Who Did It? :: By Steve Schmutzer

America gained energy independence in 2020, and according to government data at that time, the US was a net energy exporter.

That means we produced enough energy for our own needs, and we could sell the rest to other nations. We were more secure; we didn’t need to depend on anyone who really didn’t like us for our energy requirements. It was a common-sense achievement, and it underscored the responsible policies of the then-Trump administration.

The good news didn’t last long. A fraudulent administration manipulated its way into leadership, and the first thing it did was reverse proper and sensible policies.

Border wall construction, which had profoundly slowed illegal immigration, was discontinued. Law enforcement budgets which helped to keep crime down were slashed. Projects which had achieved energy independence were discontinued.

The result is only one year after the greatest election cheat in our nation’s history, the disastrous policies of the Biden administration have moved America from being an economic powerhouse to experiencing record inflation.

And that energy issue? Well – it’s obvious by now. The US became an energy importer in 2021, and current projections show 2022 will be worse. According to a recent LSE Phelan US Centre blog, “The world is currently facing the most severe energy shock in recent decades. The price of gas and electricity have reached record highs.”

So much could be said about the sharp descent of America over the past 12 months. Everywhere you look, all the wrong statistics define this nation now: record crime, unprecedented illegal immigration, surging unemployment, zero credibility in foreign policy, and so on. It’s a long list of the wrong sort.

The bigger question is, “Why did America plummet so dramatically and so quickly?”

Plenty of pundits pontificate about poor decisions after the fact. Countless commentators try to deflect from the gravity of various missteps. Nearly everyone wants to hold the sham COVID narrative responsible. There is no lack of so-called “experts” that circumvent the truth and blame anything other than the obvious.

The simple fact is America is bearing the penalty for the moral vacuum of its leaders. We’re facing the consequences of the schemes and lies propagated by all those who broke the rules to put this present leadership in power.

This nation is reeling from the catastrophic incompetence of fools who have no shred of wisdom, no ounce of virtue, no grasp of justice, no scrap of honor, and no fear of God.

Proverbs 29:2 states the entire issue bluntly, “….when the wicked rule, the people groan.” This nation is now ruled by corrupt leaders who habitually raged and frothed against any notion of “making America great.” As they see it instead, America’s strength and exceptionalism must be eroded. They’re succeeding, and we’re paying the price for that.

Now – with their own obvious incompetence and lies – their goal is to destroy America, to reduce this nation’s capacities, and to bring the US down to the parameters of a chaotic third-world tyrannical mess.

Everything is pointing to this world being prepared for the return of Jesus Christ. No tin-pot dictator “wanna-be” like we see in our neighbor to the north – and no bungling incoherent fool like America has in the White House now – can ultimately take credit for where things are trending on the global stage. They are 100% responsible for their choices – yes – but there’s a bigger picture here.

Leaders like these are nothing more than pawns on God’s sovereign chessboard. Daniel 2:21 reminds us that “He removes kings and sets up kings.” In other words, this is all playing out by God’s design.

He’s allowing it all to happen just as it is taking place. He has a plan and a purpose, and His glory will ultimately be made clear.

So – said another way, “God did that!”