A Global Human Resource Headache? :: By Edwin Tan


As we enter the latter half of February 2022, the shelves in many stores continue to be missing items. The supply chain disruptions are indeed cause for concern as the links between producers and end-users continue to be severely impaired.

It all boils down to the debilitating effects of those questionable mandates – it has spawned a labor bugbear which has, in turn, curtailed an otherwise smooth just in time process. Restrictive orders of the day have resulted in gaping holes where efficient workforce allocation matters. People are prevented from simply getting on with tasks that are truly critical in the supply chain scenario. Production personnel are barred from the workplace; the same would apply to those in transportation, distribution and marketing. Components could lie idle because of inadequate transportation channels; finished products are unable to exit the factory!

Right at this juncture, it is a nationwide pain that hardly anyone can avoid. Picture what it is like if America was missing 20 million workers from every branch of industry, commerce and essential services. What is ongoing at this moment would seem like a pinprick versus an avalanche of sledgehammer blows! That in itself would generate absolute mayhem. Immediate replacements would be a super tall order.

Twenty million would be a crude estimation; that is about two-thirds of the number of Americans that would disappear mysteriously before baffled multitudes. The probable figure of thirty million was what Mark Hitchcock spoke of in one of his recent presentations concerning the Rapture. Enough to bring a superpower plus economic powerhouse country into the Wild West era?

Not just the United States of America, how about the Peoples Republic of China? Despite years of repression, the underground churches over there have incredibly thrived. There would be a significant impact on the powerhouse capability in the short term, but there is room for some recovery as there is quite a bit of spare capacity in terms of manpower numbers. The same could be said about Iran and other countries that clamp down on Christians. Countries with smaller Christian populations could appear to fare better, but a lot depends on the type of people who are raptured.

The people who will desert their homelands and possibly cause more than dents in the workforce of their respective nationalities could far exceed estimates – conservative or bullish. Technology has allowed millions access to the true prophetic word. All the latest information is truly up to date, courtesy of a sizeable number of Blessed Hope ambassadors – some whose names are familiar. They are indeed serving the Lord at an incredible pace!

What could be of significance in the world following the Rapture would be a labor shortfall in specific skills, trades and professions. There would inadvertently be a need for a global approach to this problem, therefore the push to a One-World Government. In the interim, there would be a ten-region division of the globe that facilitates this move. Another solution to the problem would involve the incorporation of Artificial intelligence as a plausible replacement for the critical missing numbers!

All the above will ultimately be music to the ears of Klaus Shwab and company. Out of the mayhem comes the fruition of the Great Reset, Fourth Industrial Revolution, and Build Back Better. The globalist cabal got what they dreamed out, except one thing – their eternal destinies are sealed in irreversible fashion!

For us who have salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ, our joyous eternal destiny is guaranteed. Titus 2:13 speaks about our gladness beyond compare.

“Looking for the blessed hope and glorious appearing of our great God and Saviour Jesus Christ.”

Do feel most welcome to be part of our everlasting happiness. Simply invite the Lord Jesus Christ into your life when there is still time, yes – a very limited time!

“For whoever calls on the name of the LORD shall be saved” (Romans 10:13).