Awaken Bible Prophecy Update : End-Times Implications :: By Gary W. Ritter


Update 3-16-22: End-Times Implications: Russia-NWO-Ezekiel

Originally, my purpose in addressing this topic was to give a brief outline of my take on how Russia’s invasion of Ukraine played into Biblically foretold events. The first iteration of this was a two-page article – short and sweet.

As I let it sit for a day, I thought of a missionary friend who could perhaps provide me with some insights. He was born in Poland and has spent many years in Russia, Ukraine, and the “Stans,” e.g. Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, etc. doing ministry work. I connected with him in an almost two-hour phone call and, from there, did further research. All this added to my sense that the narrative we’re being fed by the government – any government – and the media – including conservative media – is at worst complete disinformation and at best naive reporting. That has absolutely been confirmed as this conflict continues.

What’s driving Russia is not what’s portrayed. What’s going on in Ukraine is far from innocent. Behind all this in the physical world is the ongoing engineering of chaos necessary for the One Worlders, i.e. the World Economic Forum and their lackeys, to obtain their final objective of a world without borders controlled by the elites and ultimately ruled by Antichrist.

Up another rung in the ladder is the spiritually demonic effort to cause the world to descend into the morass of the 7-year Tribulation where Satan believes he can defeat God and take His place. With that as introduction, let’s look at what’s happening.

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