Just Another Terrifying Tribulation Shadow :: By Edwin Tan

“If the world hates you, you know that it hated Me before it hated you…. If you were of the world, the world would love its own. Yet because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you” (John 15:18-19).

When our Lord Jesus spoke these words, He was alluding to a global trend that would be the mainstay throughout much of human history, except that it would implode in the closing stages. The early Church Fathers and their flock endured significant persecution at the hands of the tyrants of that era – the Roman empire. All through the ages, followers of Christ bore the brunt of brutal repression at some corner of the globe and at some point of time. It was somewhat random and not coordinated, at times flowing before ebbing!

The above-said happenings allowed for the persecuted believers of Christ to flee to one corner of the planet where they were shielded and welcomed. This trend would hold water until only very recently. Places in the West as we know it were choice locations for those fleeing persecution. But sadly speaking, this safe haven arrangement is near to crumbling in recent weeks!

Almost as if it was a case of heeding the intricate promptings of a heinous choreographer, an unprecedented worldwide trend against Christians is no longer a myth. Not just the People’s Republic of China – they have made it crystal clear that allegiance to Christ is a serious crime against the state as of March 1st! Australia is seemingly going in this direction as if in lockstep. Canada has already made significant strides in making Christians over there head underground through repressive activities unheard of in its history. As for America, would the same be true? Almost there, perhaps! It is no longer something from a fictional paperback when there is mention in a recent paper from officialdom that true-to-the-Word believers would be branded as enemies of the state.

It will not stop there. That terrifying train of tyranny is just only picking up steam. I reckon that it would mimic the pattern of the ensuing pandemic – spreading in wildfire fashion throughout the planet. Reason to go beyond worrying? Definitely not! As a matter of fact, it is truly the prophetic pieces getting into place. More reasons to bank on Luke 21:28 – the redemption of the believing flock is indeed very, very near.

I am penning all this because fearmongers who are inspired by the minions of the man of sin are out in full force; they are hell-bent on capitalizing on whatever weaknesses within reach. The bias social media has for the truth genuinely aids their cruel cause. Deceit, that is what they are aiming for!

No questions asked; other than something equivalent to bumps and bruises, the Body of Christ has been spared where the truly unspeakable matters. The salt and light of the earth has still been able to get on with assigned roles, albeit with much threat of repression versus the real thing.

Take note of this important point: the Restrainer is more than alive and well – keeping whatever wickedness at bay. This arrangement will ultimately be void once the Rapture takes place and the Restrainer, who is none other than the Holy Spirit in us, is taken out of this planet (2 Thess 2:6-7). It has not happened yet. The conferences and presentations online are still going strong as I write. Any sinister plan to shut them for good will not be at the hand of those perpetrating this move, but at His hand at the twinkling of an eye. The same can be said about churches and Bible study groups that preach the true Living Word of truth!

Furthermore, all true believers in Jesus Christ belong to the Church so mentioned in Matthew 16:18. What does it all mean when the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church? It all boils down to one thing; what is now casting a terrifying shadow will only materialize once we are out of the picture. The Church is truly the Bride of Christ. Would the Lord have it that His eternal partner have the slightest tear, pockmark, and even a wrinkle due to undue stress on the appointed day? Certainly not!

Taunt all they desire, but we have the omnipotent and omnipresent Living God on our side. He will never leave us with the savages. We must evermore trust in Him like never before. We must wise up and exhort others to do so. “A wise man is strong, Yes, a man of knowledge increases strength” (Proverbs 24:5).

So we continue to burn bright for His Kingdom and Glory, doing so diligently until it is the appointed moment which is truly as good as any minute!



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