21 Mar 2022

Kim Jong-un views US military presence as ‘bulwark’ against China threat: Pompeo
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un views US forces stationed in South Korea as a counterweight and “bulwark” against China’s “real threat” to his sovereignty, former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Wednesday.

Report: Putin’s Overthrow Being Plotted, New Successor Already Identified
The Kyiv Independent, which is hardly unbiased, tweeted a morsel that could not be verified. “Ukraine’s military intelligence claim that Russia’s elites scheme to overthrow Putin to restore economic ties with Western countries.

The Winner in Ukraine Won’t Be Russia or America. It Will Be China.
In addition to the crimes, the heroism, and the heavy toll in blood, the struggle for Ukraine may also come to represent one of the most strategically significant events of this century, or any other—the one that established China, not America or Russia, as the dominant power in Europe.

Biden Blames the Jews for His Ukraine Policy
The problem for Biden is that Putin is not winning his war in anything like the quick and easy fashion that the White House and other world powers apparently expected. Moreover, the prospect of a dictator murdering thousands of Ukrainians in Europe in a prolonged war may be a tougher pill to swallow for so-called Western elites than the same dictator helping to murder half a million Syrians. the Israelis … see that the White House is setting them up for failure by forcing them into taking a stand against Putin.

White House alters its transcript to cover for Kamala’s ‘stupidity’
‘You heard it. I heard it. The whole world heard it. Even CNN reported it’ The White House has edited the transcript of a speech given by Vice President Kamala Harris after she wrongly said that Ukraine is part of the NATO alliance. It isn’t.

Chris Hedges: Waltzing To Armageddon
The Cold War, from 1945 to 1989, was a wild Bacchanalia for arms manufacturers, the Pentagon, the C.I.A., the diplomats who played one country off another on the world’s chess board, and the global corporations able to loot and pillage by equating predatory capitalism with freedom. In the name of national security, the Cold Warriors, many of them self-identified liberals, demonized labor, independent media, human rights organizations, and those who opposed the permanent war economy and the militarization of American society as soft on communism. That is why they have resurrected it.

While You Weren’t Paying Attention, The Hunter Biden Laptop Story Turned Out To Be True & No One Has Been Held Accountable
It turns out that the party who spent four years accusing President Trump of Russian collusion performed a massive cover-up for Joe and Hunter Biden heading into the 2020 election that they have yet to be held accountable for. This mainstream media dishonesty has become so common, it is part of why I was insistent that the mainstream media is losing the fight of its life earlier this year.

Banks Are Restocking Gold At Fastest Pace In Years
This may be simply a restock of the metal lost in Jan and Feb. It’s also possible this is being used to support the massive delivery volume being seen in the historically quiet month of March. But a third possibility is that the banks are preparing for massive delivery volume in April.

Morgan Stanley: We Could Be In A Downturn 5-10 Months From Now
The latest rebound has been unusually fast. The model is currently in the ‘expansion’ phase (data above trend and rising – i.e., mid-to-late cycle). At this pace, the indicator could peak in 2-4 months and move to ‘downturn’ 5-10 months from today.

American Elites Have Deep Ties To A New Chinese Spy Chief
The new deputy head of a propaganda and espionage agency in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) has documented ties with business tycoons, university heads and other elite members of American society.

Herzog speaks with Macron about Rabbi Kanievsky’s passing during visit to France
At the start of their meeting, President Herzog told President Macron about the late Rabbi Kanievsky, who recently passed away, and about his importance to the Jewish People and the whole State of Israel.

Firing squad ready to be carried out for inmate executions, SC’s prison system says
Executions by a state-approved firing squad are now able to be carried out in South Carolina. The S.C. Department of Corrections informed the state’s Attorney General Alan Wilson Friday that it is now able to execute death row inmates using a three-person firing squad using live ammunition if an inmate chooses that method.

Hackers target the Knesset during Zelensky’s speech
Hackers targeted the Knesset Sunday evening and attempted to disrupt a live broadcast of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s address to Israeli lawmakers.

Russian threat can’t deter Sweden from joining NATO, politician says
Russian threats must not deter Stockholm from joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), visiting Swedish parliamentarian Lars Adaktusso from the Christian Democrats Party told The Jerusalem Post. “We [the Christian Democrats] think we should join NATO as soon as possible …

2,300 Christian Churches Desecrated; Violence Coincides with Arrival of Thousands of Muslim Migrants’
The details, Ibrahim confirms, come from the nation’s Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, which notated 2,339 incidents of church desecrations in Greece between 2015 and 2020. That’s during a time when Greece was being flooded with “migrants from the Islamic world,” he reported.

Lockdowns see number of Israelis diagnosed with psychiatric disorders jump by 60%
The national lockdowns instituted in Israel in 2020 negatively impacted people’s health, according to a large-scale study published this week by Clalit Health Services. The research, which included 771,636 medical files of residents of central Israel and Jerusalem, showed that …

Israel’s final ‘Prince of Torah’ dies; “Last signpost before Messiah”, according to Talmud
Rabbi Kanievsky never made public statements concerning the Messiah until 2011, when he shocked his followers by interpreting the Arab Spring uprisings as evidence that the Messiah might be near. These statements became more frequent and more intense. In 2015, following the 2014 Jerusalem synagogue attack, he repeatedly referred to the imminent arrival of the Messiah. He urged diaspora Jews to make aliyah (immigrate to Israel), reportedly resulting in the arrival of a substantial number of French Jews. In February 2020, shortly before the Israeli legislative elections, it was reported that Rabbi Kanievsky had stated that the coming of the Messiah was imminent and that he was holding meetings with him.

Hypersonic Missile Used for First Time in Combat
It appears that Russia has achieved a first in modern combat, reports the New York Times: Moscow says it deployed a hypersonic missile to destroy a fuel depot in western Ukraine. Hypersonic missiles can fly at more than five times the speed of sound and are a big new focus of not only the Russian military, but the American and Chinese militaries as well.

100 Migrants from 10 Countries Apprehended in Single Arizona Border Crossing
Yuma Sector Border Patrol agents apprehended a group of 100 migrants who illegally crossed the border earlier this week. The migrants came to the U.S. from ten different countries.

2022 reports of myocarditis after COVID shots reach almost half of 2021 total in just 2 months 
Preliminary data from the federal Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) database for just the first two months of 2022 suggests an alarming spike in heart problems possibly stemming from the COVID-19 vaccines.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas Hospitalized With Infection
Thomas, the most senior associate justice on the nation’s highest court, is being treated with intravenous antibiotics

At Least 24 People Shot *Including Children* at Arkansas Car Show – May be Gang-Related: Police
Arkansas – At least 24 people were shot at a car show about 90 miles from Little Rock Saturday night. Six children were among the injured, ABC reported.

Science papers now subject to extreme censorship if they question the “official” narrative on anything: COVID, AIDS, vaccines, climate, virology and more
The “moderators” at Cornell University‘s arXiv server, an open-access archive and free distribution service for scientific material, have been censoring scientific studies that they claim contain “inflammatory content and unprofessional language.”

Survey finds that more than one-third of Americans are willing to risk nuclear war with Russia over Ukraine
Earlier this week, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy addressed the U.S. Congress via video link and implored the Legislative Branch to do more to help him save his country.

Doctors Sound Alarm: Covid ‘Vaccines’ Are Killing Children and Causing Permanent Damage
Dr. Robert Malone, an internationally recognized scientist/physician and the inventor of the core mRNA vaccine technology platform, and Dr. Ryan Cole, a Mayo Clinic trained Pathologist who is the CEO and Medical Director of Cole Diagnostics, are fighting to save children from the detrimental effects of the Covid vaccines.

Vatican calls for suspending intellectual property rights to distribute more COVID vaccines 
COVID vaccine pushers have used the endorsement of Pope Francis as an excuse to disregard religious refusal of the shots.

Will The New York Times Apologize To Sen. Cotton?
Every recovery program starts with the mantra that the first step in dealing with a problem is to admit that you have a problem…

The West’s Russia Sanctions Could Lead to Many Unpredictable and Unpleasant Outcomes
Global supply shocks are historically rare events. All the more extraordinary to have two such shocks in quick succession—the second arriving even before the first has entirely faded away. That is what the world now experiences in the form of the Great Pandemic followed by the Great West-Russia economic war. The most visible symptom of the supply disruption is the sky-high price of energy and a range of other commodities.

Is The New World Order Now Admitting That The Hunter Biden Laptop Story Was In Fact True As A Way Of Getting Joe Biden Out Of Office?
People should be “outraged” at the New York Times for only just confirming the authenticity of Hunter Biden’s laptop, Sen. Ron Johnson said Sunday, as he demanded apologies from the 51 former US intelligence experts who cast doubt on The Post’s reporting on the device.

After Concerted Effort to Bury Ivermectin, New Bill Would Put This Medicine in the Hands of the American People
Hooray for the Republican legislators in the New Hampshire House of Representatives for striking a blow for medical freedom Thursday when they voted to make it easier for people to obtain ivermectin.

EU Medical Agency Warns of Dangerous New Side Effects From Covid ‘Vaccines’ 
..On March 11, 2022, in a meeting of the pharmacovigilance, new recommendations were made of which possible side effects should be added to the vaccine’s product information. It has now been recognized that Spikevax, Moderna’s mRNA vaccine, can cause an outbreak of what is known as capillary leak syndrome (CLS). The disease is described as follows:

Europe Can Survive Throughout Summer Without Russian Gas
“If Russian flows stop in the middle of March, gas in store would be sufficient for the rest of this winter and summer, without demand curtailment,”

Churches give free ‘gas on God’ to hundreds of cars amid rising prices
Amid rising gas prices, churches around the United States are helping communities by giving away thousands of dollars worth of gas to hundreds of cars, bringing smiles to the drivers and infusing hope.