.

There are those who dispute this, but that’s fine. The two dreams that pertain to our subject at hand, along with very brief summaries, are:

  • The 2022 Jets Dream.
  • This was a calendar dream. It began in March of this year and ended in September. The indication by the gray skies and other elements in the dream was that March would be a time of gathering trouble. In between these two months over the spring and summer, nothing of great import occurred. However, September was a different story. The skies were pitch black, and other aspects of the dream indicated serious goings-on in the physical world – as well as in the spiritual realm.
  • The Shutting Down the Machines Dream
  • This dream featured a massive machine-like wheel that continued churning away and casting great amounts of dark smoke into the atmosphere. Ultimately, when people with axes came against the base of the wheel and attacked in a unified manner, it slowed down its revolutions and was damaged.

If we look at these dreams from a real-world perspective, I think we have an interesting result.

March has been all about the Russia-Ukraine War. It’s certainly a serious global development. While this has been going on, the destructive nature of the COVID injections, that masquerade as vaccines, has been coming out. However, nobody is paying attention because of the war narrative that the media is pushing 24/7. Overall, I think we could say this month fits the bill for gray and threatening skies.

Will the war worsen in the current timeframe? Will COVID or other plague conditions terrify the planet over the next several months?

If the dreams are from God, probably not – for two reasons.

  1. The Jets Dream indicates that it won’t be until September when things grow extremely dark.
  2. The Machine Dream could be a confirmation of this. Pastor Dana and Cheri Goff, interpreting the dream, believed that the attack on the wheel machine came from coordinated prayer that rose to the heavens and that righteous fervor was like fire dissipating the smoke. I think that’s a real possibility as believers petition the Lord for His mercies against the spiritual elements that have been driving the world agenda for the last two-plus years.

The intervening months between March and September could be the result of the crippling of the machine, i.e. the globalist agenda. But what happens in September? Do the prayer warriors slack off? Are we Raptured? I guess we’ll see one way or another.

Whatever it is that halted the progress of the machine seems itself to stop working, and as the calendar page turns from August to September, the portent isn’t good.

It may be that this is when the elites get back their mojo. It could surely be the point that the aforementioned cyber-attack is unleashed, regardless of whether it comes from a foreign or domestic source. If that’s the case, world conditions could deteriorate rapidly, even if the attack only lasts for a limited time.

We already have extreme supply chain shortages. The war will significantly affect world food supplies because of the importance of the grain crops in Russia and Ukraine that won’t be grown and whose shipments will be halted. In the western half of the United States, we have drought conditions that are greatly impairing crop production. These three factors add up to the potential for unparalleled famine conditions.

Maybe the war accelerates.

Perhaps US martial law is declared.

The potential is high for the bursting of our debt bubble and the implementation of a government-determined digital currency.

How in the world could elections be held when all these factors are bubbling around us? How difficult is it to imagine the government declaration that we can’t upset the delicate balance in our federal and state capitols and must leave the current legislatures in place? Is civil war even in the picture given all this? It could be a very black September and beyond for any of a number of reasons.

So, how about the Rapture in the midst of this gloomy scenario I’ve painted? All the signs of the times are in convergence. Certainly, those of us who are looking for Christ’s soon return are in agreement that nothing stands in its way as an imminent event.

All we need is God the Father to tell His Son to go get His Bride.

Personally, I don’t need anything more from this world. I’m an alien far from my native land, and I’m yearning to go home. That makes me watch and expectantly wait, all the while doing the work that the Lord has given me.

All that’s coming this year and peeking over the horizon doesn’t make me desire to remain and observe as it plays out. Let the evil one have his day. Let his minions, both in the spiritual realm and in the earth, do what they will.

Their time is short. God’s will and His purposes will prevail.

My goodness, what a time to be alive and anticipating the glory that will soon be ours!


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