Don’t Even Think About It :: By Edwin Tan

It might be a refrain so familiar to both eyes and ears, except that it is from different people. What if this refrain turned out all too suddenly to become a fresh memory? The sources that spew it out of conscientious duty are no longer around. They did say so, and the grim truth has hit home in a manner least expected. The Bride has left the room to be with her Groom forevermore. What now? What next? Where to?

A totally different planet once the salt and light have completed their disappearing act. Undoubtedly, there is indeed a new normal – except that it is not a very pleasant one. The familiar becomes more and more unfamiliar. Alienation plus anomie are things one has to live with! All this has to do with peace and safety being consigned to the scrapbook of history. Strife is rampant everywhere, and it is the case every day. It is deep in the heart of perilous territory spoken of in 2 Timothy 1-5, and if there was one descriptive word to sum it all – insanity!

Against this brutal backdrop, one word hits virtually every mind like a shell shock – survival! Everybody across the board will say that it is scary and frightening. But for those who finally get the true picture because they have had an apocalyptic dose from concerned quarters in pre-Rapture times, it could be cause for extended periods of sleeplessness. There is an awareness of that which is coming plus cognizance of the implications. A timeline that culminates in ultimate earthly doom, if not likely eternal gloom, is far from nebulous – everything those well-meaning folks pointed to in their advice would be staring into both eyes.

The pages of Holy Writ relating to prophetic truths are one hundred percent accurate, but realizing this reality did come rather late! It would have been far better to read and understand the book of Revelation earlier on – getting wonderful blessings for so doing (Revelation 22-7). But simply putting it off did only place one in the firing line of those horrors mentioned in the last book of the Bible.

What has happened during the pandemic would seem like a drill compared to the bleakness of daily living as the portals of the Tribulation become less than a stone’s throw away. The restrictions as well as disruptions are suffocating many to the point of meaningless living. There is a high probability that war zones will be encountered as they become an integral facet of life in the worst moment of human history. Yet the very basics which govern human subsistence are more than under gunpoint. Hyperinflation accompanied by hunger will spread like wildfire across the globe. The next-day breathing with all vital signs in order is a question mark. Demise by hunger, disease, and very likely being a victim of violence drastically trims numerous life expectancies!

Somehow through quirk of fate, as many might call it, there are those who have normal respiration by the time of the mid-point – the test will be the hardest one any human being has ever encountered. The choice is straightforward yet chilling – physical death versus a brief sniff at survival that is followed by eternal damnation. By then, the Two Witnesses, in unison with the hundred and forty-four thousand, would have inspired many to count the cost. Easier said than done when the thought of facing the guillotine (Revelation 20:4) versus a fatal pulmonary embolism enshrouds the mind.

Do not forget one thing – the enemy is fully unleashed and has seemingly inexhaustible resources at hand. It is as good as running but finding it impossible to hide. A weakened state which could be one that is near to exhaustion while being blasted with endless pressures, though it be stacks of untruths, is on shaky ground. There is a high probability of cracking, and that leads to what is mentioned in Revelation 14:9-11. We will leave it there; go have a good read!

After reading the above-mentioned contents of this article, it is very clear that there is only one option. Not multiple choice but only one choice! This is a matter of extreme urgency as the sands of time have almost run out. In other words, there is merely a moment to decide—no time left for consideration, contemplation, and procrastination. Make a decision with little time to waste – let the Lord Jesus Christ come into your life. He is knocking at your door; invite Him in, and your eternal destiny will be unchangeable (Revelation 3:20).

As for those who have distanced themselves from the Saviour of your souls, it is about time to give up fooling around with the pleasures of the world. Reconnect with the Lord, and you will be spared from the above-said testings (Revelation 3:10-11).

With the love of a brother in Christ


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